It would seem that our stellar candidate for vice president on the Democrat side, ‘Comma-la’ Harris, aka ‘Headboard,’ is more than a bit conflicted when it comes to the violent death suffered by so many of our youth in this country.  Because it’s on one hand that she’s concerned to the point where she wants to ban guns of every type, and on the other that she favors abortion on demand, and at taxpayer expense.  So please excuse me if I seem to be more than a bit confused regarding her positions.

And I have no doubt that ‘Headboard’ views her positions as being totally justifiable.  On the subject of gun control it was back in February of 2018, shortly after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that ‘Headboard’ told the folks at MSDNC that, “We cannot tolerate a society and live in a country with any level of pride when our babies are being slaughtered.”  It was then that 17 people, mostly students, had been killed by a former student.

Here’s a transcript of what she said at that time:

“As a prosecutor for years, and appreciating homicide and being able to talk with a judge about it and a jury about it, I had to look at autopsy photographs. When you see the effect of this extreme violence on a human body, and especially the body of a child, maybe it will shock some people into understanding, this cannot be a political issue. We have to be practical.

I support the Second Amendment, but we have to have — we have to have smart gun safety laws. And we cannot tolerate a society and live in a country with any level of pride when our babies are being slaughtered.”

And yet, oddly enough, when it comes to the issue of abortion, it’s the very same ‘Headboard’ who seems to be far less concerned when it comes to the violent death literally forced upon millions of our youngest, to where she has come to be referred to as being a staunch advocate of this ‘procedure,’ right up to the moment of birth.  It was at the October 15, 2019 Democrat primary debate in Ohio that ‘Headboard’ issued a warning that “reproductive health care is under attack in America.”

Here’s a transcript of her view on abortion:

“The reality of it is, this is still a fundamental issue of justice for women in America. Women have been given the responsibility to perpetuate the human species. Our bodies were created to do that. It does not give any other person the right to tell a woman what to do with that body. It is her body, it is her right, it is her decision.”

‘Headboard’ is also very much in favor of repealing the Hyde Amendment, which bars taxpayer funding of abortion; and she has co-sponsored legislation that would ensure the availability of abortion and the elimination of restrictions on abortion providers.  And it’s for her efforts that ‘Headboard’ has earned a 100-percent rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America.  And yet she claims to be concerned over how so many of “our babies are being slaughtered.”  She is quite the pathetic human being. 

Back to ‘Headboard’s stand on gun control:

In the June 27 primary debate in Miami, ‘Headboard’ faulted Congress for not having “the courage to act” on gun control.  She said, “Which is why, when elected president, I will give Congress 100 days to bring all these good ideas together and put a bill on my desk for signature. If they do not, I will take executive action and put in place the most comprehensive background check policy we’ve had.” 

And added, “I will require the ATF to take the licenses of gun dealers who violate the law. I will ban by executive order the importation of assault weapons.”

I seriously doubt a running mate exists that could have been selected for Joe who is more unbalanced, warped, twisted and possesses a more perverted view of right and wrong and morality than ‘Headboard’ Harris.  And frankly, it’s difficult to imagine that one even exists.  Instead of prosecuting Planned Parenthood for cutting up unborn babies and illegally selling their body parts, ‘Headboard’ chose to prosecute the non-profit that exposed the organization’s heinous crimes against humanity. 

‘Headboard’ is a racist, a radical chameleon, a political whore who mirrors the hopes, wishes and desires of the group that surrounds her, and all for personal power. She has used the power of whatever office she holds, and can be counted on to punish and/or destroy anyone who dares to disagree with her or chooses to stand in her way.  And we should all, regardless of our political affiliation, take the opportunity to look deep within ourselves and decide if she is truly worthy of the position she seeks.

And it’s whenever you confront a Democrat, any Democrat, all you get is “Trump bad, Biden harmless.”  But the fact of the matter is that most Democrats simply vote in the manner that they have essentially been conditioned to.  But make no mistake, this IS the very last chance we will have to keep the United States a free and sovereign nation.  Those of us with a brain must vote for President Trump or face that which is nothing more than enslavement, that truly is all there is to it.

I do enjoy hearing confident women who speak with respect and knowledge about whatever they are talking about. But it’s ‘Headboard’ who has none of those attributes.  She is abrasive, snarky and insulting to everyone, which automatically tells me that a person is lying and covering up shortcomings.  She is a cardboard cut out who will say anything or do anything for the sake of power. She will be no match for Mike Pence. He will behave as a gentleman and she will act like the lowlife she is.

So God help us if this pair actually gets elected.  We have a senile old fart and a ‘blackish’ version of a Hitlery wannabe who was able to screw herself to the top.  She’s one of the meanest, most incredibly crass, disrespectful and self-absorbed people on the planet and is obsessed with power.  She is a delusional, self-absorbed jackass, an ill-tempered, discourteous, deluded, sour, shameless and uncharismatic, big tax raiser and a slasher of funds for our military and law enforcement.

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