And so, it’s now according to some guy by the name of Jon Meacham, a fella who apparently prides himself on being a ‘presidential biographer’ and who, in the past, has been the Executive Editor and Executive Vice President at Random House, and is currently a contributing writer to The New York Times Book Review, a contributing editor to Time magazine, as well as a former Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek, that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden was brave to make the 2020 election about morals.  He urged Evangelical voters to focus on the teachings of Jesus during his Sermon on the Mount more than securing conservative justices on the Supreme Court.  He made these idiotic comments during an appearance this past Sunday, where else but, on MSDNC.

It was our esteemed ‘presidential biographer,’ Mr. Meacham, who then went on to say, “What’s happened with the broad Evangelical politically active Evangelical community really in the last 65 years or so, and it begins I think less with Roe versus Wade and more with the school prayer decision in 1962. I remember going to cover rallies in north Georgia when I was a young reporter, and there were people who would hold—religious activists who would hold up signs that listing divorce rates, abortion rates, crime rates and dated it on a chart that a didn’t start with 1973, but 1962 and the school prayer decision. I think that is why the Supreme Court is so central in the imagination of that politically inclined group of Evangelicals.”

He continued, “My argument to them as a failing and terrible Christian, which I am —Robert Lewis Stevenson once said that the duty of a Christian is not to succeed but to fail cheerfully. Only by that standard am I good at this, but my argument is, shouldn’t we be more focused on the Sermon on the Mount than on the Supreme Court? As a political matter, you don’t need to get that many folks to agree with you, but some people should, and I think it’s brave, honestly, of Vice President Biden to lead with this. To say, this is who I am, and you could take it or leave it, but he’s not going to cede that part of the American character and the American conversation to people of a singular political disposition.”  This guy is nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is.

People, while loving their God, had better keep their focus on saving this country. No ifs, ands or buts.  And in spite of what this supposed “presidential biographer’ says, if we let the Democrats steal this election, there will no longer be a United States of America.  It will be the ‘Satanic states of Socialist Hell. Please people, do not let some rabid leftwinger steer you into focusing on anything but winning this election, saving your country, your children’s futures, and your right to worship as you please.  Remember, ‘Creepy Joe’ is the puppet of the party that blames Jesus and desecrates statues honoring the son of God.  Your number one priority is to prevent the Democrats from successfully restricting your right to pray and to worship. 

I am not, myself a religious man.  But it’s in my above statement that I used “satanic” as a way to describe the lawless, soulless, Godless, mindless anarchy and fascism that will envelope the country, and very swiftly so, if the desperate, cheating-to-win Democrats succeed in getting their way.  For example, Jesus would never promote abortion, instead Jesus would insist on abstinence.  It’s the Democrat Party that abhors Jesus.  And we know this because, as they say, actions speak louder than words.  And merely quoting scripture does not in any way, or at least it should not, imply actual belief.  I do not call those who disagree with me satanic. They are responsible for their own image.  It’s Democrats who are out of touch with reality.

And let’s be honest here, which is something that our ‘presidential biographer’ has some level of difficulty with.  We should make no mistake here, the Democrats represent what is an existential threat to Christianity in this country.  Just look at how they have forced churches to close, and the ones they’ve burned down.  Meacham has clearly never read the sermon he refers to.  If he had, and understood, he’d know that God does not support wanton violence, child-murder, and those using lies to attempt a coup of an elected president.  If ever we are to have morality in this country, we must recognize the power of politics in the wrong hands, and the power of judges, and we must act accordingly to keep power away from immoral hands.

And to be perfectly frank, it’s this very same ‘presidential biographer’ who has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.  We all know ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden is nothing more than a conman and that the most wealthy, worldly, materialist, and self-absorbed people support the Democrat Party.  And it’s this guy, who apparently sees himself as being much smarter than the rest of us, who wants the Democrats to win because it will make him, and his consorts, very wealthy, so he lies.  The Sermon on the Mount is largely about rejecting materialism and seeking God’s Kingdom first above all things.  The Democrat Party and their followers worship at the altar of materialism.  They worship the created, rather than the Creator.

It remains hard for me to believe how anyone is able to call themselves a Christian without first believing in the Bible. And I seem to recall from my Sunday School days that the Bible pretty much disavows abortion, the whole “Thou shall not kill,’ thing?  But putting all that aside, what I see from among so many on the ‘progressive left’ is nothing more than a very strong movement against Christianity. They talk about faith, trying to create the perception that they are something that they definitely are not.  Because it’s the faith that they do actually possess that is not in God, but is instead in government.   I pray and hope that people of the faith that believe the Bible continue to speak out and defend our rights and the rights of the unborn.

But even with that said, abortion is far from being the only issue for me that prevents me from being able to vote for ‘Creepy Joe,’ to list all would simply take up both too much time and space.  And just because ‘Creepy Joe’ talks about morals, anyone who is the least bit familiar with the many decades of all manner of his perverted antics is well aware that any morals possessed by ‘Creepy Joe’ are in short supply.  And you can ignore Supreme Court all you want, and it doesn’t matter how many people agree, or disagree with the Court.  Abortion is nothing less that infanticide, pure and simple and that’s not OK.  And it’s not ok with Evangelicals, either. The Left has no business trying to interpret Christianity for Christians as their only business is to deceive.

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