I have lost count of the number of times that some loon from the left has ‘warned’ me about how MY president is nothing short of some sort of tyrant or dictator and is out to gut our Constitution.  Odd that, with the memory of our last president and all of the questionable behavior that took place on his watch still so fresh in our minds, that we now have these ‘warnings’ being hurled about our president.  I mean, how is it, exactly, that President Trump has violated any part of the Constitution?  Because, to be honest, whatever evils there are that can be blamed on him pale in rather stark comparison when put up against the many actual crimes committed by ‘BO’ & Co.

And now, once again, it was none other than that blast from the past, old Bobby Woodward, who is once again trying to warn us all about what he sees as being the ‘evils of Trump’ during Thursday’s less than thrilling episode of MSNBC’s “Deadline.”  You see it was then that old Bobby actually went so far as to claim that that President Trump was “putting a dagger in the Constitution” with his comments about not committing to a peaceful transfer of power.  But once again we’re supposed to somehow take this lunacy seriously because it ‘Bob Woodward’ who’s making it.  But it all nothing more than another baseless charge spewed by another political hack!

So Bobby stopped by to pay a visit to one of many resident bimbos there at MSDNC, Nicolle Wallace, who is also, apparently, someone who prides herself as being something of a bona fide ‘journalist.’  And it was this same bona fide ‘journalist’ who asked the question, “This statement yesterday is about obliterating the Constitution. Rod Rosenstein was reported to have whipped votes for the 25th Amendment. No one has challenged what Mattis and Coats have said.  Since your book came out, I heard they have felt that way for a very long time. I wonder if it escalates things when it’s not just the obliteration of norms, but also obliterating the Constitution?” 

Bobby said, “It’s not just challenging the Constitution. It’s putting a dagger in the Constitution. For the president of the United States to do that is — you know, I don’t know whether there’s language to describe this and what’s happened is that Trump has been like this from the beginning, before he was elected president just saying outrageous things, doing outrageous things. He’s made the country and the world numb. Oh, well, that’s the way it is. Oh, 1,000 people died today because of the virus, well, it isn’t 2,000 like it was before. So things are getting better. Things are getting worse, and I don’t know where the wake-up call comes to the country.”

But oddly enough the ONLY ones whom I EVER seen, now or in the past, doing the damage are the very ones who are now so busy trying to warn us all about President Trump!  You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones who think we’re too stupid to think for ourselves, who think they know better than we do ourselves about taking care of and keeping safe those who we love, and those who seem to think that they should be able to control every aspect of our daily lives, minute by minute.  And that most certainly is not President Trump, that my friends, is the Democrats.  It’s they who crave the power to control us, to dictate to us how we must live out our lives.  

Look, there has been no president in recent times who has been as big of an advocate for, and protector of our Constitution, than President Donald J. Trump.  And let’s be honest, if ever a President had a chance to become a tyrant, this Chinese virus thing has provided the perfect opportunity.  But the President assembled the best people he could find, marshalled private industry as no career politician ever could have, issued guidelines and deferred to the governors.  If President Trump aspires to be a dictator, he’s really bad at it.  We never heard a peep from Bobby the entire time ‘BO’ was busily shredding the Constitution.  Imagine if ‘BO’ were president today. 

Never forget that Woodward and his buddy Bernstein worked on Watergate nearly 50 years ago…they haven’t!  They brag about it every chance they get, over and over and over again.  Yet they are the journalistic equivalent of a musical one hit wonder.  So we MUST now believe all of their LIES about President Trump because they are the supposed heroes of ‘Watergate.’  Just ask them.  And does Bobby think none of us were paying attention when ‘BO’ essentially bypassed Congress on immigration and essentially took part in Watergate 2.0 by spying on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign?  Where was this moron of ‘Watergate’ fame then?  Absolutely NOWHERE!    

