Every time that racist old dingbat, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, opens her big fat mouth to once again badmouth President Trump, I just want to ask her where she was, exactly, during those years from 2009-2017.  Because I gotta tell ya, if she was to insert ‘BO’ in place of Donald Trump, when launching into any of her many tirades, she would be spot on in her characterization of a president.  Let’s face it, ‘Mad Maxine’ has been a spewer of hate her entire time on this planet, and in so doing has continued to gain some level prominence in the Democrat Party.  Where once she was considered to nothing more than a blithering idiot, it’s today that she’s actually become a star. 

And it was just this past Wednesday that ‘Mad Maxine’ took to TMZ to tell anyone who would listen that President Trump was “acting like a dictator” for sending federal agents to Portland to quell protests.  She said, “First of all for the attorney general of the United States not to say that this president is going to abide by the Constitution of the United States of America if he is not reelected, he will leave office, he will concede rapidly. The transfer power is not a confrontational thing in the United States. For the president not to be able to answer that question or for Barr not to be able to answer that, it really does make you suspect about what they are planning.”

She continued, “There are many folks who have said, and I have repeated that what going on in Portland, Oregon is practice for what could happen when the president —if he decides he is not going to step down that he is going to stay in the White House. All of this is unfortunate.  Nothing that we ever expected to happen in this country. This president is a wanna-be dictator acting like a dictator. This use of the military where he is bringing out unarmed—not unarmed but unidentified persons who are dressed in certain camouflaged clothing that you can’t tell where they are coming from. That is dangerous and scary. The people of America had better be concerned.”

If there is one thing I can guarantee this leftwing kook, it’s that the American people are definitely concerned.  They’re concerned about the fact that the DEMOCRATS are going to be pulling out all the stops in their effort to cheat in this next election.  They’re also concerned that numerous DEMOCRAT governors are doing all that they can to do as much damage as they can to the economy for the specific purpose of damaging the president’s re-election chances.  And they are concerned that the violence now being allowed to fester in most DEMOCRAT controlled cities will be allowed, again by DEMOCRATS, to spread to their neighborhoods and towns.  

And on the subject of the president acting like a dictator, I guess my only response would be to say that for a dictator, he has got to be one of the most inept dictators in all of history, as he does the exact opposite of what you would expect a true dictator to do.  I would argue, President Trump is pro Constitution to the point that it’s pissing off Democrats, such as ‘Mad Maxine,’ who wish to establish a dictatorship for themselves.  The Democrats have this bizarre notion that if they lie about what definitions mean, then people will actually forget what they’ve been taught and take the Democrats at their word of the new meanings.  Are people really that stupid?

Now granted, I am getting up in years and, as they say, memory is sometimes among the first things to go, but I distinctly remember that it was this very same skank who spent a good deal of her time inciting all manner of violence not only against President Trump, but members of his administration as well, and even against those who support him.  And the morons who insist upon hanging on her every toxic word haven’t the good sense to see her for what she truly is.  She is another of those who convince the ignorant to do her dirty work. There is a special place in Hell reserved for those such as her.  Right alongside those like Lewis, Cummings and Conyers.

If only we in America had a ‘real’ news media and not what amounts to nothing more than a ‘fake news’ media, perhaps then some enterprising ‘journalist’ would take it upon himself, or herself, to actually ask ‘Mad Maxine’ if she’s okay with mobs burning down a federal building with people inside, and if not, what does she recommend be done to stop it if the violent anarchists will not stop themselves.  And ask her what sort of “dictator” it is that encourages their ‘subjects’ to arm themselves.  Keep in mind here that it’s the Democrats who seek to make the people defenseless against the government.  President Trump wants to govern citizens, not subjects.

God forgive me, but I truly do despise this woman.  She is purely a waste of skin.  She is the epitome of the lazy, entitled and dumb, over-placed, useful idiot of a Democrat, who has maintained her position and enriched herself courtesy of her incredibly ignorant constituents since 1990. She is a nothing more than a career hack and a nasty do-nothing and if she were to suddenly drop dead tomorrow our country would be all the better for it.  And instead of hearing a true account of her political antics, from those in the ‘fake news,’ we would likely be forced to endure the same type of fictional account that was created for the recently deceased, John Lewis.

Democrats have never been big fans of America, but it’s been over the course of the last 10 years, or so, that the party has evolved into what is simply the party of hate, death and violence and the party that now holds some extremely radical positions and seems to be advancing those policies that will ultimately destroy America, at least as it has existed since its founding.  Come this November every American would be doing their children and their grandchildren a huge favor if they were to vote all of these scumbag Democrats out of office.  But I wonder if there now enough Americans who might actually have the will to do such a thing?  Frankly, I’m rather doubtful! 

And so, courtesy of places like Seattle and Portland Democrats have succeeded in providing us a glimpse of what they wish to turn all of America into.  Look at any big city or any state that has the misfortune of being ruled by Democrats and you quickly come recognize how it is that Democrats wish to make America look.  And it’s not pretty.  Anywhere you have Democrats in charge all you have is abject poverty, rampant violence, and, of course, massive corruption.  These cities and states serve as the Democrats’ progressive testbeds for what it is that they are so desperate to inflict upon all of us fortunate enough not to currently live under their thumb.    

The Democrats continue to float the idiotic notion that has the president “refusing to leave office” if he loses the election.  Personally, if there is ANY question regarding the integrity of the election, then he shouldn’t leave office until that issue has been resolved.  And while I would love to see Trump win a blowout, I think we all know the election will be a close one, which makes it far easier for Democrats to cheat and to then have those in the ‘fake news’ media, prematurely declare Biden the winner.  And when Trump rightfully questions the outcome, Democrats will descend upon ‘fake news’ outlets shaking their heads and telling the sheeple, “See, we told you so!”

And finally, here are just a couple of potential scenarios we might expect if, in fact, the American people are actually stupid enough to elect ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden:

1. Trump loses and expresses some bitterness over the result. Reporter asks him if he will step aside on January 20, 2021 as the Constitution requires, to which Trump responds that it’s such a dumb question it’s not worth answering.  ‘Fake news’ goes into a full meltdown, insisting that Trump has to be removed from office before his term is over because he’s “dangerous” and “mentally unstable.”

2. Trump loses and is unexpectedly gracious, promising full cooperation with the incoming administration to assure a smooth handing off of powers.  ‘Fake news’ goes berserk, brings on mental health experts to assert that this is a certain sign that Trump is mentally ill, and has to be removed before his term is completely finished.

3. In both scenarios, the call for removal would be accompanied by demands that the new president take the oath of office immediately, Constitution be damned, because Pence would use the time between the election and inauguration day to plot and conspire with Trump to stage a coup so Trump could remain in office.

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