The Democrats continue their attempt to portray ‘Hidin’ Biden,’ the basement boy, as being something other than what he is, the senile old pervert that we all know him to be, and instead as being some sort of a ‘moderate’ Democrat who has spent decades ‘working across the aisle.’  The obvious truth here, of course, is that ‘Creepy Joe’ is nothing but a conman and has always been a conman.  As for being a ‘moderate,’ perhaps that was the case back in 1972 when he first begin his long ‘career’ in government, but it most certainly is not the case today, 48 years later, in 2020. These days ‘Creepy Joe’ is further to the left than even his recent rival, Bernie sanders.

And it was on Thursday of this week during an appearance on MSDNC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” that ‘Creepy Joe’ attempted to perpetrate what was yet another con, this time taking the opportunity to blame the continuing violence now taking place in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and in many other Democrat strongholds all across the country, on none other than President Trump.  And it was also then that ‘Creepy Joe’ went so far as to not only accuse the president of “rooting” for all of the violence to continue, but as actually being guilty of “encouraging” it.  But then this is what Democrats always do when put in the position which they now find themselves.

‘Creepy Joe’ said, “The problem we have right now is we’re in Donald Trump’s America. You know, to quote Kellyanne Conway, she said, and I’m paraphrasing today, they’re looking for more violence and more destruction because it helps them politically. He views this as a political benefit for him, he’s rooting for more violence, not less, and he’s clear about that. What’s he doing? He’s pouring gasoline on the fire.”  And he then went on to say, “This happens to be Donald Trump’s America. In Donald Trump’s America COVID is out of control, he’s not prepared for it, he hasn’t responded to it, and he continues to do nothing to deal with it.”

He said, “We have 15 million people out of work. It just is amazing how they didn’t speak about COVID, and they didn’t speak about any of the reasons why we’re doing what’s happening in Kenosha is happening.  I condemn violence in any form, whether it’s looting or whatever it is. And by the way, when I spoke to the family, the mom was really incredibly straightforward, she said, this is not who we are as a family, this is not who my son is, we condemn the violence. So who is rooting for the violence here? And then you have, I don’t have enough detail to make a final judgment, it looks like some militia folks were there, a young man who shot two people.”

‘Creepy Joe’ continued by saying, “Where’s the condemnation coming from that? So look, if you want to talk about safety, the biggest safety issue is all the people dying from COVID. Over a thousand yesterday again. It’s a thousand people a day. We’re worse on than any other country in the world right now.”  And which point Mitchell said, “Let me ask you, you just said that you believe that the president is rooting for the violence. Do you think the president of the United States is rooting for the violence because he thinks it helps him politically?”  Just the sort of question one would expect to hear from someone who claims to a journalist today.

‘Creepy Joe’ said, “I think he views it as a political benefit. I had a quote here from Kellyanne Conway, she said, ‘The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, it’s better for us. It’s a very clear choice it presents for us.’ When has a president or a spokesperson for a president ever said something like that, ever? I mean, look, this is the same guy, when people came out of Charlottesville, and a young woman gets killed, they’re spewing hate, their veins bulging, carrying swastikas, he says they’re very fine people on both sides. He just keeps pouring fuel on the fire. He’s encouraging this. He’s not diminishing it at all.”

‘Creepy Joe’ concluded his little trip into his own special universe by saying, “This is his America now. If we want to end this, we’ve got to end his tenure as president.”  No, what we have to end, as soon as we can, is the tenure of every single Democrat who has not only condoned months of violence in many of our largest cities, but have done virtually nothing to stop it.  Their solution to what has been taking place is, believe it or not, to defund these city’s police departments.  If ever voters were the recipient of a much needed dose of reality, these calls to defund law enforcement have served as being exactly that.  How stupid must you be to vote for ANY Democrat? 

Right, the violence continues because President Trump controls leftist cities with Democrat mayors, city councils, governors and state legislators. ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is the one who wants this type of violence to continue.  And the only reason he’s speaking out about it now, and trying to blame it all on President Trump, is that his handlers warned him that these riots are now starting to hurt him in the polls. Voters aren’t as stupid as ‘Creepy Joe’ had hoped or believed that we were.  The president has offered to send help to end the violence and Democrat mayors refused. They’re more concerned about the president getting a win than about people getting killed.

Months of violent anarchist mayhem facilitated by Democrat politicians. Then four days of ‘crickets’ at the Democrat convention. It took a dip in ‘Hidin’ Biden’s poll numbers before he was able to discern anything deserved to be condemned.  And now ‘Creepy Joe’ is following the que provided by friends in the media to a tee. That being to belatedly condemn the violence, promise to magically end it if elected and oh yeah, most importantly, ‘blame President Trump!’  In other words, the one guy who has been admonishing Democrats from the very start for not doing their jobs and for refusing federal help.  And yet he’s the one to get the blame?  Seriously?

Democrats seem to have convinced themselves that they can blame these riots on President Trump, hoping people don’t look too hard into the fact that these riots have all been organized by the left, allowed to continue to take place by Democrat mayors and governors and funded by all manner Leftist organizations.  It’s ‘Hidin’ Biden’ and his friends who own them, and they know it.  It was not once during the Democrat convention that these riots were mentioned, even in passing.  But ever so slowly Democrats are slowly but surely coming to the realization of just how pissed off the majority of Americans are.  They are all yours ‘Creepy Joe,’ there’s no escaping it!

So ‘Hidin’ Biden’ finally rears his head from there in the basement to denounce violence, only a couple of months late! And what does he have to say about them?  Well, that their all President Trump’s fault and then proceeds to call it another example of President Trump’s America.  I always find it rather ironic when Democrats attempt to blame others for what are their own actions or inactions.  The majority of Americans are able to see what’s going on, and it’s nothing more than the Democrats and their operatives doing everything they can to stir up the greatest level of unrest for the sole purpose of discrediting President Trump in order to win an election.

Giving way to bullies has never worked, and it never will.  It only encourages more of the same bad behavior.  If someone does not put an end to this insanity, and soon, it will end only one way, with us ending up with even more of these thugs on our streets. These people are NOT protesting.  They are destroying, they are threatening, they are looting.  This never was merely a protest. Either it is brought to end or there will undoubtedly come a day, in the not too distant future, when they will be on your street and you just might be forced into defending your home and your family.  And don’t expect any help from those like ‘Creepy Joe,’ because it won’t be coming.


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