Let me start by saying that I can’t stand anti-Trumper Brett Baier, I haven’t been able to for quite some time now.  But that said, he’s only one of the reasons that I stopped watching Fox News, except for one or two exceptions.  And with that said, President Trump handled the ‘Chinese Virus’ situation the best way for America. Just think, back in March, there was already hysteria.  You couldn’t find toilet paper, hand sanitizer or Chlorox wipes. Can you possibly imagine what would have happened had President Trump sounded the alarm in hysteria?  He is our leader, and as far as I’m concerned he handled the situation professionally and did a great job!

But apparently there’s now more than just a few folks who seem to disagree with my assessment of things, a few over there at ‘Fox News,’ Bret Baier being one,.  You see it was during a recent interview with President Trump’s campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh, on Thursday, that Baier pushed back, and rather strenuously so, after Murtaugh made the argument that the president said “the same things” to the public about COVID-19 that he had said to ‘journalist’ Bob Woodward.  Apparently President Trump had told Woodward that for months he knowingly downplayed the threat COVID-19 posed during interviews for Woodward’s soon to be released new book.

Excerpts of these recordings, which the president must have consented to, from Woodward’s book “Rage” were obtained by CNN and published on Wednesday.  In the recordings, President Trump says that he “wanted to always play it down” and that he still likes “playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic.”  And it was these tapes that Baier brought up with Murtaugh noting that people are “coming hard after the president for what he said to Bob Woodward and what he said on the record.” Murtaugh responded by said, “the things that are contained in there are the same things that President Trump was saying publicly,” but Baier strenuously disagreed!

Baier screeched, “That’s not true, Tim.  That’s not true.”  But Murtaugh proceeded to double down on his statement that, yes, the President Trump had in fact said the very same things publicly that he told Woodward in the tapes.  But Baier continued to press, saying, “When he said that the virus would go from 15 to zero and then it was magically going to wash away, that is not the same thing he’s telling Bob Woodward, that it’s a deadly virus over the air and it’s really serious and I like to downplay it.”  But desperate in the attempt to make his rather idiotic point, Baier insisted, “He was not saying the same things privately to Bob Woodward.”

Murtaugh then said, “it was public knowledge at the time” and that “it was discussed in coronavirus briefings.” He said that “everyone knew … it was transmitted through things like coughing and sneezing.”  Baier responded saying, “OK, but you just said that what he was saying privately and publicly was the same. It’s not.”  Murtaugh then brought up Anthony Fauci, saying that he “said it is the same.”  Murtaugh began to say, “Dr. Fauci said there was no … difference with what the president was discussing privately versus… ”  Baier interrupted, “With Fauci, not with Bob Woodward,” again calling Murtaugh out before moving on with the interview.

So we have ‘The Three Stooges’ of Fox News, Wallace, Cavuto and Baier now appearing to do all that they can to sound as if they’re on CNN or MSDNC instead of the network that still boasts of being both “Fair and Balanced,” but these days appears to be neither.  More and more Foxers are jumping into the ‘Dump Trump’ camp.  ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace is nothing but Liberal in Conservative clothing hiding out at Fox and is an even bigger idiot than his old man was.  Cavuto has been a NeverTrumper from day one and then there’s Baier, who has no love loss for President Trump.  Fortunately, they got rid of that pillow-biter, Sheepherder Smith.

The Woodward tape took place on February 7.  On January 31, President Trump put a hold on travel from Communist China.  At the time Democrats, and numerous other fake news media types like Baier, were calling President Trump xenophobic.  Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media were saying the exact opposite of what Trump was saying. Then Democrats and the media made a dramatic turn in their narrative.  It seems no matter what President Trump says or does is going to be mispresented by those in the ‘fake news’ media.  Baier lost me as a long time ago. I don’t watch him anymore. I don’t watch any of primetime news because they push propaganda.

Baier was likely smarting after his recent go round with ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s communication guy during which he called Baier a ‘Trump supporter.’  So like any ‘real’ journalist Baier had to make clear to anyone who may be watching that isn’t a Trump supporter by then going out of his way to prove he isn’t, so he can think of himself as being “fair and balanced.”  And in so doing he made it all about him and not about getting true information before the public, but about perpetuating the lies of the left.  I once liked Baier but now that he seems to have gone to the dark side, not so much.  It seems that fair and balanced is a myth from this Fox mouthpiece.

And I could be wrong, I am, after all, getting older and the memory is the first thing to go, but I swear that I watched President Trump respond to the press who were saying that President Trump was in essence painting a rosy picture, and he said at the time (March) that he didn’t want the country to panic, and that he’s a ‘cheerleader’ for the country.  How is Baier now saying that’s not true?  It’s on video!  And as I mentioned earlier this comes a day after ‘Creepy Joe’s spokesmoron refused to answer Baier’s question about whether Creepy Joe’ uses a teleprompter, and accusing the Trump campaign of using Baier to ask questions. And Baier just let it slide.

Fox News no longer serves as being a viable conservative alternative to the 99 percent of the remaining sources of so-called ‘news and information.’ Especially during their daytime and weekend lineups.  They seem to busy trying to please those on the left and it’s that effort that will, in the end, likely cost them more viewers.  They never should have covered the fake story published in ‘The Atlantic,’ the same story that the publications editor, Jeffery Goldberg, is now admitting was probably false.  But once again in their rush to tarnish this president as we head into the next election we have another supposed ‘news’ organization spreading nothing but lies.

When the President banned travel from Communist China in late January and from Europe in early February despite accusations of xenophobia, and set-up a COVID-19 task force, I knew the virus was serious, I didn’t need the President to tell me that. Baier implied President Trump’s efforts to downplay the virus were to deceive the American people, not keep them calm, despite the fact his comments to Woodward contradict that implication. Baier also failed to mention the number of deaths that occurred because of the overreaction to a virus with a 6% death rate, which is why the President chose not to jump up and down the way Democrats and the media did.

It seems that these days Baier is using pretty much the same interviewing technique as that used by ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace.  You know, where one saves his more aggressive and argumentative questioning for those who are either conservative or who support the president.  After all, Baier kept shutting down Murtaugh but allowed the jackass who is the communications guy for ‘Creepy Joe’ to walk all over him. Pretty pathetic.  Baier brings new meaning to the word ‘quibble’ as he tried to pull off a gotcha.  Baier seems to think that he’s actually a journalist when, in fact, he’s JUST a script reader provided by a corporate board influenced by advertisers.



  1. Bret Baier is like the kid in school who bullied you when he saw other kids bullying you. He is a fat punk and I hope his shelf life expires soon.


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