And so it was that that perennial racist, habitual liar and proud Democrat, known as Hakeem Jeffries, recently crawled out from under whatever rock it is that he currently resides to spew more of what has become known as his own special brand of leftwing drivel about President Trump.  Jeffries defines the word ‘hack’ as he’s still pedaling the Trump-Russian collusion hoax.  One has to start by asking if this level of ignorance is inherent in all liberal blacks who continually accuse President Trump of being a racist. The ONLY racists I see are liberal blacks whom see things only through the prism of skin color which, if I remember correctly, is the definition of Racism.  

So anyway it was during his recent appearance, this past Thursday, on MSDNC’s “The ReidOut,” hosted by fellow racist and leftwing boob Joy Reid, that Jeffries made the blatantly idiotic claim that President Trump is “continuing a conspiracy to subvert our free and fair elections.”  And it was then that this moron went on to add that “it started back in 2016.”  Jeffries said, “We’re continuing to hold firm as it relates to the $25 billion in assistance for the postal service that was requested by the Postal Board of Governors, a bipartisan group entirely appointed by Donald Trump. These are his own people.”  To me, $25 billion does sound to be more than a little excessive.

And it was from there that this leftwing moron went on to say, “Now, next week or next month under the leadership of Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, The Oversight Committee will have the postmaster general before Congress to testify under oath so we can expose these shenanigans to the American people.”  He added, “Let me put this in context. This is the most corrupt administration in American history, and this is all part of a continuing conspiracy to subvert our free and fair elections.”  I always find it rather humorous, and more than a little disingenuous, when I hear Democrats expressing concern, or claim to be worried, about “free and fair elections.”

Jeffries said, “It started back in 2016 where, according to Bob Mueller himself, a lifetime Republican, the Trump campaign welcomed the foreign interference by the Russians, which was designed explicitly to artificially place him at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Then last year, he corruptly abused his power, withheld $391 million in assistance to a very vulnerable Ukraine as part of this scheme to pressure a foreign government to target Joe Biden, an American citizen, in order to cheat in the 2020 election. And now there’s this vicious effort in the middle of a pandemic to try to shut down the postal service so they can’t be universal mail-in voting.”

Now I could be wrong here, but if memory serves, was it not ex-president Barack ‘BO’ Obama, then-candidate Hitlery, and just about every Washington Democrat, along with rogue elements in the FBI and CIA who all got together and tried to first concoct and then implement that which was nothing more than a blatantly political frame-up the purpose of which was to justify removing from office a President that the people had legally chosen, via the ballot box, to lead this country.  Look at the damage this seditious mob has done, and continues to do, to OUR great nation.  They are no longer worthy of our trust.  It’s now every one of THEM who should be removed from office.

I got a kick out of how Jeffries, and with a straight face no less, declared that the Trump Administration is “the most corrupt administration in American history.”  Consider the fact that this moron has been in Congress since 2013, so was he just not paying attention when ‘BO’ was in the White House, or was it because ‘BO’ was a Democrat that the level of corruption simply didn’t matter.  I’m sure we all fondly remember Eric ‘Wing Man’ Holder, ‘BO’s former Attorney General (AG), the first AG to be held in contempt of Congress, and the same guy behind the ‘Fast and Furious’ scheme that ran guns into Mexico that were used to kill a U.S. Border Agent.

I’m thinking that the Democrats must think that Donald Trump’s chances of winning in November are pretty good, which can only mean that it’s now time for Democrats, like this Jeffries clown, to start setting the table for the loss by accusing President Trump of cheating with virtually no proof to back up their claims, and to accuse him of being guilty of the same type of shenanigans that they themselves are always guilty of.  Someone really does need to tell these people that just because they say it, doesn’t make it true.  Democrats whining over the fact that President Trump doesn’t want them to FAKE the election with fraudulent mail-in votes, is pretty hilarious.

So, Democrats went through with what was really nothing more than an impeachment soap opera, and all at tax-payer expense, for the world-riveting crimes of lying to Congress and abuse of power, (saying he’d threatened to rescind the monies unless Ukraine helped him against his political opponent, ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden, involved in the Burisma-quid pro quo/extortion scandal).  The impeachment farce was thrown out in the Senate for a complete lack of evidence and merit!  And yet, morons like this clown, Jeffries, continue with what is all nothing more than a politically motivated smear campaign the only purpose of which is to sway public opinion.

And let’s face it, the Postal Service has had mismanagement issues for decades.  President Trump has been calling them out on issues for months on Twitter, during interviews, as well as with the White House press pool! He hasn’t tried to get anyone fired who hasn’t been responsible for the too-many-to-keep-track-of failures of service the nation has been experiencing from them. The Postal Service and union has been negligent, frivolous and wasteful, as well as lazy in making/implementing reforms.  With Democrats so desperate to cheat, yet again, in the upcoming 2020 elections, it’s GOOD that the Postal Service has now been put on notice!

It was back in 2008, shortly after the election of ‘BO’ that we were all told that his election would usher in 40 years of solid Democrat rule.  And that may very well have turned out to be the case had the Democrats not gotten so greedy in their effort to seize control of America’s healthcare system.  And it was starting in 2010 that Democrats proceeded to lose control at both the state and federal levels that they have yet to fully recover from.  And I feel very confident in saying that had there not been a president ‘BO’, there would never have been a President Trump.  And I sometimes wonder if that’s what’s behind Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). 

And on the subject of “free and fair elections,” Democrats measure how “free and fair elections” are by the level of success they’re able to achieve in their effort to steal, or create, votes.  The less successful they are, the more you can expect to hear them scream about how they were somehow robbed of their rightful victory because the other side cheated.  But when was the last time anyone heard about hundreds, if not thousands, of votes suddenly being ‘found’ that favored the Republican in whatever contest was involved?  It’s just something we have all come to expect.  The only way to combat it is by overwhelming them with our support of President Trump.    

Those on the Left have the luxury of being able to invent any story and, no matter how absurd, those in the business of ‘fake news’ can be counted on to repeat it loudly and often, it as if it were true.  They all live in the same bizarre world where facts, and even physical limitations, are unimportant and where the only thing that matters is that someone has thought up something new to accuse President Trump of having done that makes him unfit to hold office and therefore in need of being removed.  Meanwhile, it’s the accomplishments of this president, of which there are many for having been in office such a short time, that are never to be mentioned, EVER. 

There can be no doubt that the 2020 election is a watershed election, one that will result in either the end of the radical Democrat Socialist Marxist Left or the end of America as a Constitutional Republic with a government of, by and for the people and of true free market capitalism, freedom, liberty and sovereignty.  Progressivism is nothing more than an ideological cult based only on lies, intolerance, hate and violence.  And if allowed to grow it will eventually succeed in destroying the very fabric of our free society, humanity, morality and truth.  To choose to ignore it or to simply dismiss it, is to place your freedom, liberty, and even life in grave peril.

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