Spend any amount of time listening to Democrats talking about the insanity taking place in just about every city currently under the control of THEIR party and you would swear that the ONLY armed people that they now want on the streets are, criminals.   And if this is what they want for the cities they control is it really that much of a stretch to assume that if the American people are foolish enough to hand them control of the country this November, that that is also what they would want to see all across our country.  Make no mistake, that is the goal of the Democrats.

And so it was once again, just this past Sunday, that we had Jimmy ‘The Racist’ Clyburn voicing what was his obvious displeasure regarding President Trump’s recent decision to order federal agents to Portland, Oregon, in order to help protect federal property amid the violent riots that are continuing to take place in that city.  And also, and just as expected, it was the Mayor of Portland, DEMOCRAT Ted Wheeler, who also voiced his objection to the use of federal agents in HIS city, saying that he does not need or want them in Portland because they are causing more violence.

And it was once a again in demonstrating what is nothing less than his reckless disregard for public safety, as well as public property, that Jimmy, in sounding what was a similar complaint to Wheeler’s, told MSDNC’s “Kasie DC” that “nobody asked” the Trump administration to send over “storm troopers in order to incite people.”  Jimmy said, “Who protects that federal courthouse every day of the week?  Who protected it two months ago?  The local law enforcement people know how to protect property.”  Jimmy said, “They don’t discern between federal or state property.”

Jimmy went on to say, “The fact of the matter is, there are federal buildings all over Columbia, South Carolina, and our local law enforcement people protect those buildings. And if they need help in protecting those buildings, they will ask the federal government for help.”  And then he added, “Nobody asked the federal government to come into Portland. Nobody asked them to come to Seattle. This is something that’s made up out of whole cloth by this administration as an excuse for sending in storm troopers in order to incite people.”  Jimmy makes little sense.

What both Jimmy, and the imbecilic Ted Wheeler, leave out of the conversation is the fact that the local police have been prevented from pretty much protecting any property, public or private.  And contrary to Jimmy’s comment about local police being capable of defending the federal courthouse and other federal buildings, that’s only if they haven’t been told not to.  Since this mayor ordered local police to stay back and not to intervene, and chose to essentially support these anarchists, what’s President Trump supposed to do, sit idly by as federal buildings are destroyed? 

And Jimmy is another one of those who has managed to make quite a career for himself out of living on the backs of his impoverished constituents.  Another of those working on the inside, so to speak, in an effort to make sure blacks remain steadfast in their support of those who seek to keep them enslaved.  It’s because of those like Jimmy that blacks are worse off today than they have been in a very long time.  All of these Black politicians and faux ‘Reverends’ keep making all manner of promises to blacks only to rarely if ever make good on any of them.  Why are they still trusted?

But you have to ask, where the Hell has old Jimmy been?  I mean it would seem to me that the “storm troopers” are already there and have been for some time.  And they would be ones essentially sponsored by the Democrat Party.  They’re the ones who have been coming out every night for the past 50+ nights to do whatever it is that they want to before then going home to smoke some dope, eat, sleep and get all rested up for the next night. The police, of course, are not permitted to touch their fragile little bodies because that would go against the Democrat Party agenda.

I think it fair to say that when it comes to any local police department, regardless of locale, it’s going to be only as good as those in positions of leadership.  But sadly, it’s most of those who head big city police departments that long ago forgot what it even means to be a police officer.  Most, these days, are really nothing more than left wing politicians who care neither about public safety nor about the safety of their officers.  Most should be ashamed of themselves but they, of course, are not.  The result of piss poor leadership are things like sanctuary cities and a lot more violence.  

Frankly, it’s Jimmy and the entire Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) that kind of remind me of a couple of Ron White jokes.  Anyone familiar with White would, I’m sure, know the ones I’m talking about.  The one where some folks, while they have the right to remain silent, lack the ability to do so.  And the other one where there are people who are, collectively, living proof that you just can’t fix stupid.  And yet, for whatever the reason there are still too many Americans who believe these fools. They have to believe. They want to believe, because “Orange Man, Bad!”

Jimmy is another plantation overseer who has accomplished very little of substance during his storied ‘career’ in the House.  And can anyone recall one time, during his 27 years in Congress, where Jimmy even once managed to demonstrate any level of legislative skill?  Has he, for instance, ever come up with a piece of legislation the intent of which was to actually improve the lives of black Americans and not to simply result in getting them even further addicted to government handouts?   I thought not.  I think we all know why this guy has been allowed to stick around so long.

And of course the only reason that this guy has likely been permitted, by Democrat leadership, to hang around for as long as he has, has much to do with his willingness to do whatever he’s told to do when it comes to making sure that blacks remain beholden to the Democrat Party and remain as permanent ‘residents’ on the Democrat plantation.  After all, he has demonstrated numerous times, over the years, that there is simply no lie that he will not tell black folks in exchange for his being able to maintain his fancy leadership title created specifically for him.

As is usually the case, what we have here is yet another instance where nothing of any significance comes out of Jimmy’s mouth other than how America is a racist nation and President Trump is somehow a white supremacist.  Like most of his ilk, Jimmy supports the anarchy and those behind it, thinking that Democrats will be able to gain power through terrorism.  He rarely speaks for the people who actually vote for him, instead being only too happy to spew whatever talking points that are issued to him by his party masters.  I hope the sleeping giant is finally waking up.

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