I must admit that as much as I truly do hate Democrats, it’s RINOs who I hate even more, and a lot more.  There is simply nothing lower than one of these gutless wonders.  And it’s a more worthless bunch of useless individuals that you will find nowhere on this entire planet.  You see, it’s this very same group of people who favor open borders, Democrat-lite versions of both fiscal and social policies, crony capitalism, destruction of small businesses, as well as the middle class, and it’s all of whom who willingly embrace of the radical left’s social agenda.  If that’s what we conservatives wanted any part of, then Jeb would be president and not ‘The Donald!’

And so it was a group of rather well-known, less than stellar RINOs, and all of whom apparently spoke at the 1996 Republican National Convention (RNC) in support of failed presidential nominee Bob Dole, who have now lined up to actually endorse ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden against President Trump and voiced their support at this year’s Democrat National Convention (DNC).  Before Dole was handily defeated by then incumbent president ‘Slick Willy’, garnering just 41 percent of the vote in the 1996 presidential election, it was Republicans like Colon Powell, Christine Todd Whitman, John Kasich, Susan Molinari who spoke at the 1996 Republican Convention.

And so it was all four of these illustrious RINO buffoons, Powell, Whitman, Kasich, and Molinari who volunteered to speak at the Democrat convention and to offer their endorsement of that “dynamic duo” of ‘Joe and the Ho’ and to also speak out against President Trump.  Likewise, the DNC featured what was a montage of the late John McCain’s relationship with ‘Creepy Joe.’   And, as you may recall, it was McCain who also spoke at the 1996 RNC convention.  And so it was this handful of RINOs who were put on very prominent display at the DNC convention and who were even provided with speaking slots comparable to those of the Democrats’ more progressive wing.

It was Colon, the guy who I’ve always thought received far too much credit for his rather lackluster performance as President George W. Bush’s less than impressive Secretary of State, who spoke on the second night of the DNC right after yet another rather abysmal secretary of state, John Kerry-Heinz, and before what was the rather bizarre McCain-Biden montage.  On the first evening of the convention it was Kasich, Whitman, and Molinari — as well as tech CEO Meg Whitman — who were all provided with a special segment to explain why it is that they, as RINOs, were choosing to endorse, and to vote for, the team of ‘Joe and the Ho’ and against President Trump.

These RINO Establishment-types make me sick and have now only confirmed what we’ve known about them all along: that that they might as well call themselves Democrats, since that’s how they choose to behave. They have now officially revealed their true selves.  You know, we’ve always wondered how it was that the Democrats nearly always won on every issue.  Where are the ones that we vote for to be our voice?   Well, more often than not there turns out to be very little difference between them and those on the other side.  And yet they still haven’t figured out that this type of behavior is what got Donald Trump elected in the first place.

And regarding Colon, this guy has long had the rather nasty habit of regularly endorsing Democrats for president, he did so with Hitlery and did it with ‘BO’, not once but twice.  He has a long history of being a backstabbing scumbag.  And it’s fellow RINO Kasich who is really nothing but a sore loser on steroids, a pathetic little creep who can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump whipped him.  I remember watching him during the 2016 debates, and wondering how it was that he actually thought that anyone could possibly bring themselves to vote for him to be their president.  These other two, Whitman and Molinari, I’m not all that familiar with.

And if Donald Trump has done anything for the conservative cause it is to expose and shine a very bright light on these RINO cockroaches who continue to reside within the party and who have profited greatly from the decades long gutting of America and the rise of Communist China.  These fake Republicans now endorsing the most left wing Democrat Party platform ever conceived and a ‘leader’ who is very obviously suffering from a rather severe case of Dementia shows us exactly who they are and who they work for.  And it most definitely is not ‘We the People.’  And sadly, we may lose the country entirely before being able to entirely rid ourselves of these RINO scumbags.

The supposed ‘conservative’ establishment failed the American people between 1988 and 2016 in what was a big way.  As a Republican who voted for George W. Bush twice, it’s clear to me now that he was far less of the president that I had hoped he would be and someone who wasn’t as conservative as I had thought or was led to believe.  Bush was way too willing to allow the country to be flooded with a ridiculous number of illegal immigrants that the vast majority of conservative Republicans did not, and still do not, support?  President Trump, on the other hand, fights for the American people with gusto even though he’s often the only Republican doing so.

Notice how all of these pathetic frauds seem to fully endorse what is nothing less than an anti-American narrative which says this that the United States is an “inherently racist” country, and as a result the country needs to be completely torn down.  Notice how they are teaching our young to hate our country, the greatest country ever to exist, as well as our history. Notice how they are teaching us to be tribal by seeing everything through the prism of race?  Notice they support the destructive ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) radicals?  And notice all the support from those in the ‘fake news’ media and numerous corporations towards transgenderism and BLM?

They are against nationalism and populism in favor of globalism. They don’t like ‘America First,’ because they’ve been bought off by corporations who care only about money and have, in many cases, been bought by foreign interests. They want a one world government where there are no nations.   The objective of all this is to destroy ties to culture, the family, the nation, and truth itself.  The only ties we will be allowed to have, by the globalists, are to “humanity.”  This is so we will be easier to control. The goal of the globalists is to turn us into the ‘Borg’ from ‘Star Trek.’  Donald Trump’s rhetoric and many of his policies go against that, so they hate him.

The RINOs are the loser wing of the Republican Party, but sadly it’s they who seem to be the wing in charge of the party.  It was as soon as we gave them control of Congress that, almost immediately, they allowed the media to intimidate them.  Then they decided to try to get the media to like them, like that would ever happen, because they felt like they were being slandered and wanted help in getting their reputations back.  Then they just stopped fighting for those of us who had actually elected them and instead seemed to be quite content to constantly being rolled by the Democrats.  They and their fellow Democrats are the architects of failure.

We who are the ‘Deplorables’ could not care any less how many RINOs come out in support of ‘Creepy Joe.  They can drag out every RINO there is. The 63 million people that voted for Donald Trump four years ago are going to vote for him again. This time we will be joined by a substantial number of new folks who are equally tired of what passes for being a Democrat in 2020. All those people who think it is critically insane to defund your local police department; all those Black folks who have finally woken up to the fact that Democrats have been playing them for suckers for decades. We will crush them come November. Get every person you know out to vote.

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