Let me just start by saying that I have absolutely no use for liars.  And besides being a fraud and a blithering idiot, ‘Fox News’ clown Juan Williams is above all else, a liar.  Williams is a slimy shill for his Democrat Party that bares very little resemblance to the party of just a few years ago.  And I continue to be rather perplexed when trying to figure out exactly why he remains on any supposed ‘news’ network as he seems to fill no real purpose.  While what we continue to hear from Williams is what we’re more accustomed to hear from those on CNN, it is becoming far more common on Fox and the notion that the network can still call itself ‘Fair and Balanced’ is a joke..

Williams, as many may know, is one of the regular participants on ‘Fox News,’ ‘The Five’ and recently got fact-checked by his co-hosts on the show after actually claiming that protest violence footage “keeps being repeated from the first night way back.”  The Thursday evening segment began with footage of Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell calling for an end to ongoing violence in his city. After citing a Gallup poll showing that “81% of black Americans want police to maintain or increase a presence in their communities,” co-host Pete Hegseth asked Williams whether he agreed with Lovell that the moment has been “hijacked” by violence.

Williams responded saying, “No, gosh, I think it’s still like 60% plus of Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“The violence?” Hegseth asked incredulously

“I couldn’t agree more with the police chief,” Williams said. “They don’t support defund the police. That’s Republicans, Democrats, black, white, Asian, Latino. That’s not something that people support. What they really are focused on is police reform.”

“In terms of, you know, the violence that you see in these pictures that keeps being repeated from the first night way back,” Williams continued. “I think people are able to separate it out and say, that’s not in keeping with the idea of people who march peacefully to say …”

“That’s what’s happening there right now,” co-host Lawrence Jones interrupted.

“Juan, that video is not from the first day,” Hegseth added as Williams tried to continue. ” That video we’re showing is from last night. It’s ongoing day after day.”

“Oh, please,” said Williams.

“Oh please?” said Hegseth. “This is our own video from our own show out of Portland. On this program, lighting fires and assaulting police.”

Williams ended the segment by insisting that such violence “is not typical of the protests which have been largely peaceful.”

While protests have been on and off in major U.S. cities after George Floyd died in Minneapolis police custody in May, Portland has experienced near-nightly violence ever since.  Meanwhile, July saw a record number of homicides in the city even as Portland’s city council voted to cut $15 million from its police budget.  Williams’ analysis comes as Democrats like New Jersey’s ‘stomach-stapled’ Jerry Nadler and others continue to downplay ongoing left-wing violence.  There is a special place in Hell being reserved for disgusting liars such as these, and I hope they get to take advantage of those choice seats near the fire, sooner rather than later. 

Williams is nothing more than a babbling buffoon who’s allowed to hog airtime in an effort to make some idiotic point by spewing all manner of mindless drivel that makes pretty clear his hatred of President Trump.  And if there ever was a time when he was a bona fide ‘journalist,’ it had to have been decades ago.  Now he’s just a babbling liberal hack.  And the fact that he is actually able to collect a paycheck for what he does reveals the current state of ‘Fox News.’  If it weren’t for Tucker Carlson ‘Fox News’ would never be seen on my television.  There was once upon a time that just about the ONLY thing on my TV was ‘Fox News.’  But no more!

Look, I think anyone with a brain is able to pretty easily recognize the fact that Williams is just a stooge.  His biggest problem is that he has zero credibility regardless of the topic being discussed.  According to Williams, everyone is looking at this all wrong, there have been no riots, no damage, no fires, nothing. There’s only been peaceful ‘protests’ and this should be demonstrated when these cities and state ask for money to rebuild. Rebuild what?  Nothing needs rebuilding.  He said himself, as have all in the media, these are peaceful demonstrations, not riots, held by responsible people hoping for change, not thugs starting fires and looting.

What Williams is really telling us is that Democrats might have finally begun to understand that their narrative that ANTIFA AND Black Lives Matter (BLM) violence is really a myth, now seems to be falling flat with the majority of voters.  So he’s trying to push the idea now that the violence is all in the past and that it’s all nothing but old news.  Unfortunately, YouTube and BitChute exist and the nightly violence is being seen by far too many people.  A great illustration of how the media has become nothing but a circular coffee club, relying on each other for the daily report. William’s ignorance of the ongoing riots should trouble Fox management, but of course doesn’t.

Williams is definitely living in his own alternative universe. He has virtually no concept of reality.  He has demonstrated time and again that he is nothing more than a Democrat parrot, possessing no original thoughts of his own.  I don’t think he can articulate a sensible thought on his own. He’s as brain dead as is ‘Creepy Joe.’  So you may ask yourself how is it that someone associated with a major news network can be so incredibly uninformed?  The answer is, he’s not uninformed, what he is, is blatantly dishonest and a pathological liar.  And he’s counting on people not bothering to take the time to do the necessary research to see if he’s telling the truth.

I find it all rather mindboggling that Williams can go on national television and spew some of the most idiotic drivel imaginable and appear to not be the least bit embarrassed for having done so.   And there seems to be nothing he will not say in his continuing effort to try to convince those stupid enough to listen that they are not really witnessing what is clearly taking place right before their eyes, that it is only, somehow, some weird figment of their imagination.  Now granted, while far too many Americans are pretty ignorant, I have to think that most cannot really be stupid enough to fall for the crap that Williams, and the Democrats, are trying to sell.


  1. Yes, Juan Williams is a blithering left wing radical idiot with no clue of real life. Why does The Five allow him to hog so much airtime with his stupidity??


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