Well, it’s according to one of the great political fortune tellers of our time, James Carville, that by Election Day the majority of the American people will finally have come to their senses and will have had quite enough of our ‘lawless president,’ and will vote him out of office.  Now obviously, Carville must have a far different definition of what it means to be “lawless” than do most Americans of even average intelligence.  And lest we forget it was also this same genius who, during ‘BO’s first term wrote the book, “40 More Years, How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation.”  And instead what came about was the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Carville, the guy who managed to get ‘Slick Willy’ elected to the White House in 1992 with only 43 percent of the vote, apparently thinks that he is still relevant in some meaningful way 28 years later.  But seriously, in truth it’s Ross Perot that Carville should thank for him being able to pull off his victory.  After all, a moron could get someone elected with 43 percent of the vote, but I repeat myself.  They say timing is everything, and such was the case for ‘Slick Willy’ in his run for the presidency.  Ross Perot got 20 percent of the vote that year, and had a much bigger impact on Bush than on ‘The Slickmeister’ who was simply in the right place at the right time. 

And it was on Wednesday that Carville made a stop by at MSDNC where he expressed how he was “very confident” that Democrat Party nominee ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, and his running mate ‘The Ho,’ will easily defeat the Republican team of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  Carville said, “You cannot have order without law. When the White House chief of staff says no one 10 miles outside of Washington cares about the Hatch Act, that is an attack on the law. You’re a lawyer. You don’t get to pick and choose which laws you follow. You really don’t.”  And yet we have Democrats all across the country allowing their cities to burn as they call for defunding the police.

He continued, “If the White House says we don’t have to follow the law, then some of these people who are appropriately angry and frustrated said, why do you want me to follow the law? Just as a terrible example for everybody, a terrible example for young people. And you can talk all you want about the order, but there is no, you have lawlessness like we have, it isn’t any good. I think the public understands that better than we give them credit for. And I think that’s why you see in the polling numbers you see. I think we diminish maybe under-appreciated where the American public is now. I think they’re as tired of this. I really do.”  Right, we’re all tired of winning.

He added, “We have a president that has no respect, no interest in following the law. That sets the entire tone of the country. We had 16 years of Democratic rule, eight years of Republican rule, and you had a significant drop in crime rate. The people didn’t change. The president changed. And he sent a signal that this kind of lawlessness is OK. And I understanding that people are traumatized by this. I don’t think that 1968 playbook is going to work in 2020. I hope I’m right.”  He said, “I do feel confident the United States is dissatisfied with the current state of American politics. And I feel very confident that they’re anxious to make a change.”

Someone really does need to explain to this bonehead that it’s Democrats in our Democrat-run cities that are the lawless ones.  And most Americans are able to recognize that it’s Democrat voters doing all of the looting, murdering, rioting and burning.  And it’s Democrat governors and mayors who have refused any and all federal help offered by President Trump and who have continued to allow the carnage to continue, all in the hopes of doing some level of damage to President Trumps re-election chances.  What does it say about these supposed leaders who view their citizens as being nothing but collateral damage in their war against President Trump?  

Carville has got to realize that those of us who actually do have a brain no longer fall for the endless stream of lies heard coming from him and those like him, and that they just don’t won’t work anymore.  It’s in today’s political environment that it has become quite easy to recognize the fact that our modern day Democrats possess no values and no morals and it’s the ends that always justifies the means.  And they will work tirelessly to neutralize anyone who would dare to expose the truth by accusing them of those crimes, racism, and corruption that they themselves have committed and continue to commit.  Democrats represent a very grave threat to our freedoms.  

And you know these Democrats, like Carville, they all know that it’s their supporters who are the ones doing all of the rioting, burning, looting and destroying, as well as intimidating and exhibiting super-violent behavior.  It’s the reason they refuse to take any actions whatsoever to bring any of this violence to an end.  Democrats have no business in accusing this president as being above the law.  After all, it’s their sanctuary cities that are lawless, and against the law. Refusing to prosecute BLM/Antifa criminals is lawless. Nobody gives a damn about the Hatch Act, which has never had a single prosecution, when their homes and businesses are on the line.

I do agree with Carville in that ‘Creepy Joe’ does represent change.  But as we saw so often during those dark days of ‘BO,’ change is not always a good thing.  We all know that President Trump supports law enforcement and is all in for law and order, whereas ‘Creepy Joe’ seems to be in favor of just the opposite.  It’s Creepy Joe’ who seems to be in agreement with all of those who are now calling for the defunding of law enforcement, and I have yet to hear ‘Creepy Joe,’ or his trusty sidekick ‘The Ho,’ taking any sort of a stand against the continuing violence taking place in so many of our Democrat controlled cities.  All there has been is silence, lots of silence. 

Carville says laws matter and they have to be followed especially by the president.  Yet, like every other Democrat, Carville seems a bit selective when it comes to who has follow what laws.  His party skirts abuses and throws out those laws whenever those laws do not suit them, or they create a law for the specific purpose of replacing a law they dislike.  Carville thinks voters are going to be interested in the Hatch Act, and take it out on the president, yet the country is on fire because of the Democrats.  I’m pretty sure that most Americans care far more about that and the politically motivated economic shutdowns than about some bogus ‘violation’ of the Hatch Act.

I must admit, the fact that Carville seems to be so very confident in what he sees as being the eventual outcome of the next election, does cause me a certain amount of uneasiness.  But only because it likely means that the Democrats have been more successful than we would like in their effort to set up for themselves a rather extensive voter fraud mechanism.  After all, Democrats have long had in place quite the cheating apparatus, and with the advent of the ‘Chinese virus’ they have been busy at work creating at least the perception that it is now simply so dangerous for people to be showing up at the polls to vote that we must allow voting by mail. 

I find it amazing that the left can continue to claim President Trump is unlawful after eight years of the most corrupt and unlawful regime to ever occupy the White House.  ‘BO’s lawless ways were unlike anything ever experienced.  And so what we really have here is just another attempt at deflection.  Because it is the Democrats who have been lawless during the entire time President Trump has been in office.  It’s because of them that we have had to endure everything from an attempted coup to the Marxist insurrection in many of our Democrat cities, where rampaging bands of thugs have been allowed to destroy and loot with no fear of punishment of any kind.

How pathetic, that all across the United States we have Democrat governors and mayors, as well as prosecutors, refusing to uphold the law as rioters tear their cities apart.  And it’s in some cases that they are actually weaponizing the law to persecute citizens who dare to stand up for their rights and to attack political opponents. But this clown is pretending that the Hatch Act should be now everyone’s major concern?  This man is embarrassingly out of touch. Before ‘Creepy Joe’ ‘won’ the primary, Carville was telling the media that the Democrats were bound to lose because they were going too far left, pursuing policies that ordinary voters didn’t find appealing.

President Trump clearly inherited a mess and wanted nothing more than to unify the country by expressing, and demonstrating, support for all Americans. The Democrats have resisted the entire time, making all manner of blatantly false accusations with no proof to back them up.  The reason the Democrats have pursued this vein of unrest has been to effectively un-seat the president in the public arena as well as to de-legitimize his decisions and authority. That is why I can say with certainty that the Democrat Party and the ‘fake news’ media refuse to ascribe to the foundations upon which this great country was founded.  By so doing the represent a very grave threat!

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