Well, the Republican convention is over and I think it’s safe to say, at least for those who have been watching it on Fox news, that ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace was very much less than impressed.  Not that I particularly care, because I don’t.  And for the very simple reason that it seems whenever the Democrats are in need of a little bitch to do a little Trump bashing, especially by someone perceived as being a ‘serious’ journalist, but who is, in fact, no such thing, it’s Commie Chris who is ALWAYS at the ready, and willing to do his part for the cause of his favored Democrat Party.

But I dare say that I really don’t think that ‘Commie Chris’ did himself any favors with his rather antagonistic assessment of the president’s speech.   Because anyone who had actually tuned into watch, as I myself did, and who actually watched and listened to the president and who happens not to be of the same political genre as is ‘Commie Chris,’ was likely left wondering if ‘Commie Chris’ had watched the same speech that they had.  And I really don’t need some political hack, disguised as a faux journalist, trying to tell me what to think of something that I actually watched myself.

According to ‘Commie Chris’ the president’s speech, given on what was the fourth night of the Republican National Convention, was “surprisingly flat.”  It was in describing the speech that ‘Commie Chris’ said, “There were impressive fireworks on the mall. But I have to say I was surprised at the lack of fireworks in the president’s speech tonight. First of all, it was far too long. 70 minutes exactly. I thought at times it felt like more a State of the Union speech, like a campaign speech.”  I seriously doubt that anyone expected him to have anything positive to say, and he didn’t.

And old ‘Commie Chris’ continued by saying, “I have to say, in his delivery, again, I thought the president — who we have seen really turn on a crowd — was surprisingly flat and didn’t seem to have the bite that he usually does have in his speeches.”   ‘Commie Chris’ went on to add, “I agree with you. He laid out an ambitious plan for a second term, ten million jobs in ten months. Bringing medical supply chains back to the United States. Dealing with pre-existing conditions, though we have to point out he hasn’t done that in his first term.”  Yes, by all means, we must point that out!

’Commie Chris,’ while viewed by many as being a bona fide ‘journalist,’ is really nothing of the sort.  And that becomes very obvious, very quickly, if you’ve ever seen him in action.  His questioning is always far more aggressive, even antagonistic, when questioning someone on the right than when questioning someone on the left.  Call me silly, but that’s far from being a common trait among true ‘journalists.’  And how he approaches President Trump is like night and day to how he approached president Obama.  But that seems to have been common practice for many now on ‘Fox News.’

And all I got from ‘Commie Chris’ was because he couldn’t criticize the substance of the speech he was left with only one other option, which was to criticize the delivery.  Everyone on the left, Democrats and RINOs alike, all seem to have an issue with the president’s ‘style.’   But had President Trump delivered a fiery speech, ‘Commie Chris’ would have most certainly criticized him for that.  All of which proves the Chris can no longer be viewed as a credible journalist.  He’s become nothing other than a Democrat propagandist who is not at all shy about saying whatever he feels he must.

‘Commie Chris’ also seemed upset over the fact  that there were 2000 people in close proximity to each other on the lawn at the White House who were not practicing social distancing or wearing masks, and yet I’ve yet to hear him criticize the hundreds, if not thousands, of protesters/rioters/looters/arsonists, who have been crowding the streets in cities like Portland, Seattle, New York City and Kenosha who were not practicing social distancing.  I guess they get a pass?  Shame on ‘Commie Chris’ and shame on FOX for having someone of his very low caliber on their payroll.

‘Commie Chris’ didn’t like the speech for what were likely any number of reasons.  First and foremost, he’s proven himself to be little more than a partisan stooge and he doesn’t like the President speaking directly to the American people and making it very clear how it is that Democrats could not care less about them. Only a moron would see ‘Commie Chris’ as being a legitimate journalist and not as he really is, a Democrat Party hack.  With few exceptions, Carlson, Hannity, and Ingraham, there is no one, really, on ‘Fox News’ who even mildly represents conservative values.

For anyone who had any doubts about ‘Fox News’ anti-Trump bias all they had to do was watch Fox’s coverage of the RNC convention this past Thursday evening.  It looked like CNN or MSNBC coverage.  Fox assigned the coverage to all of their anti-Trump staff, you know the ones: Wallace, Williams, Perino, MacCallum, Brazile, etc. Just having Brazile there should tell you what’s going on at ‘Fox News.’  That any news organization would hire Brazile, after her admitted dishonesty, tells you all you need to know about FOX.  I get enough anti-Trump bias from the ‘mainstream’ media.

Something not mentioned by these talking heads was how President Trump didn’t say a single word about the Russia hoax or the Ukraine impeachment hoax or any of the many other scams that the Democrats and the ‘Deep State’ have perpetrated over the course of the last four years. They threw everything but the kitchen sink at him and it didn’t even phase him, he just went about the business of the American people.  The impression I am left with is that while these things would have easily taken down a lesser man, to Donald Trump they were merely nuisances not worthy of mention.

And, personally, I think the speech was perfect for the times that we are living in.  Had he whooped it up, ‘Commie Chris’ would have accused him of somehow being inconsiderate to people.  Granted, President Trump was toned down, but I believe it worked.  As for the length, it too was just right.  I think we all understand that due to media bias, our President’s accomplishments are rarely if ever touted, and so he was left to remind us firsthand, and I saw nothing wrong with that.  And to have a panel of Trump haters there to analyze the speech, made them not even worth watching.

The opinion of ‘Commie Chris’ notwithstanding, I thought the speech was terrific.  The president focused on America and on her greatness.  He highlighted how ‘Joe and the Ho’ would destroy the country with their far left agenda of socialist squalor and darkness. President Trump will continue his positive and uplifting America First program.  ‘Creepy Joe’ gave a little speech to an empty room. President Trump gave a big speech outside at the White House.  There was no way that ‘Commie Chris’ was going to say anything positive about the president’s speech, it’s just not in him.

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