And so, according to he who was, unquestionably, the least qualified individual to have EVER been elected, and re-elected, President, Barack ‘BO’ Obama, that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s selection of Kamala “Headboard” Harris to be his running-mate was nothing if not an absolute stroke of genius.  So somehow, we’re supposed to believe that the guy who likely has great difficulty finding his way to the restroom in the middle of the night played a part in ‘Headboard’ being selected as his ‘running-mate?’

But it matters not to ‘BO’ who actually selected her, only that she was selected.  And on Tuesday, ex-president ‘BO’ released a statement which, as is usually the case, was nothing but a lengthy work of political fiction, in which he reacted most favorably to the news that ‘Creepy Joe’ had selected ‘Headboard’ to be his running mate.  It was in this rather wordy statement that ‘BO’ said, “I’ve known Senator Harris for a long time.”  And he then went on to say, “She is more than prepared for the job.” 

And oddly enough it was in his description of ‘Headboard’ that ‘BO’ used language that was strikingly similar to the language used to describe Hitlery’s qualifications to be president.  I’m sure everyone will remember how we were all told how it was that Hitlery was the most qualified individual to ever run for president.  And yet, it was twice that the American people, when provided with the opportunity, chose not to elect her as their president.  With luck, we will get the same result this time.  

And, of course, ‘BO’ went on to heap all manner of ‘praise’ upon ‘Headboard,’ going so far as to describe her as a candidate “defending our Constitution and fighting for folks who need a fair shake.”  ‘BO’ praised ‘Creepy Joe’s choice of ‘Headboard,’ even citing it as proof that old ‘Creepy Joe’ was qualified to be president.  Like I said, his statement was more a work of fiction than something that had any basis in fact.  But if there is one thing that we all know about ‘BO,’ it’s his knack for storytelling. 

‘BO’ wrote, “Joe Biden nailed this decision.”  And he added, “By choosing Senator Kamala Harris as America’s next vice president, he’s underscored his own judgment and character.” ‘BO’ also praised ‘Headboard’s identity and biography as a political strength.  He wrote, “Her own life story is one that I and so many others can see ourselves in: a story that says that no matter where you come from, what you look like, how you worship, or who you love, there’s a place for you here.”

Frankly, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out that ‘BO’ likely played a pretty significant role in ‘Headboard’s being selected and therefore ‘BO’ knew about this long before the rest of us were told about it.  Even ‘BO’ knows that ‘Creepy Joe’ is not up to the task of running the country, but he is, as he has been so aptly described, the ideal Democrat candidate.  Ideal because ‘Creepy Joe’ gets what he’s always wanted, to be president, and will do whatever his party demands of him.

And there should be no doubt that if the American people are foolish enough to elect this pair of misfits, that it will be ‘Headboard’ who will actually be running things and  will pick up right where it was that ‘BO’ left off.  The wall will come down, illegal immigrants will again be allowed to flood into the country and be provided with all manner of ‘benefit’ including ‘free’ healthcare and there will an abortion clinic on every street corner in America.  America will become a third world country.

Also, while ‘climate change’ remains among the least important issues for Americans moving into the 2020 election, it remains a central piece in the Democrat Party’s overall platform.  And it was when still a candidate for president that ‘Headboard,’ during a debate last summer, said, “We must have and adopt a Green New Deal.  And it was then that she went on to say, “On day one as president, I would reenter us in the Paris Agreement and put it in place so we would be carbon neutral by 2030.”

And in July ‘Headboard’ said, “I unequivocally agree with the goal of reducing the defense budget and redirecting funding to communities in need, but it must be done strategically. I remain supportive of the effort, and am hopeful that with the benefit of additional time, future efforts will more specifically address these complicated issues and earn my enthusiastic support.”  ‘Headboard’ also voted against the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act which authorizes Pentagon spending.

When hearing what it is that now constitutes the Democrat Party platform for 2020, regarding all that that they wish to inflict upon America, if elected, I’m continually left scratching my head when hearing how it is that this election is going to be so close.  I mean, how can that be?  Are there truly that many Americans who wish to see an end brought to their own country?   I swear, it’s like I woke up and found myself in the ‘Twilight Zone.’  I truly do fear for my children and grandchildren.

And the fact that the Democrats have now apparently settled on these two individuals as being the candidates to represent them in the upcoming presidential election should cause most rational people to call into question the seriousness with which the Democrats seem to be approaching this election.  I mean to have a senile old fart and someone who has gotten to where she is today by spending what has apparently been a great deal of time on either her back or her knees, seems to me to be a bit nuts!


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