It is she who was once considered to be on the “shortlist” of ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s potential number twos, but ended up getting passed over in favor of ‘The Ho,’ it’s Valdez Venita (Val) Demings, Democrat from Florida, who has continued to do what Democrats do best.  You see it was Demings who made a recent stop, this past Sunday, to pay a visit to Margaret Brennan, host of CBS’s “Face the Nation” during which she accused President Trump of violating the law more than anyone in 2020.

And it’s a partial transcript of what was yet another bizarre exchange involving a Democrat politician and a supposedly objective and unbiased member of our ‘fake news’ media that follows:

DEMINGS: However, we are a nation of laws, and anyone on any side in any place who violates the law has to be held accountable. We don’t condemn people who are obeying the law because of those who do not obey the law. We can do both and we have done both in this America, and that’s what we need to do. And again, we need the president of the United States to show some leadership during this situation. But that may be asking for too much from President Trump.

BRENNAN: Well, you- you know that the president’s slogan is law and order. He’s been using it repeatedly in recent days. Don’t incidents like the one we just saw or what’s happening in Portland play into your opponent’s argument?

DEMINGS: As you know, I served on the Intelligence Committee and the Judiciary Committee. I served as an impeachment manager. It is quite interesting to listen to President Donald John Trump talk about being the law and order president when no one has violated the law in 2020 more than he has. We’re talking about a president who just had his kickoff for his re-election on the grounds of the White House. And we all know that that was a violation of law. Clearly, again, those who obey the law–

BRENNAN: Yeah.                  

DEMINGS: –should be able to peacefully demonstrate and exercise their First Amendment right. Those who do not, up to and including the president of the United States, regardless of the circumstances, should be and must be held accountable.

I think we all understand that the most crucial of prerequisites for being a Democrat politician is that you must, above all else, absolutely hate your country and then personally advocate for defying our rule of law as well as our Constitution.  You must also possess the ability to lie with some conviction and possess virtually no honor or integrity, and possess zero moral or ethical values.  In other words, you must leave absolutely no doubt that you are nothing more than the scum of the Earth.

And in providing a little background on this genius, it was back in 1983 that Demings first applied for a job with the Orlando Police Department (OPD), and apparently her first assignment was as a patrolman on Orlando’s west side.  And then it was in 2007 that Demings was appointed as Chief of the Orlando Police Department, which had far more to do with her connections than it had to do with any supposed abilities she might have possessed, but didn’t.  But then, why should that come as a surprise?  

Because, you see, it’s according to those who would seem to know her best that this woman is considered as being nothing more than an intellectual cadaver.  And apparently, it was in 2009 that she had her firearm and other police gear (ammo, handcuffs, etc.) stolen from her department vehicle while parked at her home and  was issued nothing but a written censure, when something far more severe was called for.  And the particular firearm in question was never recovered.  Just sayin’.

And it was in 2012 that Demings was the Democrat nominee for Florida’s 10th congressional district but lost to freshman Republican Daniel Webster in a district that was then slightly more Republican. Demings again ran for the 10th district seat after a court-ordered redistricting made the 10th significantly more Democrat ahead of the 2016 elections.  And it was then that she won the seat she now holds and it was in the 2018 contest that Demings ran unopposed and was able to win herself a second term.

But it’s really hard to believe that this bimbo was EVER involved in law enforcement at any level.  After all, we have Black Lives Matter thugs rioting and looting, breaking and entering, setting fires to buildings and police cars, blocking streets and beating up people who try to through by, shining lasers into their eyes to permanently blind them, and yet these people are classified as peaceful protesters.  And yet she makes the claim that it’s President Trump who is the biggest law breaker of 2020? 

And the best this boob, Demings, can come up with in the way of any actual crime committed by the President is his acceptance speech on the White House lawn?  She, just like every other Democrat, always runs her mouth without knowing the facts. It was in 1940 that then President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, delivered his acceptance speech from the White House via radio to the Democrat convention that nominated him for an unprecedented third term. So how is that different, it’s not!

All we continue to hear from those losers on the left is how Trump has lied, Trump continues to break the law all the time, blah, blah, blah.  Just once I would like some examples with some actual proof to back them up, instead of baseless accusations with virtually nothing to substantiate them other than rumors, innuendo and outright lies.  All we get from Democrats, the boobs in ‘fake news’ and their Hollyweird cohorts is all manner of idiotic accusations with absolutely nothing to back them up.

I’ve come to believe that if you were ever to take the time to add together the IQs of every single black Democrat member of Congress you would very likely come up with a total that was nowhere near being in double-digits.  And there is nothing racist in that statement, it’s simply a matter of fact.  And these people prove it every single day, every time they open their mouth.  The list of leftwing imbeciles is as impressive as it is lengthy, ranging from ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters to Hank Johnson to Ms. Deming.

For decades there has been no group who has been more purposeful in turning their backs on working class Americans, those who seek nothing more than the opportunity to provide for, and to keep safe, themselves and their families, than have those who so proudly identify as Democrats.  And it has been while accusing others of being racist that there has been no one who has treated blacks worse than the Democrats.  Nor has anyone trashed the Constitution and Bill of Rights more than the Democrats.

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