I continue to hear much talk about how the Democrats have been very successful in their continuing effort to convince voters that it would actually be in their best interest to vote for ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden.  Frankly, as far as I’m concerned any American who chooses to vote for any Democrat is little more than a complete moron.  Because there is NO doubt in my mind, that Donald Trump, on his absolute worst day, is far better than ‘Creepy, Crooked, Senile Joe,’ on his absolute BEST day.

But I must say that I have a difficult time trying to understand how it is, after having watched all of the insanity we’ve seen coming from the Democrats over the course of the last four years, from their continuing effort to remove President Trump from office, their antics surrounding the ‘Chinese virus’ to the riots that continue to take place in nearly every Democrat controlled city, how is it that any reasonably intelligent American could possibly view voting for Biden as anything but a bad idea?

The Democrats have spent the last four years, 24/7/365, making it very clear what would happen if the American people chose to return them to power.  Democrats have left no doubt that our country would be forever altered, and, most definitely, not for the better.  I find it rather mindboggling that there are actually those among us who seem to have no issue whatsoever with handing complete control to the Democrats when they have so very clearly demonstrated that they don’t deserve it.

And I must admit that I have never before in my life been more apprehensive about an approaching election than I am about the election that is now 90 some days away.  And think of me what you will, but it is every single night that I say a prayer, asking that God please allow Donald Trump to win re-election.  Never before have I been so fearful for my country.  And I can’t be the only one who feels this way, can I?  Do we really want to hand things over to Pelosi & Co. KNOWING what’s going to happen?   

And to listen to these Democrats tell us what they know to be lies, and to then see those in our ‘fake news’ media trumpet these same lies as if they are the truth, I must admit I feel a bit disheartened.  Because I know many of those watching may not know that they’re being lied to.  This entire endeavor to somehow remove President Trump has been based on all manner of lies.  And that the Democrats actually feel justified in attempting their coup should be disconcerting to every single American.

And yet another cause for concern is the one that comes in the form of a number of leftist billionaires who seem more than willing to spend whatever they need to in order to ensure the man that 62 Million of us voted for in 2016 to be our president, comes up short in 2020.  Apparently, they feel they are better than those 62 Million people at deciding who it is that should be the leader of our country.  And I’m not sure how we are able to compete with that.  But we must come up with a way.

Meanwhile, it’s so many of our major cities that are now being allowed to burn because of Democrat mayors, a large portion of our economy remains shut down because of Democrat governors, our supposed ‘free and independent’ news media continues to spread propaganda about the ‘Chinese virus,’ and the cancel culture all driven by the Democrats.  I feel that the American people must take this constant onslaught of what has been nothing but bad news, with a grain of salt.  

Democrats have made clear the direction they wish to take the country.  We see how Democrat governors are unwilling to uphold the rule of law and how Democrats want to defund the police, end all cash bail, give government health care to illegal immigrants, welfare to all illegal immigrants, provide asylum/citizenship to all illegal immigrants, free public housing to prisoners upon discharge, close down charter schools, end carbon emissions in 10 years, rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, and more.

Democrats are determined to do everything they can in their attempt to torpedo the re-election of Donald Trump with their insistence on keeping a significant portion of the nation in permanent lock down while falsely blaming the President for the ensuing economic fallout that he has nothing to do with and actually opposes.  The Democrats believe they will prevail even with ‘Creepy Joe’ as their candidate. They sell this lie 24/7 through a ‘fake news’ media and their celebrity and sports useful idiots.

So if we the American people actually do go through with putting ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden into the White House, we will have effectively set into motion that which will be a slow descent into darkness culminating in what WILL be that 1000 years of darkness that Ronald Reagan warned us all about so many years ago.  We will have allowed to come into being a Democrat Socialist majority government lead by ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer.  How is that in any way a good idea?


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