What has to be the funniest thing that I’ve heard in what has been a very long time came about just this past Friday and was courtesy, of all people, a Democrat, Senator Mark Warner from Virginia.  And it came about during his appearance on MSDNC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” when he made the blatantly idiotic statement that it was “undignified” for President Trump to push a replacement for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the November election.  Is that not the most hilarious thing you’ve ever heard, a Democrat claiming the behavior of anyone as being undignified?

Warner said, “I want to add my voice to all the voices that have commended on Justice Ginsburg. I’ve got three daughters, between 25 and 30. They were all heartbroken Friday night. They live in an America that gives them a fair chance and fair opportunities because of her leadership. The fact that Justice Ginsburg is not even —we’ve not even finished mourning her, and the president is already trying to jam through another nominee is—I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s so undignified.”  So what?  She’s dead and she needs to be replaced on the court.

Obviously Warner must think we’re all actually stupid enough to think that if the shoe were on the other foot the Democrats would behave in much more ‘dignified’ manner.  If it were they who held the presidency and controlled the Senate, of course they would handle this unexpected vacancy on the high court so very much differently and of course they would wait until after the election.  Ruthie could have easily retired during the last administration and all this could have been avoided, but she chose not to.  There is no reason to delay filling this seat.

And regarding actions that are dignified, should we ask Senator Warner if it was dignified for Democrats to perpetuate a sham impeachment based solely on a hoax?  Or, was it dignified to tear up the State of the Union address on national television?  Or perhaps was is dignified to refer to riots as ‘peaceful protests?’  Yes, the examples of dignified behavior by Democrats, like Warner, is near endless.  There’s nothing undignified about President Trump doing what he was elected to do.  Perhaps Warner should try doing what he was elected to do, gee what a concept.

And I’d also like to ask the Senator, was the disgusting manner in which the Democrats treated Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and have already begun talking about Judge Amy Coney Barrett, dignified by anyone’s definition?  Of course not, it was, and already has been, nothing less than unforgiveable.  Let’s be honest here, the far left Democrats are now in a snit because they were hoping to use the Supreme Court in their effort to steal the election.  And there is no doubt they would not hesitate to appoint someone if they were in the same position. They are such hypocrites.

And what is it that’s less dignified then a Supreme Court Justice who for years was so afflicted with a disease that ability to do her job was affected, and yet she stubbornly refused to retire. She could have retired when ‘BO’ was still president, but for whatever the reason she dug her heels in until she was nothing but a near-corpse.  A person that sick has no business occupying a seat on the Supreme Court with complex, serious matters before the Court, at such an advanced age. THAT is undignified. 

For sure, Senator Warner is right, Democrats are the dignified ones.  In fact, Democrats are so dignified they cheer on deadly riots and the destruction of private property.  They kill old people in nursing homes just to jack up the death count for political gain.  Yup, so dignified.  Lying their butts off every single day, pushing hoax after hoax was really dignified, as was impeaching the president with no crime even implied, mind you, for the sole purpose of having history show that he’d been impeached.  Yup, these Democrats are a real dignified bunch, by golly.

Give me a break from all of this faux outrage.  With this election year, a 4 – 4 in the Supreme Court simply won’t cut it, and it’s the Democrats themselves who have made that very clear.  From their threats to eliminate the Electoral College to their mail-in voting scam, it would be foolish on the part of the president not to move forward with filling this most recent vacancy left by Ruthie Ginsburg.  And it was ‘BO’ who set the tone back in ‘09 and ‘10 with his comments to Republicans, “I won, deal with it” and “Republicans can come along for the ride but they have to sit in the back.”

Look, we all know for a fact what would be happening right now if we had a Democrat president and a Democrat controlled Senate combined with an unexpected vacancy created by the recent demise a supreme court justice. The replacement justice would have been sworn in before the ink was dry on Ruthie’s death certificate.  And yet Democrats like Warner want to pretend that such a scenario is only a misguided pipedream of those of us on the right.  Unfortunately, most Democrats, including Warner, know not what the words dignity, honesty and integrity mean anymore.

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