So riddle me this, my friends.  In this day of our $20+ Trillion national debt, why is it that one dime of tax money should go to the spreading of what is nothing more than the purest form of anti-America propaganda courtesy of both National Public Radio (NPR) and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS)?  A bigger waste of our hard-earned money you will not find anywhere!  For 50 years American taxpayers have been made to fork over a very substantial portion of the operating budget for both of these leftwing propaganda machines, and what exactly is it that we have gotten in return?

And it was on Friday’s broadcast of one of the many leftwing ‘news and information’ spoofs called “The McLaughlin Group,” which is yet another example of the pure propaganda that comes to us courtesy of our tax dollars and produced by PBS, it was some bimbo from ‘The Daily Beast,’ Eleanor Clift, who made the rather idiotic statement that 2020 Democrat vice presidential candidate ‘Comma La’ Harris will “be telling the truth,” and if 2020 Democrat presidential candidate ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden “isn’t sufficiently woke enough, she’s in touch with today’s America.”

And Ms. Clift then said, “I don’t see — the Bernie wing of the party is not going to act against her. And in fact, Cori Bush, the activist who just won in Missouri, everybody was trying to goad her into saying that Kamala Harris would not be sufficient, but they’re not taking the bait. The fact that the party is unified is huge. And nobody’s questioning her credentials to be president. That’s what’s the most important, and her background as a prosecutor, frankly, she always acts like she’s in the courtroom, and that’s what she did in her opening announcement.”

This moron went on to say, “She was prosecuting the case against Trump and Pence. It was very effective. I didn’t like it, the way she went after Biden, frankly, and it took me a while to get over that. He got over it. And the fact that he said to her he wants her to be the last person in the room when he makes a decision, which is what he wanted from Obama, so that he would be able to be a truth-teller. I don’t — she’s going to be telling the truth, and if Biden isn’t sufficiently woke enough, she’s in touch with today’s America. And I think it’s — I think they’re a good match.”

And can someone please explain to me how it is that someone like this Eleanor Clift clown knows ANYTHING about what it takes to be “in touch with today’s America?”  Clift contributes to both MSDNC and The Daily Beast, and her only life experience has been in the progressive Democrat Socialist cocoon of New York City and Washington DC. These media elites and their parasitic hosts in political office and the unelected bureaucracy view America as two coastal bands of liberal states separated by what they see as a vast wasteland of flyover states with a sprinkling of Democrat enclaves.

And it’s this very same leftwing moron who actually expects us ALL to believe that somehow it’s ‘Comma La’ who has now gone from early rejected primary candidate to the superwoman of the Democrat Party, all quite literally overnight.  She’s going to school us on who’s in touch with America?  Please.  And citing ‘Comma La’s prowess as a prosecutor really does give the game away.  It’s only hacks like her who could be all in for someone who could only win 7% of her home state, California, in that state’s primary.  So what do Californians know about ‘Comma La’ that Clift must not?

Those with a brain are easily able to see that ‘Comma La’ is nothing more than a creation of our ‘fake news’ media complex and a complete phony.  And it’s most rational people who are able to recognize the real ‘Comma La’ and they still don’t like her.  ‘Comma La’ was one of the first angry ‘black’ women to be elected Attorney General.  Now there seems to be hundreds, most of whom are failing.  In ‘Comma La’s case, she won’t be pulling in the black vote.  In the primaries they didn’t support her, primarily because she put so many black Californians in the slammer. 

And I think we all know that while ‘Comma La’ has likely been in ‘touch’ with a great many things, the one thing that she has never been in touch with, is America!  ‘Comma La’ is a morally bankrupt, dishonest, power hungry whore.  She has absolutely no redeeming qualities, NONE.  She uses people to advance her own gutter agenda.  I find her to be repulsive and a fake, and I wish others could see her for what she truly is: an individual without a conscience, without a soul, without empathy, and without any humanity.  We can do better, America.  Much, much better!

And I do wonder, if ‘Comma La’ is so “in touch” with today’s America,” then why is it that the Democrats, and those like Clift, are now trying so very hard to falsely position her as being some sort of  ‘pragmatic moderate,’ although her Senate voting record very clearly shows that she is the most liberal Senator in the entire country, even far to the Left of Bernie Sanders.  ‘Comma La’, like most of those on the left simply yearn for power.  She is seeing her chance, if ‘Creepy Joe’ is elected, of shortly becoming president. Anybody with a brain must not vote to let that happen.

In truth, the Democrats have yet to run a truly bona fide BLACK candidate, for president, but that apparently seems to matter very little to blacks here in America.  Thus far, we have had a ‘blackish’ man elected president and now we may, God forbid, elect for ourselves a ‘blackish’ vice president.  Which, I would argue, says far more about the blacks doing the voting than it does about the ‘black’ candidates being voted for.  This country will never survive if we do not all, and I do mean ALL, band together against the likes of ‘Comma La’ to ensure that it does!!!

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