And wouldn’t you think that one would have to be a total moron not to be able to recognize how it continues to be the Democrats who seek to do damage to our Constitution, on every possible level and in every conceivable way?  Since day one of President Trump being in office the Democrats have attempted to overthrow the will of the American people courtesy of their bogus impeachment sham, investigation after investigation and, with their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, have worked very hard to undermine, discredit or delegitimize this president.  Yet every attempt to do has failed miserably.  But that hasn’t prevented them from continuing to try.   

And I must say that it says much about what likely motivates Bobby regarding his obvious animus toward President Trump that he seems to be totally oblivious to, or simply chooses to ignore, who it is that actually continues “putting a dagger in the Constitution.”  You see, that would, of course, be the Democrats who seek to place a limit on free speech and the free practice of religion, who want to repeal the Second Amendment, restrict due process based on ‘victim’ status, to inhibit the rights of the accused to face their accuser, want to abolish the Electoral College, change the Senate to proportional representation, and ‘pack’ the Supreme Court.

These are real threats to the constitutional order of our government, and it is the Democrats who are the ones busy promoting them.  The Left controls the unelected and unaccountable ‘Deep State’ but it was those in Congress who essentially abdicated their legislative authority and responsibilities to the Executive Branch.  President Trump is merely using the tools that have been provided by Congress and the Constitution, to prevent the destruction of what’s left of our Constitutional Republic.  And it is those like Bobby who seem to have joined with the forces of darkness now working to combat everything that President Trump is trying to do.

Then we have all this talk about President Trump not committing to a “peaceful transfer of power” when the only time in our entire history that such a thing did NOT take place was with the transfer of power from the administration of ‘BO’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ to the Trump Administration.  They spied on his campaign, forged FISA warrants, unmasked 100s of innocent Americans, started a fake ‘Russian collusion’ probe, tried to reverse election results, etc.  So I hope, once reelected, and free from the burden of facing another election, President Trump will go after every last one of these crooks, lock them away in federal prison and throw the key far, far away!

And Bobby makes the idiotic claim that, “Things are getting worse, and I don’t know where the wake-up call comes to the country.”  How about a little reality check here?  You see, it’s all of the important economic indicators that now show the majority of Americans clearly do not feel that way. That’s a bipartisan thing.  I’m not waving a Donald Trump flag here, merely stating the obvious.  It’s not a controversial assertion that a lot of those indicators would be very different if a substantial portion of the electorate really thought that things were worsening, or that President Trump was going to end elections and stay in office as dictator for the foreseeable future.

It is the Left, courtesy of Antifa and BLM, that is committing all the violence as Democrats busy themselves defunding police departments. They’ve burned down cities, increased gun violence in places like Portland and Chicago and had the nerve to ask the police to protect them.  Imagine that.  If the Constitution is being trampled on, it is the Democrats of whom it can be said are doing all of the trampling, not President Trump.  And who it is that is providing funds for the specific purpose of bailing all of the rampaging thugs out of jail, allowing them to go out and create even more mayhem.  And yet it’s all to be seen as being President Trump’s fault?

This “peaceful transfer of power” question to President Trump is a Democrat invention intended as an attempt to scare the fringe mobs into violence if the election becomes shadowed by a close vote, fraud and/or the House having to determine the Presidency.  It’s pure political theater on the part of those who should know better. The propagandists at ABC, CBS, MSDNC, CNN, AP, Reuters, NYT, WaPO, et al. have spent the last three years denigrating the president over anything and everything that he has said and done, have sacrificed all believability and credibility, and have in truth become ‘fake news,’ and are in fact now a threat to our country.

Bobby, you have become pathetic and repetitive.  I get it, you don’t like President Trump. Yet your dishonesty with regard to his treatment of the Constitution borders on full psychosis.  President Trump, in my opinion, has done his best to uphold the Constitution of United States while vile critics such as yourself try to sell this BS narrative to the American citizen.  Interestingly, I heard nothing from you when ‘BO’ was weaponizing federal agencies, like the DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, to punish his political enemies and demonstrably participated in a soft coup d’etat of a duly elected President.  If you were honest you would be writing books about ‘BO’s corrupt regime.

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