You can get a pretty good idea about how absolutely crazy those folks who tend to vote Democrat really are by seeing how absolutely crazy the people who they vote for are.  And everyone knows the ones I’m talking about.  Those people with names like Waters, Jackson Lee, Clyburn, Booker, Green, Himes and Pelosi to name just a few.  And it would appear that we can also now add to that list of leftwing creeps none other than Rep. Tim Ryan, of Ohio.  You see it was this dolt who recently had some pretty harsh words for President Trump, first lady Melania Trump and the entire Trump family during Friday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “Live With Ayman Mohyeldin.”

It was one of the network’s resident morons, Mohyeldin, that started things off in what can only be described as typical MSDNC fashion by saying, “Joining us now is Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio who attended the Cleveland debate as a guest of the Biden campaign. And we dive right into it. Tell us about what you saw when it came to mask-wearing that even evening and the precautions that were in place.”  Ryan said, “All the Biden people and anyone who wasn’t the Trump family, we all had masks on and then right before the family walk in, and not one of them had a mask on, and then later Melania walked in, she didn’t have a mask on.”

And it was then that the esteemed Mr. Ryan went on to say, “It’s one of those moments where you roll your eyes, and we hope the president is okay, but it’s like the rules don’t apply to these people. They don’t pay their taxes. They don’t have to wear masks. If they have trouble with a porn star, they pay it off. There’s nobody being held accountable, and it’s just so irresponsible.”  He added, “This was being hosted by the Cleveland Clinic. We weren’t at some bar or somewhere. We were being hosted by Case Western Reserve and the Cleveland Clinic. They walked in without masks. It was really a level of arrogance you rarely see.”  What a dolt!!!

So apparently what we so very obviously have here is yet another moron sent off to Congress from the great state of Ohiya.  And it’s this boob Ryan who has continued to demonstrate his congenital, progressive stupidity in all its glory.  But it’s the quiet ones who never rock the boat, like Ryan’s fellow Ohioan Marcy Kaptur, who are equally dangerous because they willingly go along with every asinine idea and then gladly vote however they are told to.  Ryan was first elected in 2002.  Kaptur was first elected in 1982!  Another go-along-get-along-boob and what has she accomplished? Absolutely nothing that could have been done by some part-time bureaucrat.

Anyway, it was Ryan who also made a very recent appearance with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, and did what sleazy Democrats like himself always do by proclaiming one proven lie after another as true, accompanied by what has become his trademark arrogant smirk plastered on his smug face.  He doesn’t seem to realize that the audience to which he was speaking, from there on Bartiromo’s show, knew he was lying.  But that’s the thing with Democrats, they know they’re lying and, for the most part, they know you know they’re lying.  But it simply doesn’t matter to them.  They’ve convinced themselves that they’re smarter than the rest of us.

That these people can so casually lie in their effort to hold together the flimsy web of deceit that forms the basis of their power structure tells us two things: 1) That they do not believe that there will ever be an Almighty comeuppance for such deceptions in the name of power, money, and self-advancement.  And: 2) That these people possess zero respect for their fellow human beings, to treat them with such contempt as to tell them known and proven lies all in the name of gaining power, money, and self-advancement.  Hence, it’s all of these people who are, at best, nothing more than a bunch of sociopaths.  And that, folks, is exactly what we have in Tim Ryan.

And what an idiot this guy is.  And to be honest, and more than a little sad, is that it says a lot about those in this guy’s district, Ohio’s 13th, that he was somehow the best person they could find to represent them in Congress.  Donald Trump has paid more in income taxes than this imbecile has made in his entire life.  When you include the real estate taxes, excise taxes, sales taxes, and all the other fees and hidden taxes he’s paid, it likely adds up to a tidy amount.  And when you consider the jobs he’s created, which also produced much in tax revenue, courtesy of his employees, for not only the federal government but also for some states, and some cities.

It’s courtesy of all the insanity exhibited by those of Ryan’s political persuasion that I sometimes wonder if what we’re witnessing is the Democrat Party going through something similar to the violent movements and noises that are sometimes made by a person who is about to die.  President Trump pays little taxes because of the very tax laws created by those like Ryan to enrich their party’s base.  And who is it, exactly, that pays more in taxes than the law demands?  Are we actually to assume that this moron Ryan, or any other Democrat, pays more in taxes than they must?  Somehow I doubt it!  We must vote out of office all of these pathetic Democrats, Ryan included.

So Ryan has now been living off the taxpayers for about 17 years.  And in searching out what, if anything, he has done to earn those paychecks, it doesn’t take long to find out that he certainly hasn’t done much.  So it would appear that Ryan is on much the same career track as another do nothing politician, none other than ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.’  But apparently those who keep sending this do-nothing loudmouth back to Congress every two years don’t really mind that he does little or nothing in return for his constituents.  He apparently sees his ‘job’ as doing exactly what it is the Nancy Pelosi tells him to do.  And the people of his district are, I guess, all ok with that?

And it’s rather odd, don’t you think, that Democrats, such as Ryan, never show any outrage at Communist China for unleashing their ‘virus’ upon the world.  But they show absolutely no hesitation to show their outrage at President Trump for calling this virus exactly what it is, the ‘Chinese Virus!’  Normal people comprehend that people all over the world have died because it’s of this global pandemic.  Normal people, those capable of fair-mindedness and rational thought, give President Trump much credit for getting things done at private sector speed and not at the speed of government, to save as many lives as possible.  But Democrats are not normal people.

And finally, Ryan seems to have no problem with ‘Creepy Joe’ making millions through corruption and blackmail from Communist China.  As well, he doesn’t seem to be the least bit bothered by the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ used his office to allow his sons and brothers to make millions from foreign governments throughout the world. Nor does he care that ‘Creepy Joe’ is a bit of a pervert, is an accused rapist and a fondler of young girls.  Or that he has a penchant for parading around naked in front of female Secret Service agents.  He’s fine with all of that!  But it’s Donald Trump who must be removed from office.  The double standard is a bit too hard to take.

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