Ya know, I don’t know why it is that anyone, other than the very dumbest among us, would feel they could trust anyone who makes their living in the ‘fake news’ media because it’s with each passing day that they demonstrate they are not worthy of being trusted.  And so according to Gallup’s annual poll that measures the public trust in mass media, it’s a record high number of Americans who have no trust at all.  Six in ten of those polled have “not very much” trust in the media, while those who have “none at all” hit a record 33 percent.  And it’s only four in ten say they have “a great deal” (n9 percent) or “fair amount” (31 percent) of trust in mass media. 

The 40 percent who do trust the media is higher than the 32 percent record low achieved during the 2016 presidential election, but it is also down five points since 2018.  The 33 percent with no trust whatsoever is a record high.  So one-third of the country has now written the national media off entirely.  The national media’s sharp turn to the far-left does appear to have helped its standing with Democrats, who apparently enjoy being serially lied to, so long as the lies hit their sweet spot.  A full 73 percent of Democrats say they trust the media a “great deal or fair amount.” This is just three points below 2018’s record high of 76 percent.

Republicans’ trust of the media hit an all-time low of just ten percent.  Only ten percent of Republicans have any trust in the media.  The fake media have also lost Independents.  Only 36 percent say they have any trust in what the media says, which is only a point or two higher from a record low.  Gallup has been tracking these numbers going back to 1972 when trust in the media floated somewhere between 68 and 72 percent throughout the 1970s.  The decline began in the 1990s and by 1997, only 53 percent of Americans had any trust in the media; a number that has since collapsed rather precipitously to just 44 percent in 2004 and never really recovered.

I don’t suppose this should really come as a surprise since it was in 2004 that the media was caught firing off lie after lie after lie in what appeared to most to be nothing other than a concerted effort to defeat Republican George W. Bush’s re-election effort, including the infamous Rathergate incident where CBS News anchor Dan Blather was caught red-handed using phony documents to question the president’s National Guard service.  Between 2002 and 2004 it seemed that the media targeted Bush for destruction and it was in 2008 that those in the media saw as being their number one priority the providing of all manner of political cover for ‘BO.’

Frankly, it’s today that I pay attention to only a very select few of those involved in the ‘news’ media, assuming that most, if not all, of those employed by the majority of ‘news’ outlets are interested only in the perpetuation of lies, innuendos, rumors and the purest of pure speculation.  And what’s saddest of all, I think, is that these people aren’t merely lying by accident, they are lying very much on purpose and yet seem to take great offense when that fact has been proven.  I sometimes wonder why it is that Democrats don’t really seem to mind being lied to, even if the lies are lies they very much want to believe.  I mean how twisted must one actually be?  

Most of those involved in the ‘news’ media of today no longer see their purpose as being the watchdog of government, the eyes and ears of the governed.  Instead, those in the ‘news’ media today have willingly taken on the task persuading and convincing, not actually informing.  Their task is to persuade or convince as many as will listen that dependence on government, and those in charge of it, is actually a good thing, and if it should cost you some of your freedom, it’s really no big deal.  Their job is not one to inform of the perils that will naturally result from putting too much power and control into the hands of those who we’re to look up to as our ‘leaders.’

The so-called “news” media and its fake “journalists” deliver nothing but Democrat Party talking points often coordinated word for word across their fake “news” outlets, while they refuse to cover any and all stories (lying by omission ) that could be harmful to the Democrat agenda.  At this point many on the left would actually prefer a lie if the goal is to get President Trump out. They are fiercely committed to removing him at any cost.  It’s actually more than a little scary that we are up against people who seemingly have virtually nothing to lose and will do whatever it takes, even if it means resorting to the most violent measures imaginable.

I’m beyond simply not trusting the ‘news’ outlets because they no longer provide news. Instead our legacy networks operate as propagandists. They suppress negative news about Democrats and coordinate, and distribute in a loop, negative news about Republicans, especially President Trump. They are so open in their bias and vitriol I believe they have become an enemy of our country. The ‘news’ media is now notorious for not separating opinion from genuine news.  How they operate now is disgusting and wrong.  We literally have televised gossip and call it ‘news’ because it’s published by legacy corporations.  We need laws to regulate this crap.

It is not just the biases, it is the lack of intelligence.  ‘Reporters and journalists’ are clever and devious, but not intelligent.  They cannot hold a logical argument and are incapable of thinking for themselves even when the evidence is right in front of them.  Look at Chris Wallace and the job he did as moderator. Rather than focus on the platform and ask the candidates what they would do and how they would accomplish it, he focused on the past. Rather than ask Biden what he would have done differently regarding the pandemic he should have asked how he would handle any future pandemic.  The press, once the protectors of our democracy, has become a joke.

Speaking only for myself, I really don’t need some stupid debate to know which side is proudly flying the American flag and which side is busy burning it or which side supports our police and which side wants to defund them.  And I don’t need a debate to know which side goes to church to worship and is arrested for it, and which side goes to church to vandalize and destroy it and is not arrested for it, or which side supports legal immigration, and which side supports illegal immigration.  Or which side is rioting and burning down our cities and which side wants to stop it.  Which side will allow you to open your business and which side wants to shut you down.

And I don’t need a debate to know which side supports minorities and which side just wants to throw them a bone and keep them in the oppressive ghettos they’ve been in for the past 60 years. Or which side loves and protects innocent unborn babies and which side thinks they are a clump of cells worthy of the dumpster. Which side is pro Capitalism and which side is pro Socialism, or which side is pro Christian and family values and which side is pro Secular, and wants to dismantle the nuclear family and western values.  Which side wants tax cuts and which side will raise taxes. I trust in God, not in politicians and I know for whom I will vote for this election.

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