Please excuse my being so blunt, but to be called a ‘racist’ by someone who we ALL know to be one of the most vile and disgusting racists to be found anywhere on the entire planet means nothing to me.  And neither should it mean anything to President Trump.  And I ask you, at what point is it that calling someone a ‘racist’ essentially becomes meaningless, because when everyone is a racist, nobody is a racist.  Personally, I know I am not a racist, and simply being called one by someone who is, isn’t going to suddenly convince me that I am a racist.  That’s just nuts!

It was during an appearance, just this past Sunday, on MSDNC’s “Weekends,” hosted by one the many resident bimbos there at that network, Alex Witt(less), that old Al ‘Bull horn’ Sharpton once again accused President Trump of using “racism” as his method of doing government while commenting on the president’s recent tweet.  The president’s Tweet in question said, “I am happy to inform all of the people living their Suburban Lifestyle Dream that you will no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighborhood…”

And it was in typical fashion for those who are employed by this particular ‘news’ network and who masquerade as ‘journalists,’ it was Ms. Witt(less) who said, “President Trump is returning to crime and fear in his appeal to voters in the suburbs. We’ve been showing you his tweet, telling suburban voters that your housing prices will go up and crime go down.”  And she then went on to ask, “I’m curious your reaction to this scare tactic. Does it harken back to the 1970s when the federal government sued President Trump for violating the Fair Housing Act?”

‘Bull Horn’ said, “It absolutely does. It shows that he is consistently been one that tried to use racism as his method of doing business and now his method of doing government. I think though that it also indicates that he is time warned because the issue in housing today is gentrification, where people in the suburbs are moving to the inner cities and, in many ways displacing minorities in the inner cities and driving them to the suburbs.  So he’s not only wrong morally he is wrong given the time period because the suburbs of the ’70s is not the suburbs of today.”

And old ‘Bull Horn’ went on to say, “He is trying a scare tactic where he is pointing at  a boogeyman that has been unclothed, and people understand the boogeyman has no bite.”  What a crock!  Where is it that something like this is actually happening?  The government is importing white people to inner cities?  Give me one instance, just one, where people in the suburbs are moving to the inner cities and displacing minorities in these same inner cities and driving blacks to the suburbs.  Either old ‘Bull Horn’ is seriously off his meds or he’s on a pretty potent hallucinogenic.

‘Bull Horn’ is a buffoon and more than just a little disingenuous and we all know it.  Anyone who believes anything that comes out of the mouth of this racist scumbag is either a complete moron or a willful participant in the scam being perpetrated to try to paint the president as something we know him not to be, a racist.  But look, this is how scum like ‘Bull Horn’ operate, so it’s no surprise.  Sharpton’s race baiting is all about shakedowns and lining his own pockets.  He’s a nothing more than con artist who belongs behind bars for refusing to pay taxes on his ill-gotten gain. 

And it’s the Democrat Party that is now trying to do pretty much the very same thing this election because they have no other way to defeat President Trump.  What the Democrats are really saying here, is either the American people vote President Trump out and them in or there will be mayhem in the streets the likes of which we have never seen, and that will make what’s going on now appear as nothing more than child’s play.  I have virtually no respect for any politician, regardless of the office they hold, who hates their country and seeks only to destroy it. 

Sharpton and his partner in crime, Jesse Jackson, ironically both supposed men of God, are simply con men of the worst kind.  In fact, I believe, that together, they have singlehandedly done more damage to the black community than you would have thought possible.  How many blacks can honestly say that it is solely because of these two con men that their lives have changed for the better?  In fact, all these two men do is kowtow to a racist Democrat Party that has allowed them to line their own pockets in exchange for encouraging blacks to remain on the plantation.

The ONLY way to enable people to move out of the poor neighborhoods is by creating good jobs, supporting the family unit and bringing the church back to a more active role in communities.  But it’s these very same things that Democrats have now taken a firm stand against, and yet blacks, at the encouragement of those like Sharpton, continue to vote Democrat nearly en masse.  Which, when you stop to think about it, would seem to make very little sense, but then when it comes to seeing how much ‘free’ stuff one can acquire, maybe everything else just doesn’t matter.

And also, the ONLY systemic racism that exists in America today comes at the hands of those in the Democrat Party who make blacks exempt from all requirements in scholastic aptitude testing, and basic social expectations regarding personal conduct, work ethic, and grammar.  To exempt them as a group is as good as an admission that you simply do not believe that they are capable of meeting even the minimum of expectations without lowering standards or outside intervention on their behalf.  Now THAT is what I call racism.  But apparently Sharpton doesn’t see it that way?

We had eight long years of ‘BO’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ and what exactly did the black community gain?  Actually, not much of anything really.  And then along comes that racist Donald Trump and suddenly Black Americans now have the highest employment rate ever. Imagine that!  Some polls have shown that President Trump’s support among the black community as high as 30 percent, causing the race hustlers like Sharpton to get nervous and to start pulling out all the stops.  I guess the only question that remains to be answered is, will black folks buy his drivel?

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