And so, it’s according to ‘Crazy Mazie’ Hirono, dingbat Democrat, that President Trump doesn’t like strong women, in fact he may even be afraid of them.  Who knew? This despite the fact that, both as president and as a private businessman, he has hired many ‘strong’ women, not BECAUSE they were women, but because they could do the job better than anyone else.  And then, he actually let them do their jobs.  What Mazie favors is not strong women, but mush-brained women who can’t think for themselves and will just go along with the crowd. Those make for good Democrats.

On Friday’s episode of MSDNC’s “The ReidOut,” hosted by bimbo Joy Reid, that Mazie accused President Trump of being a “misogynist” who, she claimed ,“can’t handle strong women.”  And on what is it that this shriveled up old dingbat bases this accusation?  Well of course it was on his recent “suburban housewife” tweet, of course.  Reid asked, “What do you make of the ways in which — the contrast between the ways in which Donald Trump is talking about women, just this week, suburban housewives and what Joe Biden was able to do with his pick of Senator Harris?”

Hirono responded by saying, “The president continues to show all of us what a misogynist he is, from the very beginning, and continues to attack strong women. He can’t handle strong women. He’s called me nasty and vicious. That’s what he does. In contrast, Joe Biden’s pick of Kamala Harris is not just historic but acknowledgment of the leadership qualities, intelligence and skills she brings to the table. Strong theme for them, supporting families and women. Versus what Donald Trump is doing.”  As far as his calling her “nasty and vicious,” if the shoe fits, wear it!  And it does!

And just to be clear here, ‘Crazy Mazie’ is NOT, by anyone’s definition, a strong woman. What she is a CRAZY woman, incredibly weak woman who is an absolute embarrassment to all respectable, intelligent women everywhere.  Mazie can’t tolerate strong men, and if your skin color is white she shows her disdain without reservations. This woman is the epitome of radioactive to normal Americans!  A strong woman is a woman who won’t fall for the “herding effect.”  A stupid one, like Mazie, is one who just won’t miss out on repeating clichés such as “abortion is healthcare.”

Personally, I’m thinking that old ‘Crazy Mazie’ is confusing “STRONG” with STUPID. Women like her think they’re strong when in fact they’re acting like a jackass, which of course is stupid.  Most men certainly do appreciate and LOVE strong women.  And speaking for myself, what a man would want is a STRONG woman to be his wife.  Most men do not like, love or appreciate unintelligent boobs whether they are male or female.  I can only assume that Mazie’s husband is one of those who actually does.  Mazie, and people like her, are dumber than dirt, and absolutely proud of it!

To be perfectly blunt, Crazy Mazie’ is simply a misandrist, ordering all males to “just shut up and step up” during the Kavanaugh bullying sessions.  She’s also a giant hypocrite, excusing ‘Slick Willy’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ for their assaults on women who have been ‘strong’ enough to stand up to their accusers.  Liberal women are not strong. They are self-righteous, condescending, humorless, catty hair pulling harpies who need a PC government to tell them everything is going to be fine.  And, more often than not, they tend not to be very attractive and border on being outright ugly.

Mazie is a typical mid-century feminist.  She, and those like her, detest women and want to take all the masculine skills and abilities as their own. That’s why they support all of the ongoing gender baloney where everyone gets to pick whatever gender they wish to be.  She, like all of those other poisonous clowns, believes the word housewife is actually an insult.  And I would suggest that Mazie may be making the mistake of confusing vile manners and vulgarity for poignant wit, insight and statesmanship.  But then being a Democrat, that should come as no surprise.

Strong people, regardless of gender, do not trade on victimhood or demand preferential treatment.  Being loud, obnoxious and pushy does not give one even the appearance of being strong.  On the contrary one comes across as weak.  Nor does claiming to be strong give any indication of strength.  Mazie and those like her, while they claim to be strong, can’t even defend their own sex, and any woman who actually tries they simply cancel. What is a woman if a man can be one and dominate all their sports without even trying?  That simply makes no sense to me!  None!

Democrats apparently think they can wrap ‘Comma-La’ around ‘Creepy Joe’ and somehow protect him with her magical race/gender powers (which is exactly why ‘they’ picked her in the first place) from his racist and sexist past.  ‘Creepy Joe’ is now their guy.  This friend of a bona fide Klan member, this assaulter of what has been multiple women over quite the number of years, and who was it that came out and accused him of sexual assault.  And yet these ‘strong’ Democrat women, like Mazie’ refuse to call THEIR guy a misogynist. Hmmm. Why might that be Mazie?

This elitist snob, who is vile and condescending, every single time she speaks, despises suburban housewives. She is the face of extreme feminism. Feminism has destroyed the nuclear family, education, and the social well-being if America.  There’s a difference between strong women who like men in general and those who hate them.  President Trump has repeatedly shown that he favors strong, smart women who like men.  He has raised his daughters to be strong and he has continued to surround himself with strong, capable women.  To not see that is pure hypocrisy.

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