As anyone the least bit familiar with Fox News’ Juan Williams knows, the guy appears to be not the least bit shy about showing off what a brain dead liberal he truly his.  He’s is obviously detached from reality, all the time, and he seems incapable of look truth in the face.  Namely, that ANTIFA is a terrorist organization much like the KKK–in fact very much like the KKK.  And so, it’s long past time for Fox to stop making this buffoon ridiculously rich while the tarnishes the network on a daily basis.  He bellows his idiotic opinions, shouts down other panelists, and hogs airtime.  There’s nothing interesting or informative about his hate-filled screeches.  Absolutely nothing.

Williams has no values or principles. He’s always in favor of the lefty/liberal/woke cult.  No matter what it says or does, he’ll defend it with all manner of lame sophistry.  Williams’ most recent demonstration of his ‘intellectual prowess’ came recently when he defended Democrat Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, this past Friday, saying that the real problem was federal law enforcement on the ground in his city amid protests.  Williams addressed the issue on “The Five,” arguing that federal law enforcement officers had been sent to Portland “for no reason” and Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy was quick to push back with harsh criticism for Mayor Wheeler.

Guest host Trey Gowdy posed the question to Williams, asking about Wheeler’s recent criticisms of violent protesters and why there had been no real outrage up to this point.  Williams replied saying  “People are saying Ted Wheeler was negligent or something but I think he was very clear in saying that what those people were doing was violent and it was potentially murderous,”  He said, “He used the word murder, that it was wrong.  I think people disagree about well, he should have been tougher earlier and the like but I don’t think there’s much disagreement from the left or the right when it comes to people who would set a fire and trap people in a building.”

Williams went on to say that he agreed with Wheeler’s assessment that President Trump was using the unrest to promote his own campaign, adding, “Trump wants to undermine the power of the peaceful protests in his country. The way to do it is to point at people who are misbehaving and engaged in illegal activity. So I think he’s right on both counts, and I don’t think there is a left-right divide over condemnation of violent people.”  Gowdy argued that Wheeler chose to remain silent while rioters committed arson and assaulted both police officers and civilians. “I mean everybody is against murder, for the most part. How about the other stuff leading up to it?”

Williams went on to say that he thought Wheeler remained popular in his own city — prompting Kennedy to laugh out loud — adding, “His citizens saw him as containing this rather than pouring accelerant on it which is what we saw when you have federal agents from Customs out of play showing up for no reason, exacerbating a difficult situation for local officials.”  Williams has become more of a joke.  While it is clear his mind resides in the D.C. bubble, it becomes shocking when he is confronted of news footage and then goes on to claim it not to be truthful. This is a guy that if his toilet backs up would find a way to blame it on Donald Trump.

And oddly enough, it was just a few days earlier that Williams actually denied that any of this violence was even still going on.  His Claim?  Well, it was according to Williams that the clips of rioters that we’re now all watching was from the riots taking place back at the beginning.  And when Williams got a bit of push back from his fellow panel members, he was steadfast.  Now, while he’s admitting that the rioting is still going on, the blame rests solely on President Trump.  There was once a time I had respect for Williams, but not anymore.  He’s become the beaten wife who keeps going back because “He looooves me!”  Williams is so sad, and pathetic.

I can understand having individuals with different political opinions debate a point of view.  The problem with individuals like Williams is, it’s whenever presented with facts and evidence, they fabricate some delusional response.  Williams, just like the Democrat Party he supports, is an out and out anti-American and thinks that the majority of the American people are ignorant to the facts and what’s happening right before their eyes. Williams is no different than the Cyburns, Nadlers or Pelosis of the world. All of whom have said that ANTIFA is not a VIOLENT group.  Williams either has not watched any of the riots in Portland or he is a blithering idiot!

It never fails, Williams always finds a reason, no matter how farfetched, to defend these idiots and tries his best to blame it all on out President. He is intellectually corrupt, he seems unaware of how he simply gives blanket endorsement to any position the Left takes.  He knows the problems in Portland are utterly the product of permissive governance.  The Left in Portland should be embarrassing to anyone, Left or Right. Defunding and banning the police from taking appropriate actions against the unhinged and dangerous rioters is the result of cowardice and Marxist-style sympathies.  Williams is an embarrassment to both himself and to his network.

Democrats, like Williams, know, that a lie goes around the world before the truth gets it’s pants on. This is done through the Left-wing media monopoly.  And as Williams has made clear, more times than I care to count, he is more than willing to say whatever it is that he feels must be said to advance the cause.  Williams has turned out to be a real bargain for ‘Fox News.’  After all, he represents the black, leftist, and idiot segments of the population.  Three for one, so to speak.  He would be perfect if he happened to be transgender.  It never fails, Williams always finds some reason to defend these idiots and then does his best to blame it all on the president.

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