Let me just say that never has there been a bigger waste-of-skin, other than perhaps his father, to hold any public office than Andrew Cuomo, current governor of the once great state of New York.  As someone who was born in New York and spent the first 25 years of my life there, before joining the Navy, it was because of the leftward slant of its leaders, regardless of party, that I chose not to return after a 24 year career in the Navy.  While it is a beautiful state, and my family does still reside there, it’s also one of the most mismanaged states in the entire country.  And while I would have loved nothing better than to have returned, it simply didn’t make financial sense to do so.

Now moving on to the subject of Mr. Cuomo, it was during a press conference on Thursday, that this imbecile reacted to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) telling states to be ready to distribute a coronavirus vaccine by November by remarking, “How convenient. It’s going to be an Election Day miracle drug.”  This douche bag also announced that the New York State Department of Health will undertake a review of “all the protocol and research by the FDA and whatever federal authorities say it’s safe and effective” before they recommend that New Yorkers take the vaccine.  So will he actually choose to withhold any vaccine from New Yorkers?

It was during the press conference that Cuomo said, “The president says he’s going to have a vaccine. CDC is talking about a vaccine in early November. How convenient. It’s going to be an Election Day miracle drug. Some people are concerned that the vaccine may wind up being hydroxychloroquine. So, the State Department of Health, before we recommend that New Yorkers take a vaccine, the State Department of Health will be reviewing all the protocol and research by the FDA and whatever federal authorities say it’s safe and effective. So, we will, before we recommend New Yorkers take any vaccine, we will have the State Department of Health review it.”

Cuomo criticizing the vaccine release as a campaign stunt is quite poetic.  After all, this is the same guy who has served as a chief participant in one of the greatest election hoaxes in the history of mankind.  The ‘China virus’ lockdowns were a total sham the purpose of which was to destroy the U.S. economy in the months before America votes, in hope of having an adverse effect on President Trump’s re-election chances.  Are we really going to believe anything else after finding out that this thing only killed 6% of the people that they claimed it did?  Cuomo would rather there be no vaccine at all, than have one that happens to come out in a timely fashion.

The Democrats use of fear porn and propaganda has never been restricted to rioting in the streets. Murdering grandparents to increase the number of deaths, heighten the hysteria, and damage the economy in pursuit of power fits on one page of their playbook.  They and their media stooges already launched a jihad against HCQ, a drug that wouldn’t have ended the ‘Chinese virus’ but may have saved thousands of lives as a treatment. A drug that has been used safely for 70 years suddenly became vilified as deadly, just for political purposes. Once the virus started, they found they could use the pandemic to strip away civil rights and as a weapon against President Trump.

President Trump sent this incompetent boob, Cuomo, a hospital ship while at the same time he insisted upon sending those patients infected with the ‘Chinese virus’ into nursing homes and assisting living facilities instead.  So who is the one who is politicizing the ‘Chinese virus?’   He was the biggest cheerleader for the CDC for the last 6 months, and now that they report a potential vaccine, he accuses them of a conspiracy?  Your typical leftwing loser.  Also, he’s guilty of murder for some 10,000 preventable deaths.  And isn’t it rather convenient that as that story starts to unravel, he insinuates that there should be violence against the president.  Just sayin’.

Andrew ‘America was never that Great’ Cuomo recently threatened the President of the United States and made the claim that President Trump “is not welcome in New York.”  And yet, it was also recently that Cuomo was heard begging people to come back to New York, even offering to take them out to dinner or even to cook dinner for them.  His policies are as tragic as they are deadly and are further destroying the once great state of New York.  Cuomo is yet another of those Democrats severely deficient when it comes to the necessary skillset required for the office that he holds, and yet managed to get himself elected courtesy of the state’s liberal city dwellers.

How convenient that the vaccine would likely help instill some level of confidence in people which would then also facilitate the restoring of our economy, which is absolutely the very last thing that Democrats, like Cuomo, are wanting to see this close to the election.  Because, you see, Democrats want as many people as possible to remain out of work and completely dependent upon government.  Because what remains most important to them is not the health and wellbeing of the American people, but the defeat of Donald J. Trump.  Talk about some screwed up priorities.  But we shouldn’t really be surprised, it’s Democrats doing what Democrats do best.    

And lastly, there has been much talk of late, and generated by those like Cuomo, regarding whether or not President Trump will actually accept defeat should the American people decide that they prefer ‘Creepy Joe’ as their president.  And I have no doubt that should he lose fair and square that the president most definitely would accept the will of the people and return to private life.  But if there should be any question whatsoever regarding the election result then I would expect the president to do all within his power to ensure that the result arrived at IS the will of the people and not the result of some massive voter scam perpetrated by the Democrat Party.

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