I have no doubt that the closer we get to the election, the more we are certain to hear from some within the Republican Party, those with personal agendas of their own, to not only come out against our Republican president, but also in favor of the presumed Democrat candidate, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  And as such they will, no doubt, say ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING in their effort to ensure that ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden defeats Donald Trump this November.  And there have already been several who have made it clear just which side they are on, and I’m sure that more will soon follow.  

And it was earlier this week that John Kasich made another of his many visits to ‘fake news’ HQ, aka ‘The Communist News Network’, appearing on CNN’s “OutFront.”  And it was during this latest appearance of his that he said Evangelicals’ support for President Trump is not “consistent with the things that they believe in as promoted in the Old and New Testament.”  So are we to assume that support for someone like ‘Creepy Joe’ is actually to be viewed as being consistent with the Bible?  Now I am certainly not someone who’s very religious, but that doesn’t make sense even to me.

Now as many of you may have already heard, it’s Kasich who is set to speak in support of ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden for president at the Democrat National Convention.   And it was during this recent bizarre appearance that Kasich took the time to point out ‘Creepy Joe’s faith as the determining factor in his support.  Kasich said, “I would encourage other Republicans to know that it is okay to take off a partisan hat, take off your partisan hat and vote on the basis of what your conscience tells you about the future of our country, not just for yourself but for your kids as well.”

He continued, “I believe Biden can bring us together. I’ll disagree with Joe on things, and they expected that when they asked me to do this. I said yeah, there are things I’ll disagree with Biden on. There are things I’m concerned about. At the end of the day, I think he is a man of faith. I think he is a man, look, his history has been an ability to bring people together. That is the way it was when I was in Congress when we balanced the budget. We’re able to do welfare reform. And I think he can restore civility. I don’t think he’ll go hard left. I think he is a pretty tough guy.”

Kasich droned on, saying, “So I’m comfortable with the fact that he would be our leader. And I expect he’ll have Republicans that will be part of anything he does going forward. That’s the way — that is his nature and has been history. And he is a man of deep faith. And a man that has suffered some tremendous grief that has shaped his character, all some of the things I will talk about in my speech.”  Where in the Hell does he come up with this stuff?  How is it in any way that someone, even with the limited intelligence Kasich possesses, is able to view Biden “as a man of deep faith?”

Anyway, it was one of CNN’s many resident bimbos and the supposed ‘Anchor’ of this idiotic little program, Erin Burnett, who then proceeded to ask Kasich, “So Southern Baptist Minister, he is ordained, Mike Huckabee said the other day in part, ‘I don’t know if anybody, people of faith who think Joe Biden is a great choice. I tell you they’re not going to go with Biden. That’s not an option.’ What do you say?  Kasich said, “Well, I’m clued in to a lot of people of faith, a number of them, who are very happy that I’m making this decision. I can give you names.”   

Kasich said, “I don’t want to say it on the air, but I can give you names of them if we have to come back and do that.  And the fact is, you know, the faith is a matter of your personal relationship. And so I don’t know why that’s been said about Joe. I think he is a man of faith. I don’t sit down and talk about all of his religion with him, but I’m comfortable with him.  I consider myself to be a man of faith. A flawed man of faith for sure, but aren’t we all?  So I don’t think anybody can speak for the entire faith community and try to say that this person is good and that person isn’t.”

Kasich went on to say, “A lot of people scratch their heads about why some of these very conservative Evangelicals support Trump. It seems not to be consistent with the things that they believe in as promoted in the Old and New Testament.”  Kasich is as ‘confused’ as ‘Creepy Joe’ appears to be.  And I would be very interested in knowing what it is that Kasich might already have been promised in return for his being able to so casually throw the American people under the proverbial bus.  Let’s face it, John Kasich is interested only in one thing, the financial benefit of one John Kasich. 

Now for a man of faith, ‘Creepy Joe’ certainly does possess some rather peculiar, to say the least, ‘religious’ habits.  For instance, ‘Creepy Joe’ seems to have virtually no problem, whatsoever, with how there has been tens of millions of innocent babies slaughtered, courtesy of abortion.  And then there’s that fondness of his for fondling young girls, the proof of which we even have on videotape.  And then, of course, there is his penchant for parading around naked in front of female Secret Service agents.  All of which somehow makes ‘Creepy Joe’ “a man of deep faith?”  Seriously?  

So I find it all rather odd, and more than a bit humorous, that Kasich actually describes ‘Creepy Joe’ as being a man of “deep faith.”  I guess I would only ask how it is, in good conscious, that any man of “deep faith” can support something as grotesque as abortion?  Or, can go about the enriching of his own family, courtesy of offices that he has held and against what are the best interests of the Nation he has served.  Sorry, but that doesn’t sound much like something a moral man would do.  Not to mention his penchant for inappropriately touching and his racist statements.

I used to think that Kasich was merely dumb, but that doesn’t even begin to describe his current mental state.  He makes the claim that he doesn’t ‘think’ that ‘Creepy Joe’ will “go hard left.”  But what the Hell is it that makes him think that?  Has he not been paying attention to anything that Creepy Joe’ has been saying of late?  ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is the pro-abortion, pro-sexual deviancy, anti-religious freedom and pro-socialist candidate.  And yet he can still, with a straight face, describe ‘Creepy Joe’ as being a man of “deep faith.”  Kasich has obviously sold his soul.

Kasich is just another turncoat, and nothing more than one of many useful idiots who provide their services to the Democrat Party.  The same party that allows the cities it controls to be looted and burned, that refers to ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter (BLM) as being peaceful protesters and calls for the defunding of police departments.  Someone who puts his personal animosity for President Trump over his own religious principles is not worth listening to.  Those like Kasich should be forever banished from the party.  In truth Kasich seeks nothing more than to sabotage the President. 

Personally, I have absolutely no use for these RINOs like Kasich.  They are truly a very insidious bunch and, perhaps even more so than the Democrats, represent what is a very real danger to this country.  If only there was a way to rid our party of every last one of them, but unfortunately there isn’t.  They cheerfully volunteer their services to anyone willing to provide them a platform from which they are able to spew their poison and sadly there are those who will take what they say as the truth.  Sadly it was the election of Donald Trump that has driven their treachery to new heights.

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