Let me start by saying that I did not watch last night’s ‘debate’ between President Trump and ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  And to be honest, the reason I chose not to really had nothing to do with either candidate, but had everything to do with the moderator, ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace.  And it would seem that I was correct in having done so.  Because it wasn’t too long after things concluded that it was several prominent ‘journalists’ and political commentators who took to social media to share their apparent frustration with ‘Commie Chris’s rather questionable performance during what was the first of three presidential debates between these two candidates.

But I’m quite sure President Trump, as well as everyone on his team, and a bigly number of those who did choose to tune in, on both sides, knew what was coming.  President Trump had once mocked Willard Romney for failing to address what was then the obvious double-teaming that took place back in 2012.  But then except for roughly just a hand full of people, or so, there at the network, ‘Fox News,’ these days, has gotten to be nearly as bad as CNN and MSDNC.  The Murdoch boys are running it and they are crazy leftists. Rupert Murdoch sold most of 20th Century Fox and left his boys ‘Fox News’ which in, pretty short order, has become a train wreck.

Apparently at one point during the debate, amid several arguments not only the candidate, but the moderator as well, President Trump said to ‘Commie Chris,’ “I guess I’m debating you, not him, but that’s OK. I’m not surprised.”  Frankly, I wasn’t all that surprised either.  As I said, the primary reason I chose not to tune in was precisely because, after having seen ‘Commie Chris’ in action at previous debates involving Donald Trump, I had a pretty good idea of how things were going to go.  Besides, there is nothing that ‘Creepy joe’ could say that would sway my vote, so other than perhaps a little entertainment value, there was no real reason to watch.

And it was a few of ‘Commie Chris’s ‘Fox News’ homies, as well as a few others, who offered up their own little critiques of how they saw the evening’s festivities:

Greg Gutfeld tweeted, “A draw between the contestants/combatants & a loss for the moderator.” Gutfeld also wrote it “was not good” that Wallace laughed along with Biden at one point during the debate.

Richard Grenell, the former Acting Director of the United States National Intelligence, highlighted Wallace’s inability to “interrupt’ Biden.  It was Mr. Grenell who stated in a tweet, “Chris Wallace doesn’t interrupt Joe Biden.”

After several mild arguments between Trump and Wallace, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk tweeted that Trump “shouldn’t have to debate both Chris Wallace AND Joe Biden.”

Andrew McCarthy, a columnist for the National Review, pointed out Wallace’s need to interrupt when Biden was “having trouble with Trump’s questioning.”  McCarthy wrote, “Chris Wallace jumps in a second time when Biden having trouble with Trump’s questioning.”  

Gaston Mooney, president of Blaze Media, questioned Wallace’s competency.  Mooney wrote in a tweet, “Chris Wallace is a hack…purposefully conflating mail in ballots and absentee ballots.”  Adding, “Either hack or incompetent. No other option.”

Stephen Miller, a contributor to The Spectator, noted Wallace “laughing” with Biden during the debate.  It was Miller who wrote, “Wallace laughing along with Biden isn’t a good look.”

Jessica O’Donnell also pointed out ‘Commie Chris’s partisanship when it came to sharing laughs on the stage.  She wrote, “The mask is slipping, Chris.”

And ‘Commie Chris’s Fox News colleague, Laura Ingraham, was quick to note during the debate that President Trump appeared to be debating ‘Commie Chris’ instead of ‘Creepy Joe.’  Ingraham wrote in a tweet, “Trump is debating the moderator and Biden.”

Even former game show host and popular internet pundit Chuck Woolery commented saying that ‘Commie Chris’ revealed a great amount of “bias” throughout the debate.  Mr. Woolery wrote, “Chris Wallace, the most Interesting thing was watching him reveal his bias for all to see.”  And added, “Did you see what I saw? Trump wins debate with Wallace and Biden.”

Lebanese-American conservative author and religion critic Brigitte Gabriel suggested that Fox News send Wallace to CNN.  Ms. Gabriel stated, “Send Chris Wallace to CNN.”

Frankly after this debacle I’m wondering just how long it might be before ‘Commie Chris’ might dare to show his face again.  His “Fox News Sunday” program may be showing nothing but reruns for quite a while.  And I’m thinking his ability to refer to himself as a serious ‘journalist’ very clearly took a pretty sizable hit last night.  Because just from the clips that I’ve seen, what I saw, very clearly, was not the behavior of a bona fide ‘journalist.’  It would appear that perhaps ‘Commie Chris’ allowed a bit too much of his true self to come shining through last night.  I’m not sure if he simply got carried away or if it all might have been purely intentional.   

