Another moron who has spent decades pretending to be a ‘journalist’ before finally being busted as the fraud that we all knew he was, is none other than ex ‘CBS Evening News, anchor Dan Blather.  And yet, he’s still with us.  You see, it was during a recent appearance on MSDNC that Blather made the rather bold statement in saying the presidential election in November would show us just how many people were “dumb enough to believe” President Trump when he says he didn’t want to spread panic in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.  Blather must be of the opinion that those people are far dumber than were all of those who were “dumb enough to believe” that what ‘BO’ was selling, back in 2008, actually was “Hope and Change.”

So anyway, it was during this particular interview that old Dan Blather said, “What this presidential election is about is whether the country’s going to move more in the direction of white supremacy or move more in the direction of a multiracial, constitutional republic based on the freedom and the democracy. That’s the proper frame, in which we now should put this election given what the president says, what he’s been doing — this long list of things. No sense going through the litany, but, you know, he knew in early February how serious the coronavirus was, but he repeatedly misled the American people. He said using an excuse and a lie, he didn’t want to spread panic.”  So Blather, a proven liar, is now calling the president a liar? Seriously?

And it was from there that he went on to say, “Well, throughout his entire presidency and particularly during this presidential re-election campaign, he’s been trying to get people panicked,” he continued. “Panicked about dangerous people moving into the suburban neighborhood, panic over immigration. He’s asking us to believe that when it came to the coronavirus, he just didn’t want to spread panic. Anybody who believes this will believe that rocks grow, and we’re going to find out how many people are dumb enough to believe that. I’d like to think that most people in the country recognize it for what it is, and that is an excuse, and it’s a lie, and it’s outrageous, and it’s very dangerous.”  What’s truly dangerous, are people like Dan Blather.

You know, I ‘almost’ feel a little sorry for this senile old fart.  Flailing about for something intelligent to say, and yet ALWAYS coming up empty.  But please do keep trying, Mr. Blather, because each new attempt is always more hilarious than the last one.  Blather is as pathetic today as he always been and he, and the many others like him are becoming quite boring.  Blather is nothing more than a sanctimonious prick, a member of a ‘special’ eastern sect of political/publishing intelligentsia whose inbreeding has led to all manner of ‘delusions of grandeur,’ resulting in projections of their own stupidity toward the more gullible members of our society.  And yet it’s people like him who never go away, ever.  They seem to hang around forever.

How many times over the decades has this very same guy gone on television promising that it was from some very reliable source that he had the next big scoop, the purpose of which was to take down some corrupt or dishonest politician, and we had better believe him or else.  And how often did it turn out to be nothing but a work of fiction of which the supposed source had destroyed original copy after getting it to Blather.  And how often did any of his many concocted stories EVER have anything to do with anyone in the Democrat Party?  Let’s be honest, Blather is the biggest fake to have ever appeared on any nightly ‘news’ programing, and he has a long and ‘rather’ storied history of pulling these tabloid type stunts throughout his entire career.

Blather, a proven and shamed liar, labels another a liar? This is supposed to vindicate a known liar? This is where the Left attempts to define what and who the liars are. The Left is well known for nothing other than deceit. They will continue to lie, cheat, deceive, and cover their own butts. But to those who pay attention, Blather is still what he was proven to be years ago, a pathetic liar!  That anyone is willing to provide Blather a platform from which to spew his never-ending drivel illustrates all that is wrong with the American news media today. Why is the opinion of a disgraced former news anchor, who resigned after he presented forged documents as the basis for a hit piece against a major Republican, sought after by anyone anywhere in the media? 

As we all know, or should, it’s in those Democrat circles where Blather spends most of his time, that being a dedicated liar and fraud garners much prestige.  Democrats are most in awe of the liars who have been able to keep their game going for decades.  In a party whose ideology is 100 percent against the interests of the American people, yet who members must somehow manage to attain American votes every election cycle, the ability to lie convincingly is an important talent to possess.  And every time we hear how Democrats think those in leadership should behave and what choices they believe President Trump should have made, it should then become all the more clear how Democrats have no business being placed in positions of leadership.

It was those like Blather, including old school types like Koppel, Brokaw, Jennings, and a whole host of others, who laid the groundwork for the modern day ‘fake news’ media, although most tended to be a bit less obvious than those today.  But also in the old days we had Republican presidents who were far less likely, than is Donald Trump, to call them out.  You see it is President Trump who has virtually no qualms about calling them exactly what they are, “fake news.”  In fact, he is eager to do so.  And yet they have the gall to squeal like stuck pigs every time he does so.  Perhaps if they were to behave more like the ‘journalists’ they claim to be and not as ‘activists’ under the employ of the Democrat Party, the ‘fake news’ moniker wouldn’t stick.


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