I’ve often wondered why it is that any network that bills itself as being a ‘news’ network would insist upon having on its payroll someone who possesses zero self-respect and even less credibility, regardless of the topic that might be discussed.   Someone who rarely, if ever, adds anything to the discussion and who, more often than not, merely spews whatever talking points he has been provided with before appearing on whatever television program is stupid enough to bring him on.

And of course it’s Juan Williams of whom I speak, someone actually billed as a ‘contributor’ on the ‘Fox News channel,’ and a co-host on “The Five,” where he routinely demonstrates what a moron he truly is.  And it was earlier this week, on Monday, that Williams again made it pretty clear that he’s little more than a paid stooge of the Democrat Party when he appeared to deny the existence of the recent violence in New York City, during a segment that got more than a little heated.

Williams got into a heated discussion with cohosts Dagen McDowell and Greg Gutfeld regarding the protests that took place over the weekend at the homes of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham.  Cohost Dana Perino began the segment by noting that Democrat dolt Alexandria Ocasio (Sandy) Cortez had called for Democrats to become “radicalized” over the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away this Friday creating an excellent opportunity for President Trump. 

Perino said, “AOC says got to be radicalized. And that it’s not hyperbole.”

Gutfeld agreed saying, “No. I was laughing at it but in their minds it’s not hyperbole. This is intimidation.”  He said, “And they would go to peoples’ houses, they’re not going to intimidate — they’re not going to those houses to intimidate those specific people. That’s to intimidate everybody else. Basically they’re saying, ‘you’re next.’ We are going to do this to McConnell but may be Jesse, you’re going to be next. This is what it does. It scares the crap out of people who should be speaking up.”

Gutfeld continued, “The worst thing about it as you keep hearing all these people say burn it down. If this nomination happens. Burn it down.”  And then he added, “You’re saying that after a billion dollars of damage was done with businesses and homes that were burned down. No class at all.”

Perino then pivoted to turn the question to Williams, asking whether or not the response to Ginsburg’s death would translate to votes for Democrats.

To which Williams quickly replied, “Sure!”  Before then going on to say, “I don’t think you need AOC or Michael Moore or anybody else, Dana, to make this case. People are so upset over what is taking place. It’s an abuse of power. It’s breaking down American institutions. By the way, Dagen. They had people protesting, as you said, at McConnell’s house, Lindsey Graham’s house. There’s no violence. It’s a legitimate protest.”  McDowell, shaking her head responded saying, “Not yet. Not yet!”

Williams then accused McDowell of “pushing the fear button” to make her point.

Again it was McDowell who shot back saying, “I actually saw what happened in New York City in May and June and July and August!”  And she then added, “I’ve been attacked.”

“Now you’re talking about something that doesn’t exist,” Williams dismissed her argument.

“It does exist,” Gutfeld jumped back in as Williams continued to protest that there was no violence.  Gutfeld went on to talk about his neighborhood being looted, noting that until Monday’s show had the hosts back in the studio, Williams had been living in Washington, D.C. He also said that there had been a 50% jump in the murder rate as Williams continued to talk over him.

“That’s how bad — the cops look bored,” Williams concluded, adding one last thought. “Let me say this to your point, Dana, I don’t approve of protests at people’s homes. I don’t think that’s legit. But I do think when people say they’re upset, they have a legitimate right to protest. That’s what you’re going to see.”

I think at this point there can be very little doubt that Williams is nothing more than a lying, disingenuous Democrat hack who is rarely seen anywhere but on Fox for the very simple reason that he has virtually zero credibility and is known for doing nothing more than regurgitating whatever idiotic talking points he’s been provided, like the mind-numbed little robot that he is.  He seems to care very little if what he is saying bears any resemblance to the truth.  He just opens his mouth and shit falls out.

But you see, this is how Democrats condemn violence. They ignore it or simply say it doesn’t exist.  If they support the violence they make the claim that it’s nothing more than simple, peaceful protests, meanwhile it’s the rest of us who are able to see it, and pretty clearly so, for exactly what it is.  Williams’ idiotic equivocations come in second after the riots, on the list of things people are tired of.  Perhaps someone should take the time to explain to Williams that sophistry is not a virtue, it’s a vice.

And you know, maybe once upon a time I might have thought he was worth listening to, but that was a very long time ago.  These days I can’t stand him.  His stupid faces, rolling his eyes, his looks of incredulity all combined with his insane denial of reality.  I think it goes beyond simply being afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.  I mean in four years, statistically speaking, you’d think that President Trump would have gotten something right, if only by accident.  But not according to Williams!

Williams is yet another of those on the left who seems to subscribe to that typical Democrat ploy of lie, lie, lie in the hope that eventually enough imbeciles will come to believe the crap that’s being peddled as if it were true.  It’s a leftist ploy to change the narrative by ignoring those pesky little things known as ‘facts’ and the gaslighting of those people who refuse to go along.  It is so pathetically transparent that it becomes almost funny.  It’s always the same with these leftwing losers!

And you know, I suppose there are a few of those out there who are willing to give Williams the benefit of the doubt, believing I guess, that he’s merely playing the role of the obnoxious know-nothing liberal, much as they likely view his predecessor Bob Beckel’s behavior before the booze got the better of him.  At least Beckel had an excuse, I guess.  I’m not sure what Williams’ excuse might be other than the fact that he might actually believe all of the idiotic things that he says.  Who knows?     

I do think the pivotal moment in any “liberal’s” indoctrination comes at the moment when they become truly intellectually dishonest with themselves, and feel quite comfortable whenever doing so.  This is the precise moment that their stupidity becomes extreme and they happily devote themselves to the service of their cult, in this case the PARTY.  It’s also the moment their lives become consumed with a rather intense level of hatred regarding just about everything, but most of all themselves. 

The gaslighting by those in the ‘fake news’ media and pretty much anyone who resides on the left has now gotten to the point where it’s pretty disgusting.   And sadly it’s those like Williams who now appear to be in the majority on ‘Fox News’ and is the reason that I spend very little time these days watching.  It’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between Fox, MSDNC and CNN as they often report on things using very similar, if not exactly the same, kind of language.

At the end of the day I don’t see Williams departing his current surroundings anytime soon, it’s just too good of a gig.  At least until he becomes a big enough drag on ratings that those in charge finally come to the conclusion that he’s outlived his usefulness.  Which, as far as I’m concerned, is something that happened some time ago.  It’s a pretty rare thing when you come across someone as useless as Williams.  It’s as if he never stops to think before he opens his mouth.  It’s quite remarkable!


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