Look, I don’t know about anyone else, but I stopped listening to this little twerp some time ago.  That despite the fact that both the Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media think old Fauci is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  And it’s that alone that should make us all pause when it comes to trusting anything that this guy says.  He is most definitely enjoying his new found power but he is absolutely the very last person who we should be listening to, and, I think, the last guy from whom we should expect to hear any sort of any useful information.  He’s a fraud who shoots from the hip.

And it was during some ‘fake news’ town hall on the Communist News Network (CNN) on Thursday that Fauci stated that he doesn’t think “we need to go to lockdown again and shelter in place.”  Well gee whiz Doc, that certainly makes me feel a whole lot better.  But who the Hell is he to determine such a thing in the first place?  Personally, I thought it was a nutty idea to shut things down in the first place, and hindsight being what it is I can’t help but wonder if President Trump doesn’t regret listening to this dweeb.  And while what’s done is done is done, we can’t go back. 

Anyway, it was during this ‘town hall’ that Fauci said, “I don’t think we need to go to lockdown again and shelter in place. There are situations, as I’ve mentioned to you before, in multiple interviews, where, when they were trying to open up a state or a city, that there were certain guidelines that were skipped over. Maybe you’re in a phase two, and you need to pause and maybe go back to phase one. That’s entirely conceivable and may be recommended. I don’t think we need to go all the way back to lockdown. And the reason I say that is that we’re learning more and more.”

And he said, “If you do five fundamental principles, in any situation, one, wear a mask all the time, consistently, when you’re outside, and can be exposed. Number two, keep physical distance. Number three, avoid bars or close bars if you can. Keep away from crowds, big congregations, and maintain hand hygiene. Those are five not rocket science things that one can do. And we know when you do that, and states that have done that, they’ve actually flattened the surging curve and are starting to come down. So, bottom line, right now, I don’t think we need to go to lockdown.”

If you do these five things, said Fauci, we can flatten the curve.  What he does not say is that if we do ALL of these things, people will still get the virus.  Flattening the curve only means the rate at which people get infected will slow down.  People will still get infected.  People will still die. So why doesn’t he say that?  Why doesn’t he tell the truth: like the flu, the common cold, etc, we don’t really know how to stop people from getting it AND even with a vaccine, like the flu vaccine, it will not likely be 100% effective. Stop the pretense that Fauci knows how to prevent a contagion.

He only knows how it might be slowed AND he doesn’t even know if slowing it down is better or worse in the long run because it may delay herd immunity.  He simply needs to tell the truth, but I’m beginning to wonder if he’s even capable of doing so.  He’s become so caught up with being in the spotlight.  If you parse his words carefully, it comes off as reasonableness with a twinge of a false reassurance that ends up being close to draconian in nature.  For example, he first says he doesn’t think “we need to go to lockdown again and shelter in place”. That sounds good and reasonable.

However, that is conditional upon doing the right things such as wearing a mask at all times when you’re outside, closing bars if they can (if they can close bars, they can close other establishments), and keeping away from large congregations (think sports, worship, etc.). So basically, it’s dependent on closing down the economy and society. And then there is this qualifier from Fauci, he said “right now, I don’t think we need to go to lockdown.”  That little qualifier “right now” means he does not rule out going into lockdown again and sheltering in place if he thinks it’s called for.

The population of the U.S. is 330 Million.  Taking that into consideration those involved in our ‘fake news’ media are now absolutely frothing at the mouth over the fact that the death toll from the ‘Chinese virus’ reaching 150 thousand.  But the fact is, and we know how the left loves facts, mathematically speaking that comes out to be about .00045 percent of the population.  So tell me where the pandemic is please.  It seems that President Trump should get the credit, or is it that he only gets the blame while it’s the Democrat governors who get to take all of the credit?

Of course we don’t need another lockdown.  We didn’t need to go to a lockdown the first time around, the president was following the advice of those he thought were ‘experts.’  But it did nothing to help “flatten the curve” or reduce infection rate in the first place.  It may have even made things worse, yet states persist in this lockdown mentality, although more out of politics than any concern for public safety.  As is usually the case with these Democrats.  Keeping things locked down is accomplishing nothing more than to hurt the economy and hardworking citizens.

The initial lockdown was to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed, I get that. But they were not overwhelmed.  There is no reason to do another lock down.  We need to deal with the virus and understand that some will get sick and yes some will die, just like with every other illness of this kind.  How many thousands die from the flu every single year, but we don’t start shutting things down, we take precautions.  So what the Hell happened this time?  By allowing ourselves to be convinced that this is somehow so much worse, the Democrats are working to make it impact the election.

As expected, the Democrats very quickly politicized the virus. They are the ones who keep their cities locked down. They were the ones who put people sick with the virus into nursing homes with the most vulnerable, causing even more deaths. As soon as the economy was picking up as more states began to open, the Democrats used the death of a black man at the hands of police to launch their paid rioter brigade onto Democrat run cities, where the Democrat governors and mayors were willing to deny police protection and maximize the damage to the normal people.

All of a sudden, all of these rioters launched a new wave of the virus and it was in the states that opened, also ‘Spring Break’ sent many from the infected areas of the northeast southward to infect the states like Florida.  While this was going on, the media lied, as usual, calling riots mostly peaceful protests.  But the rioting got out and people recognized it for what it was. So the media stopped covering it.  Question for anyone who wants to answer it: When was the last time we’ve seen the media simply cut away from a president when he is talking about an issue such as this?

You may recall during the Swine Flu epidemic, as cases and deaths really started to climb, ‘BO’ ordered states to stop testing. He also had them stop counting deaths. His excuse was they didn’t have mechanism for counting the deaths. Come on Barry, you just didn’t want the numbers to make you look bad.  Perhaps President Trump should consider ordering states to stop testing and stop counting deaths. I’m so tired of hearing about the ‘Chinese virus.’  The fear mongering is over the top. We need to lockdown Fauci and get some ‘real’ medical experts in there. He’s simply a fraud.

This is a true Democrat wet dream where they get to destroy our booming free market economy, use all manner of government mandate to increase fear and control, stoke racial unrest and pit groups against each other, close schools, destroy law enforcement and erase historical monuments.  It’s the ones doing all the talking about our President being out of control who themselves seem desperate to control the people.  And while the Democrats got some help from their friends, the Red Chinese. it will still be up to the American people to determine if they succeed.

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