I feel confident in saying that the closer we get to this next election, it’s the more that we’re going to be hearing from what will undoubtedly be an increasing number of gutless RINOs choosing to take sides against President Trump and in so doing choosing to willingly disavow the millions of those who have, over the years, voted for them, and also the millions of us who voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and who fully intend to do so again in 2020.  These RINOs are as devious as they are treacherous.

And it is these very same RINOs who have, apparently, spent many years, maybe even decades, infiltrating the Republican Party in an effort to turn it into a controlled opposition, working at the behest of the NWO crowd.  Now they have been forced out into the open by President Trump, and they support the leftist/globalist candidate. Maybe some people were surprised regarding just how many there were.  And yet it’s these same people who are touted by the leftist media as being the true Republicans.

And such was the case, once again, just this past Wednesday at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka the Communist News Network (CNN).  Because, you see, it was then during an appearance on CNN’s “The Lead,” hosted by that venerable ‘journalist, Jake ‘The Joke’ Tapper, that Tapper asked ex-Rep. Charlie Dent, yet another of those on what has become a rather long list of RINO turncoats, if it was “possible that the Republican Party is now the party of deranged bigots.”  So now I’m a deranged bigot? 

So anyway, Jake ‘The Joke’ asked, “In the last week or so, you were talking about the future of the Republican Party, if Trump wins or if he doesn’t. In the last week or so, two completely unhinged conspiracy theorists, both of them complete bigots as well, have won Republican congressional nominations, Marjorie Taylor Greene in Georgia in a Republican district and Laura Loomer in Florida in a district that leans Democratic.”  So Jake ‘The Joke,’ in making such a comment, still expects to be taken seriously? 

And it was then that this ridiculous facsimile of a ‘journalist’ went on to say, “President Trump has praised both of them, gone out of his way to say positive things about these really unlikeable candidates in terms of the things that they say and do.”  And it was after that that Tapper then asked, “Is it possible, congressman, is it possible that the Republican Party is now the party of deranged bigots and there isn’t a place in it any longer for a Charlie Dent?”  A “party of deranged bigots?”

Dent, responded by saying, “Well, look part of the reason I’m doing this today is because of what happened last week. I wrote an op-ed. I was on John King’s show, and we talked about the Qanon conspiracy candidate down in Georgia. 9/11 truther for Pete’s sake, and the president called this person a rising star. All this does is empower the whack jobs and the nuts to come out. And I think with strong leadership, we should be able to marginalize folks like that.”

This boob Dent then went on to say, “And it’s really a sad state of affairs when the president endorses a 9/11 Truther. I grew up in a Republican Party in Pennsylvania where we had people like Bill Stanton Sr. and Dick Thornburgh and really good solid people, responsible people. That was the party that I was always proud to be part of. And it’s a sad state of affairs. I can’t imagine any of them would’ve appreciated any of this that’s happening right now.”  Likely not if they were RINOs like this moron.

And he said, “And I think we need to have this debate about the future of the party and we need to get serious adults engaged. Because I have a lot of friends who are in Congress on the Republican side, I know they’re just as frustrated as I am. And they’re not in a position may be to say it as I can. But they’re frustrated, and they know this is very difficult and they’re all in a bad situation as is the party. And I can already see people angling for a post-Trump world. So I’m looking forward to that.”

He added, “I never thought in my wildest dreams a Republican president would be standing up there defending the Confederacy or Confederate symbols. How crazy is that? It’s just beyond belief to me, beyond description.”  I can only assume that this buffoon is totally incapable of being able to recognize that there is a world of difference between defending American History, both the good and the bad, and calling for a return of slavery.  This is what it means to be a RINO in the Trump era.

Perhaps Jake ‘The Joke’ needs to take a closer look at his own Democrat Party that seems filled to overflowing with all manner “deranged bigots.”  And make no mistake, these are not Republicans who are now claiming to support ‘Creepy Joe,’ but are instead RINO scum who have never done anything for our Nation.  Just like Democrats, they work only to line their own pockets.  They are certainly people we now know NEVER to trust at all because they are nothing but backstabbing sellouts!

And I think Jake ‘The Joke’ has got things a little messed up.  It’s the Democrats who refuse to condemn ANTIFA, a mostly white, whitesplaining organization and the equivalent of the Klan. And it’s the Democrats who invited anti-Semite Linda Sarsour, to their convention.  ‘Creepy Joe’ said all Blacks think alike, Elizabeth Warren posed as a Native American to further her career and the governor of Virginia dressed in black-face.  So I ask you, who is it that appears to be “the party of deranged bigots?” 

Let’s see, which political party is it that has the history of slavery, of starting a war to keep slavery, of enacting laws to fight against abolishing slavery, of founding a group to terrorize and murder blacks as well as those who dared to help them, of enacting laws the purpose of which was to keep blacks oppressed, of still treating blacks as slaves by herding them into failed urban areas and keeping them totally dependent upon government and of still trying to treat blacks as a separate class of people.

When it comes to those involved in the business of ‘journalism’ it all seems to be nothing more than a race to the bottom between the entire staffs of CNN and MSNBC along with Fox News own stable of ‘Trump-Haters’ consisting of those with names like Wallace, Baier, Williams, MacCallum, Napolitano and Roberts, to name just a few.  The entire field is bunched up at the bottom so it’s anyone’s guess who it would be that would be the winner of worst, most dishonest ‘journalist/propagandist’ award.

Supporters of President Trump are far from being “deranged bigots”.  What we are, are loyal patriotic Americans who believe in freedom, love of country, love of Constitution, love of our flag, love of capitalism, strong national security, border security, law and order, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble peacefully, 2nd Amendment rights, limited federal government. If you’ve got a problem with any of those beliefs, then maybe you need to find a new country.

And more often than not it’s the people who scream accusations of bigotry and racism the loudest who tend to be the ones most guilty of both.  The Democrat Party has used the Latino and Black communities in its continuing attempt to overthrow this country and could care less about them.  Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi use people like trash to be thrown out once they get what they want. What have they done for our country?  Absolutely nothing.  It’s time to send these people packing.

And finally, I’m curious what it is that makes Dent someone whose opinion matters, the fact that he hates the President?  He’s another of those ‘moderate’ Republicans who retired, after 13 years in House, without a single piece of meaningful legislation to his name. He was another of those in the mold of a Flake, Kasich and Romney who tried to live in the middle of the road too long and became roadkill!   The type forever willing to remain in the minority in order to keep their seats at the trough.


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