You know, except for very few exceptions, it’s becoming increasing difficult to tell the difference between ‘Fox News’ and the other supposed ‘news’ networks, CNN and MSDNC.  To the point where it’s now nearly impossible to tell them apart.  And it’s for the most part that those who regularly appear on these very same three networks have become essentially interchangeable, since they all can now be heard saying pretty much the very same things.  So when watching those who host the various programming on any of these networks it’s become nearly impossible to discern which of these networks you may be watching at any given time.    

Take for instance ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace, one of those currently under the employ of ‘Fox News.’  And as such you would think you could expect Mr. Wallace to behave like an actual ‘journalist’ and accurately present both sides of whatever issue it is that’s being discussed.  But you’d be in for a bit of a surprise since that isn’t exactly how ‘Commie Chris’ operates, as he is, instead, one of the least credible ‘journalists’ currently at the network.  Because, you see, ‘Commie Chris’ is another of those who sees his role as being not to present the news, but to ‘create’ the news.  And we saw yet another example of that as recently as this past Friday.

You see, it was then that Commie Chris chose to weigh in on recent remarks made by both President Trump and ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, about members of the black community.  ‘Commie Chris’ noted that both President Trump and ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden “both have said things that are troubling” and have “something to answer for.”  And in so doing he chose to compare President Trump’s criticizing deceased John Lewis for not attending his inauguration to ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s recently suggestion that there is no diversity of opinion among black people and asking a black interviewer if he has ever tested positive for cocaine.

Now while I am certainly no journalist, and would never profess to be, it’s become increasingly obvious, especially over the course of the last four years, that apparently neither is ‘Commie Chris.’  It was this past Friday, on ‘Fox News’ during something ironically called, ‘America’s Newsroom,’ that ‘Commie Chris’ said, “[T]his is going to be a fascinating, what, three months almost between now and November 3 because both of these candidates say things that make you scratch your head.”  And he then went on to add, “Let me just say, for us covering this political campaign, business is going to be good over the next three months.”

‘Commie Chris’ said, “They both have said things that are troubling.”  He said, “I mean, think of a lot of things President Trump has said. … When it comes to insulting statements to the African-American community, they both have something to answer for.  I mean, the answer is I don’t know that any single one statement is going to be all that damaging because they both continue to make statements that put people off. I think when you get to the debates, and suddenly it isn’t just a clip that we’re running, and it’s suddenly 80 or 90 million people watching the two of them side by side to see how they react.”

He said, “I think it’s going to have a lot more impact, but I suspect you’re going to see these little brushfires over comments by both of them constantly between now and Election Day.”  Someone should ask ‘Commie Chris’ how criticizing an elected official for not attending his inauguration was, in any way, racist?  The president might just as well have said that about any one of the many Democrats who boycotted the event, black or white.  Apparently ‘Commie Chris’ can’t distinguish between criticizing a particular individual and slandering an entire race of people. I used to have a lot of respect for Chris’s reporting, but certainly no more.

Over the last few of years, ‘Commie Chris’ has shown himself to be nothing more than a hack and anti-Trump zealot.  Much like his father before him, ‘Commie Chris’ tries to project a façade of fairness as he constantly employing the gotcha version of ‘journalism.’  And never once has he ever pointed to a specific instance where the president has said anything that was in any way racist or detrimental to those in the black community.  Show me one instance of our President saying something patently racist regarding Blacks in America. All I see is a President keeping promises and leveling the playing field for Blacks, something Democrats never do.

It would seem, at least to me, that ‘Commie Chris’ is more than a little desperate in his attempt to deflect attention away from what a total fiasco of a candidate that the Democrats have in ‘Creepy Joe.’  And I can only assume that he sees his best way of accomplishing that is to essentially accuse the president of being a racist.  After all, the president pointing out that John Lewis didn’t attend his inauguration had absolutely nothing to do with the color of Lewis’ skin, but ‘Creepy Joe’ claiming all blacks think alike couldn’t have been more racist.  But apparently ‘Commie Chris’ sees things differently and felt it important to point that out.

Personally, I’m curious about how pointing out the petty and partisan behavior of Lewis, for not attending his inauguration, can be, or should be, considered as being racist.  To most bona fide journalists it would likely be seen as being a perfectly legitimate point to make, but ‘Commie Chris,’ being nothing but a fraud, didn’t see it that way.  Does the fact that he was once a civil rights leader somehow make him above reproach. And some wonder why we’re so divided. It’s somehow supposed to be racist of President Trump in comparison to ‘Creepy Joe’s insult to the black population in general?  It’s become impossible to respect ‘Commie Chris.’

Does anyone take ‘Commie Chris’ seriously anymore?  I mean ‘Tony Snow’ he most definitely is not!  And where ‘Commie Chris’ was once seen as being pretty evenhanded, that was a very long time ago. And it seems that the older he gets, the more like his father he becomes, the ‘60 Minutes’ leftist who always attacked conservatives.  You don’t have to like the president’s style or his tweets.  You have focus on his policies have kept America going forward, and understand that ‘Creepy Joe’ will destroy everything that has been gained.  ‘Commie Chris’ is another of those who now sees it his job to make excuses for ‘Creepy Joe.’

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