You know, first the Democrats tell us that the election is pretty much over and it’s their guy who has won.  But then, without even taking a breath, they persist in badmouthing the president and behaving in a manner that would make them seem to appear as being more than just a little panicked.  So which is it?  When it comes to an election they claim to have already won, Democrats seem to be expending a great deal of time, effort and money in what continues to be a rather intense smear campaign directed not only at the president, but those who support him as well.  They continue to pull out all the stops in what is clearly an effort to intimidate us.  

The latest leftwing miscreant, as well as being one of the more sleazier of those characters known as the ‘Clintonistas,’ to step forward to take part in this ongoing effort to intimidate is the patently worthless POS, otherwise known as Terry McAuliffe.  It was during an appearance at ‘fake news’ HQ, the Communist News Network (CNN), that McAuliffe put forth the argument that if the current trajectory in polling holds by the election in November, the only people who will vote for President Trump are his family and staff.  Now I must say that McAuliffe’s bizarre rant did sound eerily similar to much of what we all heard about this same time back in 2016.

When asked about ex-president ‘BO’ campaigning for ‘Creepy Joe,’ McAuliffe said, “President Obama is one of the most popular politicians in the country. I put him right up there with his wife, Michelle Obama. Before the COVID crisis, he hit nearly 60% of Americans who said he was a better president. I think it energizes folks. I think for independents, who greatly admired the work President Obama had done, for those independents out there, and other individuals who may have voted for Trump before said ‘Oh let’s give it a try.’ They saw what they saw with Obama and Biden and said we have to go back. So, there’s no downside. I think it just energizes folks.”

He added, “Look at the polling today but let’s be clear the election is more than 100 days away. Biden is leading everywhere. We can’t take anyone for granted. We got to run like we’re 20 points down.  But the trajectory that Trump is on, the only people supporting Donald Trump are his family and those that work on his campaign. They’re pretty much the same people nowadays. There’s not a lot of movement for new Trump voters.”  So I find myself wondering just who it is that this roaming sleazebag is really trying to convince, him and his disgusting band of pathetic malcontents or the rest of us.  If it’s the rest of us, I’m afraid his silly little scheme ain’t working.

Now just for the record, I am neither a member of the president’s family nor am I a campaign worker, and it goes without saying that neither are members of MY family.  But I, as well as every member of my family, will gladly be voting for Donald Trump come this November. So as usually the case, this sleazy f*ck of a political hack is dead wrong.  And too, I think I can safely say, with some degree of certainty, that the ONLY ones who will be voting for ‘Crazy, Crooked, Senile Joe’ Biden will of course be those like McAuliffe himself who hate this country and who want to see it destroyed.  We are up against what are some truly sick, twisted and, dare I say, evil people.

So I’m curious, might McAuliffe be there in the basement right alongside old ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe?’  If so, he might want to relocate out of his little echo chamber there.  Now if McAuliffe views those of us who dare to wear our ‘MAGA’ hat or tee shirt as being campaign workers then he has really seriously expanded the agreed upon definition.  And by the way, a couple more events like the one ‘Creepy Joe’ had earlier this week and he’s liable to lose the support of all but the most rabid Democrats, of which McAuliffe is definitely one.  McAuliffe is, and always has been, a hack, and as I recall he didn’t do all that much good for Hitlery the last time around. 

For sure we’ll be voting for ‘Creepy Joe’ because, of course, ‘We the People’ all want our loved ones to be raped and/or murdered, to have no access to weapons to defend ourselves, and to have no cops to call.  ‘We the People’ would rather sit and watch our country burn as it’s being ran by a man clearly demented.  We totally don’t want a president who is cleaning up corruption in Washington and who will use force to take back law and order, who would want that?  I wake up every morning wondering if this is all for real. It’s loony tunes. What the heck are these people drinking? It’s not worth arguing with these people. They obviously have some type of brain injury.

Actually, the only people voting for President Trump are those who believe in our Constitution; who believe in law and order; who believe in our nation’s sovereignty; who believe that all lives matter (most importantly unborn ones); who believe in Capitalism and the American work ethic; who believe in reason and commonsense; who believe in preserving our institutions and traditions; and, above all, those who believe in the Almighty!  Hopefully there are still enough of us left.  All of this coverage regarding the insanity going on in places like Portland, Seattle, Chicago and every bastion of leftwing lunacy, has been a free campaign ad for President Trump.

If ‘Creepy Joe’ is, in fact, “leading everywhere” as is now being claimed, then why is it that McAuliffe, and those like him, are working so feverishly to diminish President Trump’s chances of being re-elected?  It would seem to me if they were really that confident they would simply sit back and let ‘Creepy Joe’ slide right into the Oval Office. And we all know that ‘Creepy Joe’ will be little more than a figure if, God forbid, he actually does win.  The radical left wing of the party will actually be running the show.  The Democrats, Hollyweird, the ‘fake news’ boobs and academia must be living in fear that President Trump is going to chew up their mental gimp.

I voted for him in 2016 and I will vote for him again.  He has done more FOR America than any president in my lifetime since Ronald Reagan, and has done as much as he can, and pretty much by himself, to stymie the Democrats in their effort to destroy America.  Unlike the Democrats, he loves America, and wants it, and us, to grow and prosper whereas the Democrats want only to destroy.  Doubt me?  Simply turn on your television and watch what it is that going on in ANY of our Democrat controlled big cities.  What’s going on there is exactly what the Democrats seek to bring to a neighborhood near you.  Connect the dots and you’ll see how they win and you lose!

These corrupt Democrats want only to rule our country, they have virtually no interest in governing.  Their primary goal is to acquire for themselves such a level of political power, and, I might add, by any means necessary, that it will then allow them to control every aspect of every American’s life.  Hopefully, the American people are beginning to understand that what the Democrats are proposing is to make the American Dream extinct. That’s why the Democrats don’t want debates and are pulling out all the stops in trying to advance their vote-by-mail scheme and all such measures not available to them in 2016, but Democrats will try to use them now.

The Democrat Party has now made it abundantly clear that it is nothing if not completely bereft of ideas that will, in any way, stand even the slightest amount of scrutiny, so this is what they now have left themselves with.  That being, to try to convince us that there is simply no way that the president is going to win so we might as well stay home and not waste our time going out to vote OR, to do their best to convince us that because of either the ‘Chinese virus,’ or the likelihood of threats of violence being made against us, that it is simply not worth the risk to go out and vote for this president.  That’s where the Democrat Party here in 2020 now finds itself.

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