I think it’s impossible not to see what our country becomes, and very rapidly so, if it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden who wins the presidential election in November.  And yet it’s RINOs like Ben Sasse and Willard Romney who now seem to be vying to see who it is that can be the more vocal critic of President Trump.  It will likely be these two who will be leading the charge from within, at least from there in the Senate, in what continues to be a thinly disguised effort to get ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden elected president.

Sassa, much like his fellow RINO Willard, has long been a very outspoken critic of our current Republican president, and it was he who chose to release a recent statement shortly after President Trump chose to issue Executive Orders granting Americans a payroll tax holiday and unemployment insurance after negotiations with leading Democrats fell through.  Sasse is a rather pathetic individual, and as such the country would be much better off without him and those like him in positions of power.

And it was in referring to the president’s executive orders as “unconstitutional slop,” that Sasse said in a statement on Saturday:

“The pen-and-phone theory of executive lawmaking is unconstitutional slop. President Obama did not have the power to unilaterally rewrite immigration law with DACA, and President Trump does not have the power to unilaterally rewrite the payroll tax law. Under the Constitution, that power belongs to the American people acting through their members of Congress.” 

And so rumor now has it that there are more than a few ‘Republicans,’ including Sasse, who have convinced themselves that the president is likely to lose reelection in November and so they have apparently decided that treachery is the better course of action for them to take in attempting to secure their current positions.  Sasse is just another of those who tries to pass himself off as conservative but who is, instead, just another gutless RINO who’s simply looking out for himself instead of his country.  

And it was Sasse, in his apparent eagerness to find any excuse which he could then use to attack the president, who sharply rebuked the president over the now proven to be bogus reports that the Russian government had issued bounties to Talian-linked militias to attack American troops in Afghanistan.  He said, “Number one, who knew what when? Did the commander in chief know and, if not, how the hell not? What is going on in our process?”  Sasse was a little too quick to jump on that bandwagon.   

Sasse has continued to demonstrate how he is really little more than another of our backstabbing RINOs.  He also attacked President Trump’s plan to withdraw troops from Germany, saying, “Chairman Xi and Vladimir Putin are reckless — and this withdrawal will only embolden them.”  And regarding a report that President Trump might also withdraw troops from South Korea, Sasse said, “This kind of strategic incompetence is Jimmy Carter-level weak.”  “Strategic incompetence?”  Seriously?

Any ‘Republican’ who chooses to actively campaign against President Trump is nothing more than an active participant in the pushing of Socialism onto the American people, because that’s exactly what we will get if the president loses.  President Trump has governed as the most conservative President since Reagan, and yet Sasse seems upset?  There is nothing conservative about a man who actively campaigned first to get Hitlery elected and is now campaigning to get ‘Creepy Joe’ elected.

But then, Sasse’s stance should not come as a surprise to anyone who knows him.  Especially since it wasn’t all that long ago that Fox News’ ‘Tucker Carlson’ reported on how Sasse had casually looked the other way while Paul Singer, a big vulture capitalist and one of his biggest contributors, totally ravaged a small town called Sidney in his state.  Given his lack of concern for his own constituents, why should we expect Mr. Sasse to be all that concerned about the American people in general? 

And come to think of it, I also don’t recall hearing Sasse say anything during the riots about whether state governors and mayors are letting down their citizens by not backing the police and suppressing the violence. And yet this guy has the nerve to attack President Trump.  Let’s all send a hearty ‘job well done’ to the imbeciles in Nebraska who saw fit to vote for this RINO!  Sasse appears to be another of those in Congress who seem concerned with little more than making themselves rich.

And if Sasse truly is the originalist he claims himself to be and would like us to believe that he is, then he would be far more relevant if he were to perhaps address a Supreme Court that allowed DACA to stand, albeit, temporarily, interfering with executive powers and unleashing a precedent that will create a lot of mischief, going forward.  Sasse’s voters merely need to ask him if he will support President Trump in the national election.  Nothing else will tell the story of we need from him.

These RINOs who seem to think that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden would make the better president are, in so doing, essentially letting us know that all the many times that they have told us that they support the important issues in the same many that we do, they were simply lying to us.  Because the positions that President Trump has taken on such issues as taxes, immigration, abortion and any number of others are the very same positions that these very same RINOs have long claimed to hold.  And yet…

Odd that we never hear a thing from Sasse when it’s the Democrats who are propagating their deceit and lies.  And obviously Sasse has no objection with Democrat tyranny, the rigging of elections, passing unjust laws and creating chaos.  Republicans in Congress refuse to do their job and so the president has been left with few options and has been forced to step up to the plate.  And because he chose to act little Ben’s panties are now in a twist.  Nebraska, thanks for picking this fraud.

Ben Sasse is, to put it simply, a traitor to the conservative cause.  He was elected in 2014 thanks to much help from the Tea Party, and he has returned that favor by being a NeverTrump crybaby.  While there are many ‘Republicans’ who consider themselves to be free thinking individuals but the time for dissing your party is over.  These RINO’s need to be made to exit the party, either by simply changing sides or leaving government altogether.  Say what you will about the Democrats, they hang together. 

And I have no doubt that when his time in government finally does come to an end, that Sasse will likely end up being some sort of ‘political analyst’ on either CNN or MSDNC.  They’re always trolling for those with an (R) after their name who, for a price, will be only too happy to turn on their own.  Those like Flake and Kasich to name just a couple.  Sasse would fit right in with these two losers.  Why is it that I feel I love my country so much more than many of those in charge of running it?


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