And the fact is, from what I’ve seen, ‘Commie Chris’ should get blowback.  Because for a guy who seems to think so highly of himself, he really did suck.  He seemed to side with ‘Creepy Joe’ and to constantly interrupt President Trump.  And while he may have interrupted ‘Creepy Joe,’ I certainly didn’t see any examples of it.  And he allowed ‘Creepy Joe’ to call President Trump a ‘clown’ more than once, to ridicule him, smirk and laugh at his responses and interrupt him at will.  And I saw plenty of examples where when President Trump tried to respond, ‘Commie Chris’ simply talked over him and tried to shut him up.  So much for being ‘Fair and Balanced!’  

It’s hard to imagine anyone doing a worse job than what ‘Commie Chris’ did.  Again, from what I’ve seen from the various clips and soundbites, it seemed that most of his questions came straight from the left’s platform with none coming from the right, except for a few on law and order.  And there were, of course, questions on ‘climate change’ worries, why-don’t-you-share-your-taxes and will-you-denounce-white-supremacy and on and on.  All and all there was very little useful information that was provided to the voters, and for that I also blame ‘Commie Chris.’  He clearly was not up to the task of why he was there, or had an ulterior motive for doing so.   

‘Commie Chris’ was supposed to moderate, NOT participate. This was President Trump versus ‘Creepy’ and ‘Commie.’  The proof was in how ‘Commie Chris’ asked the President to condemn something that he already condemned four years ago.  Yet when ‘Creepy Joe’ claimed that Antifa is just an “idea and not really a group,” where was ‘Commie Chris’ on holding ‘Creepy Joe’ accountable for THAT comment. ‘Commie Chris’ was MORE concerned about something that happened four years ago, that the president has condemned, but didn’t seem to give a damn about what’s been going on in numerous cities in our country for over 100 days straight by ‘an idea’!

From what I saw it was ‘Commie Chris’ who kept putting his thumb on the scale to help poor ole ‘Creepy Joe,’ but it just didn’t work.  President Trump took them both on and made them look like fools.  ‘Commie Chris’ showed himself to be the biased unprofessional, no-talent hack we all know him to be.  Hey man, what can you say about Joe?  Decrepit? Senile? Pathetic?  ‘Commie Chris treated Democrat and fake news talking points as fact. Every one of which has been proven false. Yet ‘Commie Chris’ wouldn’t press ‘Creepy Joe’ on son Hunter’s receiving millions of dollars from the wife of Moscow’s mayor or money the Bidens received from China and Ukraine.

Actually I don’t really care about the name calling or the back and forth between the candidates, but what I do have a problem with is biased moderators and all of the interruptions and talking over each other and/or the not allowing each other the time to speak their minds on the questions asked.  And someone needs to stress the importance of moderators leaving their political biases at home or they will not be considered by those choosing the moderators.  If you can’t be fair you don’t deserve to be a moderator.  And why is it that only liberals that are chosen. I can’t believe there isn’t a conservative moderator out there that can do the job as well or better.

Last go around in 2016 it was Megyn Kelly. It’s no longer that we can’t expect this kind of behavior from those involved in our ‘news’ media. ‘Commie Chris’ was a disgrace and made the debate about himself. You can’t blame President Trump for being a little irritated with these people when the fact is you are facing an opponent in ‘Creepy Joe’ who tried to ruin your life with false Russian collusion allegations. The last four years he has been attacked like no other and run through something no one in the world could take. Yet he has been shown to be innocent of these charges and ‘BO’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ remain and made to face no consequences for the crimes.

Frankly I think it will be very interesting, in the coming days, to hear just what sort of excuses ‘Commie Chris’ might come up with in his effort to explain to those choose to tune in to watch exactly what it was that they saw, because it certainly wasn’t a debate.  What it was, actually appeared to be a coordinated effort put into motion by a supposed ‘journalist’ and the candidate whom he supports to do whatever they could do in their attempt to inflict whatever damage possible to their opposition.  But because it all seemed so obvious to those who were watching, it’s in this case that I think their target came out of it much better than did the perpetrators themselves.


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