Like the president has himself said, ‘Fox News’ has changed, and definitely not for the better. And as evidence of that I point to the network’s recent coverage of the Democrat convention and the panel assembled to provide viewers with some ‘insight.’  A panel that consisted only of critics of President Trump and obvious supporters of ‘Creepy Joe.’  It was on that panel we had panel Juan Williams and Donna Brazile, obvious Democrats, and also the obvious Trump haters of ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace along with Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum and Dana Perino.  Not an unbiased or objective one in the bunch.  The group was rounded out by Brit Hume, the most conservative one in this bunch, but certainly not someone I would call pro Trump.

The focus here is on ‘Commie Chris’ who, each and every time he opens his mouth, only serves to add to what is a growing amount of evidence that he is in no way whatsoever to be considered a serious, objective and unbiased…’journalist.’  And it was this past Thursday, during the network’s coverage of the fourth and final night of the Democrat’s convention, that old ‘Commie Chris’ again provided all of those who happened to be tuned in further proof that he’s really more of a propagandist than an actual journalist when he went beyond merely commenting on ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s acceptance speech, instead choosing to heap all manner of praise upon ‘Creepy Joe.’  ‘Commie Chris’ said, “I thought it was an enormously effective speech.”

‘Commie Chris’ then went on to say, “Remember, Donald Trump has been talking for months about Joe Biden as mentally shot, a captive of the left. And yes, Biden was reading from the teleprompter and a prepared speech, but I thought that he blew a hole, a big hole in the characterization.”  He added, “It seems to me that after tonight, Donald Trump is going to have to run against a candidate, not a caricature. The Democrats have had a good convention. Now it’s the Republicans’ turn.”  Now you tell me, is this what we should expect to hear from a guy who is billed not only as a bona fide journalist but also as a supposed expert on all things having to do with politics?  Or, is it what we have come to expect from political hacks like Williams? 

‘Commie Chris has been very obvious in his disdain for President Trump ever since the new president came down the escalator at Trump Tower. Fox News gained notoriety because it was an alternative to the propaganda networks.  It was in the beginning that the network genuinely was “fair and balanced.  ‘Commie Chris’ has been faking neutrality for a long time.  He is obviously far more aggressive whenever questioning conservatives than went questioning those liberals appearing on his program.  Liberals are always the recipient of what can only be described as being a ‘softball’ interview or are given a pass entirely on what many of us consider the truly substantive issues. 

So it’s according to ‘Commie Chris’ it was ‘Creepy Joe’ succeeded in blowing a big hole in his continuing to be portrayed as someone who is a little mentally deficient.  So reading from a large print prepared script from a teleprompter and gesticulating wildly at the right moments are signs of sentient acuity?  Seriously, Chris?  And yet, it’s ‘Joe and the Ho’ who still refuse to take impromptu questions from reporters for fear of ‘Creepy Joe’ suffering one his random, yet quite frequent, brain freezes. Sorry, but ‘Creepy Joe’ did nothing of the sort, left to his own he can’t even put two sentences together. This party has already shown exactly what America will be under them. Look to the Blue States and see the future of America under the Democrats.

So, much like how ‘BO’ once sent a tingle rushing up the leg of Chris Matthews, ‘Creepy Joe’ seems to have had much the same effect on ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace.  But let’s get real here.  ‘Creepy Joe’ gave a speech from a teleprompter that he’s likely been rehearsing for a very, very long time.  And of course, ‘Commie Chris’ demonstrates a willingness to either ignore the many gaffes or, like so many on the left, simply pass them off as just “Joe being Joe.”  The liberal ‘fake news’ media has spent much time in setting the bar pretty low for ‘Creepy Joe’ which allows them to heap praise on him, like “Look, Joe can ride a bike, look Joe can read a teleprompter, look Joe, can put a spoon in his mouth.” They are a bunch of manipulative jerks.

It’s obvious that a cancer has started to grow at ‘Fox News.”  Besides having ‘Commie Chris’ on the payroll, it’s any “news” agency that would hire a former DNC chairperson, Donna Brazile, and one who provided specific questions that were going to be asked during a primary debate to one of the candidate to give them an advantage over their opponent, that has virtually zero credibility.  One might as well spend one’s time watching the clowns on CNN or MSDNC.  ‘Commie Chris’ is ALWAYS wrong. He is a joke and I suspect even he knows it.  He is not now, nor has he ever been, someone interested in the truth.  The existing media needs to be ignored and destroyed. It is the enemy and those that control it are happy to ruin America.

I find it more than a little humorous how it is that so many in the liberal ‘fake news’ media treat Democrats almost like children.  ‘Creepy Joe’ manages to string a complete sentence, or two, together and they’ll cheer him on for his amazing cognitive abilities.  It’s almost like parents talking about how their kid is a genius because they said ‘spaghetti’ right, while everyone else is trying their hardest not to shout that ‘the kid is 14 years old.’ All of this hate and eagerness to beat Trump, it is the country’s loss if he losses, it is not Donald Trump’s loss.  Say what you will about him, but Donald Trump is NOT in it for power, and it’s most normal people who see this. What President Trump represents will never happen again, that is a guarantee.

To even suggest the ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s speech ‘blew a big hole’ in how he’s portrayed as his having lost it, is simply ludicrous.  Like I said, ‘Creepy Joe’ read what he was instructed to read from his teleprompter, and frankly I found it rather amazing that he was able to do so, considering his past performances.  ‘Creepy Joe’ did what Democrats have been doing for over a century: making flowery, emotional, and pie-in-the-sky speeches promising unicorns and strawberries.  ‘Creepy Joe’, and the rest, have perfected it to a science.  Donald Trump will eat him up and spit him out in a debate forum and the Democrats know it, that’s why they are desperately trying to forgo them.  ‘Creepy Joe’ is a corrupt lump of clay.  He has no backbone whatsoever. 

Democrats are banking on ‘Creepy Joe’s ‘electability,’ above and beyond all else, since he is a familiar name with a long history in Washington.  The fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ is the most “electable” says far more about the rest of the field than it does about him.  Despite his supposed ‘electability,’ the elephant in ‘Creepy Joe’s campaign is his mental status.  He’s had two brain aneurysms, both successfully treated just prior to 1990.  ‘Creepy Joe’ is the most life-like corpse in the Democrat morgue. President Trump is the hot hand who has gotten more accomplished in a short window in spite of the constant daily, baseless attacks from the ‘fake news’ media and Democrat crazies. I will continue to support President Trump.

‘Commie Chris’ Wallace doesn’t seem to get it.  The American people, for the most part, hate elitists, and don’t care what they think.  Whether from Hollyweird, the ‘fake news’ media, the entrenched left in Washington or the many RINOs in Washington, the American people, in general, have rejected them, and this will be reflected in the upcoming election.  The problem is, on those occasions (which are too many) when they get away with their BS, and actually get installed in office, they fail to deliver.  Most of the time, they get too busy filling their own pockets to even try.  When they do try, they fail. The reason they fail is that government cannot manage society, only ‘The People’ can govern, by exercising their freedoms.

When Donald Trump entered politics, he shifted the paradigm, and it’s too late to turn back now.  As a civilian he could have easily been overwhelmed by the job, but he not only overcame it, he became the greatest at it, in spite of the monumental obstacles. A person like this is so very rare, it was meant to be.  It is in this upcoming contest that we have one candidate who has the entire ‘fake news’ media shoring up everything he says and does, and one that few expect much of anything from.  The other candidate has had the entire ‘fake news’ media criticizing every word and action for the last four years, and hurling false accusations and telling horrendous lies about him. So, the American people must choose.  Hopefully they will choose wisely.

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