Well I suppose we should all have seen this coming, right?  It was Wednesday morning after the night before that ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace was describing himself as a “pro” when going over the events that occurred during the debate that took place the previous evening.  But is it a ‘pro’ that would go out of his way to blame others for his own piss-poor performance of his chosen profession?  Apparently so, because it was on Thursday that ‘Commie Chris’ was out saying that it was President Trump who bore the “primary responsibility” for the chaos during Tuesday’s debate.  But then isn’t that what liberals always do, blame others for their own very obvious failures?

Now as I’m sure everyone knows that it was ‘Commie Chris’ who was chosen to ‘moderate,’ and I use the term loosely, the first presidential debate between President Trump and ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden that took place that past Tuesday night on Fox News.  And I would hope that it wasn’t too long after the ‘debate’ concluded that those who had selected ‘Commie Chris’ were questioning the wisdom of that very decision.   And while I chose not to watch, primarily because of ‘Commie Chris,’ by all accounts it was in pretty short order that my intuition was proven to be correct as things apparently, and rather quickly, proceeded to come of the tracks.

And it was, I guess, after allowing sufficient time for the dust to settle, or perhaps to come up with the proper story, ‘Commie Chris’ joined fellow Fox News ‘anchor’ Bill Hemmer, another anti-Trumper, to discuss the debate and what he might think in hindsight.  Hemmer dove right into his questioning, asking ‘Commie Chris,’ “I know you and you have a plan. At what point did that plan blow up?”  ‘Commie Chris’ said, “Here’s what happened. You know, we began the first segment on the Supreme Court. They each got their two minutes and they both obeyed in that particular case. Then Biden started to answer a question and the president started interrupting him.”

And ‘Commie Chris’ went on to explain, “My initial reaction was, this is great … When the president started engaging with Biden, I thought we’re going to have a real debate here. It became clearer and clearer over time that this was something different.”  ‘Commie Chris’ said it was apparent by then that President Trump’s goal appeared to be to rattle Biden and throw him off. He cited a Fox News analysis that showed President Trump had interrupted either Biden’s answer’s (71 times) or Wallace’s questions (74 times) for  “a total of 145 interruptions.” In contrast, Biden interrupted Trump 49 times and Wallace 18 times — a total of 67 interruptions.

Speaking of President Trump, ‘Commie Chris’ said, “He bears the primary responsibility for what happened on Tuesday night,” noting that 145 interruptions came out to more than one per minute throughout the 95-minutes event.  Hemmer then asked ‘Commie Chris’ whether there was any point that he had thought he could get the ship righted and return to substantive debate.  And he said, “When I’m doing ‘Fox News Sunday,’ my thought is when two people are talking you can’t hear either of them.”  ‘Commie Chris’ continued, saying that he had initially tried to steer them back to civil debate but had eventually had to stop everything and regroup. 

‘Commie Chris’ said, “At a certain point, 45 minutes in, I called a halt to the debate for a moment and said, you know, this really isn’t serving America. Please stop the interruptions. The president said, ‘Well, why don’t you admonish him?’ and I said, ‘Because you’re doing a lot more of the interrupting, Mr. President’”  And he said, “Biden was doing some, no question about it, but less than half as many times as the president.”  ‘Commie Chris said, “Do I wish I had stepped in earlier? Yes. But as I say, hindsight is 20/20.”  You know, for a guy who likes to think of himself as a pro, what seems to have taken place on Tuesday night was more the work of a rank amateur.    

Look, ‘Commie Chris’ is nothing more than a poser when it comes to his claim of being an objective, unbiased ‘journalist.’  He created the debate questions which were little more than a series of strawman questions pointed to force a defense by President Trump and failed to equally challenge ‘Creepy Joe.’ The only time I saw ‘Commie Chris’ challenge ‘Creepy Joe’ was on packing the Supreme Court.  The biggest tell was his approach to the Critical Race Theory (CRT) question when ‘Commie Chris’ rebutted President Trump’s answer by suggesting that CRT was racial sensitivity training rather than what it is an anti-white Marxist philosophy.

I will certainly agree that President Trump was not polished in his delivery during this debate, but he’s not a politician.  And while I did not watch the entire thing, it was during the portions that I did watch that while ‘Commie Chris’ did not go full retard like a Jake Tapper, one could very easily detect the trap approach that he was taking.  ‘Commie Chris’ is not only a ‘deep state’ hack but a stupid one as well. It’s the moderator, and no one else, who bears the responsibility for the conduct of the debate, as the job of the moderator is to keep participants on point.  And on that ‘Commie Chris’ failed miserably.  He purposely chose to become a participant.

Look, someone has to take the blame for the chaos that erupted Tuesday night and I think we can all rest assured that it ain’t going to be ‘Commie Chris.’  After all, he’s a “pro,” right?  Yup, he’s a real pro.  After all, it took a real professional to clearly tilt the debate in favor of ‘Creepy Joe’ and then to blame the entire fiasco on President Trump.  Funny that ‘Commie Chris’ didn’t seem to have the same problem with ‘Creepy Joe’s repeated interruptions that he had with President Trump’s.  ‘Commie Chris’ argued with President Trump, laughed at him, and allowed ‘Creepy Joe’ to refuse to answer questions all the while badgering President Trump.  Yup, a real pro!

‘Commie Chris’ was clearly out to do damage to President Trump.  ‘Commie Chris’ demanded to know the president’s tax payments (but was mute on the millions the Biden clan had raked in from China, Russia and Ukraine); alleged President Trump had ignored his scientists regarding the ‘Chinese virus’ and hectored him on global warming; demanded he disavow ‘white supremacists’ while never mentioning BLM or Antifa.  And it was, at least in the parts that I saw, ‘Commie Chris’ who seemed to be far more aggressive in both tone and demeanor whenever addressing the president and essentially coddled ‘Creepy Joe’ throughout the entire evening.

I think we can all agree that today there is a definite shortage of those whom it can be said are bona fide ‘journalists.’  Most of what we have today are just teleprompter readers under the employ of those who essentially control all of our ‘news’ media.  They all spew essentially the same ‘talking points’ and pat each other on the back and laugh because we’re stupid enough to listen to them.  Well, I got news for them, this isn’t the old days when they were essentially the only game in town.  We didn’t have a choice in those days, we were a captive audience and naively believed far too much of what we were told.  Today we have the web and a select few cable options.

I think most folks expected ‘Commie Chris’ to go into this thing favoring ‘Creepy Joe,’ I know I did, which is why I chose not to watch.  But even I never expected that he would be quite so blatantly obvious about it, right there in front of God and everybody, ‘Commie Chris’ made a complete fool of himself.  And now he actually has the gonads to blame President Trump for being the cause of what was his own fault.  I mean, ‘Commie Chris’ debated President Trump more than ‘Creepy Joe’ did. The Democrats most assuredly got their money’s worth out of ‘Commie Chris,’ that’s for sure.  The got exactly what ‘Commie Chris’ likely had promised them they would.

It’s insane that this country could very well be one election away from eliminating forever our two party system of governance as well as turning our Supreme Court, from an entity meant for judicial review, into a political weapon by stacking the court and the killing of the filibuster, all of which ‘Commie Chris’ conveniently swept it under the rug.  He was supposed to be better than that, he’s a ‘pro,’ but he failed and spectacularly so.  And the only one that I saw on Tuesday night who seemed to give a shit, was President Trump!  A single party government is an authoritarian government.  And there is no such thing as checks and balances under one party rule.

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