Never before have we, in this country, faced a more ‘clear and present danger’ regarding the freedoms we have in this country, than we’re being made to face right now.  And too, it’s never before that the American people have seemed more oblivious to who it is that represents this danger or recognizes who it is that’s behind it.  But it doesn’t help that we have a ‘fake news’ media that’s more concerned with spreading lies than it is in reporting the truth. Nor too does it help to now have in this country a political party whose primary objective is to wreak all manner of havoc and to condone all manner of chaos and is so determined in its effort to destroy America.

And it was one of the star players involved in this sinister plot against America that appeared this past Thursday on MSDNC.  And that was, of course, none other than our less than stellar ex secretary of state and two time loser in her quest to become president, her last attempt being in 2016 when as the Democrat presidential nominee she was made to suffer a most humiliating defeat at the hands of Donald Trump.  A defeat which Hitlery, after nearly four years, has yet been able to move beyond.  And it was she who made the claim that President Trump must be defeated in November because he has shown himself to be a “clear and present danger” to our freedoms.

When she was recently asked about all of those former ‘officials’ who are now no longer supporting President Trump, which I’m assuming must be all of those self-righteous RINOs who have now voiced their obvious displeasure with the president, Hitlery said, “I think if we can somehow get the message across that these men and they’re predominantly men, not exclusively, have served our country in peace and war. They have been in that situation room.  They have been confronted with the kind of really difficult choices that a president or a national security adviser or joint chiefs of staff or defense secretary has to understand and then decide about.”

And of course Hitery went on to say, “And, they’re worried about Donald Trump because as bad as Trump has been for the last three and a half years I don’t know what would happen to our country in terms of the danger to America, the danger to our economy, the danger to our interests around the world if he had no accountability staring him in the face at all. So I think it’s important.”  No, what truly has them worried about Donald Trump, is his interest, and his determination, to put America first.  And it’s every one of these very same ‘officials’ who are, in truth, far more concerned in their own welfare than with the welfare of the American people.  

And when asked about the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny allegedly being poisoned, Hitlery said, “This is the kind of regime that Donald Trump supports, and this is the kind of leadership from an autocrat like Putin that he aspires to.”  And she continued, “Every American should ask him or herself, you know, do you want a country where your president admires someone who kills, literally kills, his opposition? Now, and we have heard nothing. We have heard nothing from Mike Pompeo. We have heard nothing from the White House.”   This coming from ‘Ms. Russian Reset?’  Sadly, she is such a pathetic liar as well as a disgusting fraud!

Hitlery continued saying, “And it is a demonstration of the moral bankruptcy but also the clear and present danger that the Trump administration poses to our freedoms, to our values. I am really concerned that more people in our country are not understanding what has happened elsewhere in the world that Trump seems to admire. What would stop him from going even further than he has if given the chance.”  Let’s face it, the last person, and I do mean the very last person, that the American people need to be listening to on the subject of Donald Trump, is the pathetic old bitch who got her ass handed to her by…Donald Trump!!!

So with all this talk about how President Trump somehow represents a “clear and present danger,” what evidence do we have that he represents the danger that Hitlery claims?  I mean, does he seek to restrict our first Amendment rights?  Does he seek to repeal or severely restrict our Second Amendment rights?  Does he seek to eliminate the Electoral College?  Does he propose packing the Supreme Court with those who are far more interested in judicial activism than in interpreting our Constitution?  Does he seek to ‘defund’ law enforcement?  The answer to all is, no. It’s all of these policies that are, in fact, supported by the Democrats like Hitlery.

And just how is it, after comparing what has been her decades of blatantly corrupt behavior to the behavior of President Trump, that it’s President Trump who is to somehow seen as being the ‘clear and present danger?”  It’s all so ludicrous and gives further credence to those who claim how we now seem to be living in a world that has gone completely upside down and it appears that way not in spite of the Democrats, but because of them.  The clear and present danger to our nation was she who so very clearly violated the law in erasing subpoenaed emails, destroyed electronic devices and used an unauthorized server to conduct OFFICIAL government business.

On the contrary it unlike the previous four Presidents that President Trump has not gotten us into a new shooting war and is working to get us out of the others. He hasn’t allowed thousands of firearms to flood into Mexico so that they could then be used to kill Americans.  He is getting ‘The Wall’ built, even though at a much slower pace than I would like.  He and the military snuffed out the ISIS killers and if it rears its head again I am sure he won’t hesitate to do it again.  There has not been a repeat of Benghazi, because the scum bags know that he would not hesitate to order the military to rescue the hostages and then promptly annihilate those responsible. 

Now while I suppose it can be said that President Trump does pose a “clear and present danger,” the danger he poses is to the left by making clear the left’s plans to make Marxisim a reality, defund police forces, increase the number of left wing social workers, useless regulations, cripple our economy even more than ‘BO’ did, bring in millions of foreign workers who then take the jobs that working class blacks and Latinos depend on and any number of other things that should scare the ever-loving crap out of all of us!  So yes; I agree that Hitlery is correct; President Trump is “a clear and present danger” for those who think America needs to be punished.

There is no way that words can describe how badly it is that I want to see President Trump get re-elected for four more years and by a margin that would send a very clear message to Democrats like Hitlery, as well as to those in the ‘fake news’ media, Hollyweird and all those who comprise what’s referred to as our liberal elite, that the American people are nowhere near ready to accept what is their vision for America. And either they choose to agree more with OUR vision, or we will do our best to send them all back to whatever it was doing before they managed to get themselves elected.  Because we are all getting pretty damn tired of them trashing our country.

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