Democrats prove, every single day, that what’s of paramount concern to them is not what’s in the best interest of the American people but, instead what’s in the best interest of themselves and their party.  And their primary goal, and what they continue to be focused on, is acquiring for themselves sufficient political power that will not just allow them to govern, but to rule.  And it’s the Democrats who can look the American people squarely in the eye and lie, and repeatedly accuse those on the other side of doing exactly what they themselves are doing and continue to do.

Look, we’re all familiar with how those in the Democrat Party play the game.  Those stellar individuals with names like Waters, Jackson Lee, Fudge, Bass, Lee and Moore, to name just a few.  And they have now been joined by yet another loudmouth, Valdez Venita ‘Val’ Demings.   And after having been in Congress for a little over three years, it took her very little time to get with the program when it comes to spewing vicious lies, but then that’s something that tends to come rather naturally to Democrats.  It would argue that it’s a ‘talent’ that they tend to be born with.

And it’s Demings who also seems to be under the impression that she would make the ideal pick as ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s VP pick.   And since we all know that the task of actually running the country will likely fall to whomever it is that ends up being Biden’s VP, since he no longer possesses the necessary mental faculties to do so,  Demings must think that she is more than capable of picking up any slack that ‘Creepy Joe’ may leave behind in that regard.  Yup, one thing Democrats are never short of are delusions of grandeur.  And frankly, one Democrat is just as bad as the next.   

And so, it was just this past Sunday, during an appearance on MSDNC’s ‘Velshi,’ hosted by Ali Velshi, some clown billed as being a ‘Canadian’ journalist, it was Demings, who, as I said, has already been mentioned as a potential candidate for Biden’s VP, actually made the idiotic comment that President Trump was willing to “cheat to win, which she said included “foreign powers” interfering in the election.  I thought her comment was more than a bit ironic since the only ones I’ve seen willing to cheat to win, with the help of foreign powers are those in the Democrat Party.

Anyway, it was Demings who said, “The president is doing everything he can to instill fear, to further divide us as a nation. But then remember, we’re talking about a president who is already demonstrated that he will cheat to win, that he will sow disinformation and does not mind inviting foreign powers to interfere in our election. So he’s using fear while Joe Biden is talking about a plan for the future. We’re in a public health pandemic. He has a plan for that. We have tens of millions of people who are unemployed.”  Who is it that’s really working to instill fear?  The president?

And it was from there that she then went on to say, “He has a plan for that.”  And she went on to add, “Division, addressing systemic racism, Joe Biden has talked about how he will do that and how it will be one of his top priorities. I would say to the voters, stay focused. We have some major issues that we’re dealing with and we need to elect no one who is serious about dealing with those issues and get rid of the person in the White House who does not have a clue.”  Who are the ones actually doing ALL the talking about our nonexistent systemic racism if not the Democrats? 

All the talk about President Trump not leaving office and inviting foreign meddling is really all part of a much larger, dare I say sinister, plot now being executed by the Democrats.  We know this because they all started using the same talking points months weeks ago.  Even ‘Creepy Joe’ is in on it when he talked about his dream of President Trump not leaving.  They’re planning something.  Perhaps a contested election?  More riots and chaos to follow a Donald Trump win?  Four more years of hearings?  I don’t know. But they’re planning something.  It’s what these slugs do.

What is so ironic, at least to me, is how the Democrats just KEEP ON pushing the narrative of President Trump colluding with a “foreign government” when it has been PROVEN that the Democrats were the ones who colluded with Russia in an effort to keep Donald Trump from winning the presidential election in 2016. The Democrats are the ones who COLLUDED with RUSSIA to interfere with a U.S. presidential election!  It is classic Marxist ‘spin.’  Marxists, throughout history, have used all manner of ‘spin’ to gaslight and accuse their opponents of the things their own party is actually doing.

Past behavior tends to be a pretty good predictor of future behavior.  It has long been common practice for Democrats to accuse Republicans of engaging in exactly the type of behavior that Democrats themselves are engaged in.  The fact that Democrats continue to describe how the Republicans intend to cheat, should be causing alarm bells to be going off, warning us how there must now be a massive effort underway in the Democrat Party to cheat in the upcoming elections.  Democrats have quite the arsenal when it comes to cheating in elections, they have become quite proficient.

Voting shouldn’t have to be made easy.  If people can’t be bothered to vote, then that’s on them.  Obviously it’s a struggle for some people and they should have the opportunity to vote.  But with that said, the easier it’s made to vote, the easier it gets to cheat.  And the potential for abuse with a universal vote-by-mail scam is enormous.  People have fought and died so that future generations would be able to vote.  And yet people can’t even be bothered to vote.  But they’ll stuff it in an envelope or whatever.  Vote in person.  No universal voting by mail.

America has, since day one of its existence, always been about individual rights, responsibilities and the ability of the individual to succeed and prosper.  To the hive dwelling left, that is an abomination.  To leftists, the hive is all important. The individual means nothing.  Nothing I have ever seen the Democrats do illustrates the Democrats’ disdain for the individual as much as their current search for just the right black woman to be their potential Vice President.  Ability is, by its own demonstration, comes in a distant third, behind it seems, of both race and gender.

If someone would have ever told me that during my lifetime the Democrats would succeed in their effort to destroy this country I wouldn’t have believed them.  But then, too, if someone would have told me that our supposed ‘mainstream’ news media would become nothing but a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party I’m not sure I would have believed that either.  Granted, the Democrats haven’t yet officially destroyed our country, but they have gotten extremely close to getting the job done, to the point where we could now be a mere 100 days away from the end.  

And while I wish I could be confident when it comes to determining on which side the majority of the American people will land, it’s just far too early to tell.  Even after as the Democrats continually leave virtually no doubt what things will be like in this country if they are victorious, STILL there seems to be far too many Americans on the fence.  Come this October I will be welcoming into this world my first grandson.  And it pains me no end that those of my generation have allowed those like this scum, Demings, to have placed his future so very much in doubt.  Democrats are pure evil!

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