Another of those once considered to be on ‘Creepy Joe’s shortlist for his Number Two, Tammy Duckworth, but who got passed over in favor of ‘The Ho,’ is again out making idiotic accusations against President Trump.  And despite her sacrifice and war related disability, she is a disgrace to the uniform that she wore and the nation that she served.  And I have no trouble, as a fellow veteran, in making such a statement.  I spent 24 years in the military because I loved my country, and since it has become very obvious that Duckworth does not seem to share that same love of country I guess I would have to question what prompted her to join the military.  Was it viewed as some sort of resume enhancer should she, in the future, ever run for elected office?

If so, it would appear to have worked for it was ‘Senator’ Duckworth, who is now the Junior Senator from Illinois, who, during an appearance this past Friday at ‘fake news’ HQ, on CNN’s “Newsroom,” made the rather bold accusation that President Trump uses the military for his ego and does not understand their sacrifice while reacting to what we now know is the bogus claim posed in an article in ‘The Atlantic’ claiming that the president said Americans who died in war were “losers” and “suckers.”  Now I think it might be worth mentioning that billionaire Laurene Powell Jobs, who owns a 70% stake in ‘The Atlantic,’ has donated over $1.2 million to ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden and other Democrat candidates and groups since 2019.  Just a coincidence?  Doubtful!!

And it was this moron, Tammy Duckworth, who then went on to say, “We all know this is exactly Donald Trump. This is who he is. People know the story is accurate because he’s consistently said these things over the years and continues to act in a way where he likes to use the military for his own personal ego as if we were some sort of toy soldiers you could pull out and line up on your desk to play with.”  She added, “But he really doesn’t understand the sacrifice.”  And she continued by saying, “And he truly doesn’t understand what it means to put something above yourself too, serve this nation and be willing to lay down one’s life with this nation. Because he does nothing that does not benefit Donald Trump, bottom line.”

I guess I would only like to ask ‘Senator’ Duckworth what, exactly, was it that ‘BO and ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, which had eight years, did for our military? That is, of course, except to get countless Americans needlessly killed?  And why is it that we should expect anything different from ‘Creepy Joe’ as president?  It’s a typical Democrat strategy to run with an unverified, anonymously sourced article, like the one in ‘The Atlantic.’ How many unverified, anonymous rumors have turned out to be true about this President?  Meanwhile, the ‘BO’/’Creepy Joe’ iceberg is just showing the tip. The administration running from 2009 to 2017 did more damage to this country, in all areas, than any other administration in recent and, perhaps, all of American history.

Not all Veterans are heroes. Some, despite their wounds were ,and still are, unworthy of respect!  Duckworth is a prime example! John Kerry-Heinz is yet another example, as is Beau Bergdahl and that freak ‘Chelsea’ Manning is yet one more.  Duckworth is no hero to me.  It’s unfortunate that during every conflict, and in every branch of the service, there have been a very, very few who have returned only to spit in the eye of the very people they served with and who never stop disrespecting the nation that has cared for them despite their crass and hateful statements.  She is obviously a deeply disturbed and unhappy individual with a poisonous personality. We should pay those like her no heed.  And most certainly we should never put them in positions of power.

It’s funny how President Trump is the one drawing down our foreign involvement and yet is described by Democrats, like the unhinged Duckworth, as misusing the military. President Bush didn’t do it. ‘BO’ didn’t do it.  President Trump is the one who is bringing so many of our troops home!  President Trump has gotten us into zero new military conflicts, a superior record to every president since Ronald Reagan.  ‘BO’ cut the military, saddled it with all manner of combat restrictions that put our soldiers in danger, he allowed ISIS to grow, made deals with Iran, still is the Number 1 state sponsor of terror in the world and left those in Benghazi to die without sending any help.  These are just a few examples of what the Democrats think of our military.

Yes, Tammy Duckworth lost her legs defending this country, and while I most certainly do appreciate her sacrifice, what I do not have appreciation for is her continuing to denigrate my country.  I do not agree that her sacrifice gives her the right to continually lie about my country and to cast false aspersions against our president and to spew all manner of ‘fake news.’  She is an embarrassment to her constituents.  Duckworth lost more than her legs; she has lost the respect that she was owed as a veteran. When she behaves like a true Veteran, I will treat her as such.  We can honor her sacrifice, but can still call her out for what she is; a bitter partisan who lies and manipulates like the swamp rat she has chosen to become.

Duckworth is a vapid ignoramus and a blatant and obvious hyper-hypocrite. As a member of the House, she said nothing when ‘BO’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ sent thousands of American soldiers to die and be maimed in useless, and pointless, conflicts.  President Trump has become the enemy of the industrial-military complex that loves these endless conflicts.  And he’s the only president in modern history who has actually ended conflicts and the futile attempts as costly nation building.  And he has orchestrated the return of tens of thousands of our military personnel back home.  Make no mistake, President ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats, supported by Neocon war mongers, will get the U.S. embroiled in more useless wars within a year!

Duckworth is merely playing politics! President Trump has worked hard to rebuild a military that was decimated by ‘BO’ and ‘Creepy Joe,’ and is providing it with numerous types of advanced weaponry while at the same time withdrawing troops from those areas where the troops do not fully engage the enemy.  He has also pushed our ‘allies’ to increase their military spending and is busy forming new alliances to confront the challenges in Asia, especially against the Communist Chinese.  There is no doubt that President Trump loves the military and our first responders that keep the nation safe!  Duckworth is just another hater of America, and it is obvious that she seeks to return America to the days of leading from behind!

It’s to Democrats that those serving in our military are, more often than not, treated as being little more than a Petri Dish, the purpose of which is to allow them to carry out some of their more bizarre social experimentations, rather than as an elite fighting force whose only purpose is the defense of the homeland.  They see it as being far more important to allow gays and transgenders to serve rather than having any sort of an understanding of the close quarters our soldiers are so often confined to.  And they’ve made the military into an organization where one’s advancement is one not necessarily based on one’s knowledge, proficiency, or skills, but based more on one’s skin color or gender.  To me that makes virtually no sense, no sense at all!   

Many of our Presidents were not the most virtuous of men, and none of them were perfect or could be considered as ‘Saints.’  President Trump is no different with one major exception.  He told us in 2016 what his policies and plans were for his term and unlike every other president since Reagan, President Trump has actually carried out, or given his best efforts, to do what he said he would do, given overwhelming resistance from Democrats, Liberal judges, RINOs in his own party and Constitutional limits on presidential powers. So in that regard, President Trump’s morality in terms of keeping his promises to the voters stands head and shoulders above any Democrat president since Kennedy and is in stark contrast as well to both of the Bushes.



  1. A lot of people still don’t consider the Coast Guard military service. I joined in 1974 requesting 82′ coastal patrol boats and working toward riverine service in Vietnam. Half way through basic we were told that any billets to Vietnam were to report and change stations since nobody was going anymore. I now live on a mountain in Colorado almost as far away from government as I can get.

    In 1974 I served with people I would have put my mother or wife under their wing and never worried about them. I also served with people that would have been told to never ride in front of me on patrol.

    I don’t know what Duckworthless was like before she lost her legs, but she is governing with symptoms of PTSD still evident today and needs to be watched closely.


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