Another racist old bastard has gone off to meet his maker and it’s difficult to see how this country will not now become a better place for his having passed and will stand a better chance of being able to survive.  There is now one less voice in the world focused on the spewing of hate.  Yes, it was John Lewis, Democrat, who died on Friday night at the ripe old of 80 after a bout with pancreatic cancer.  One could argue that such was a rather fitting death for someone who spent such a large part of his life spewing nothing but hatred at those different than himself and justifying his actions on racial injustices that officially came to an end over 150 years ago. 

Lewis was another of those who long operated under the impression that because of his supposed involvement in the civil rights movement it somehow gave him license to be a racist.  Lewis was a key figure in a party that you would have thought that he would have done all that he could to destroy.  Instead, Lewis was a proud member of the party of slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK and segregation.  The Democrat Party.  Lewis was a racist, pure and simple, he was race hustler who actively worked to incite race hatred and widen the racial divide.  Let’s be honest, it is not a sad thing when an individual intent upon harming our nation, can harm our nation no more.

Lewis spent the last four years of his life spewing all manner vicious race baiting hatred for no other reason than because his party’s candidate lost an election.  How petty is that?  All we heard from him was boycott this and hate Trump that.  Now I am sorry for his family on a personal level, but I will not miss the level of hatred that he directed at others with it then being spun as leadership.  Lewis didn’t think Donald Trump’s election was legitimate therefore proving himself to be just another hypocritical black who didn’t believe in our Constitution and who sought to do nothing more than to create their own personal reality to justify their toxic lies. 

That he knew he was dying of cancer and still refused to resign from office in order to allow a healthy person to represent his congressional district tells me all I need to know about the man.  Lewis profited from race baiting, peddling oppression, and division for years.   Democrats will celebrate his life, claiming he was something that he so very obviously was not.  And there will be God knows how many days of nonstop leftist news on why Lewis was the greatest human who ever lived.  Speeches by ‘BO’ and ‘Creepy Joe,’ President Trump tweeting something the media will proceed to twist into something racist, all amounting to same stuff, different dead Democrat.

And you will remember that it was Lewis who falsely accused Tea Party demonstrators of both spitting on him and yelling the “N-word” during an anti-Obamacare rally back in 2010.  Lewis, along with other members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), claimed that the thousands of protesters on the steps of Capitol Hill shouted the “N-word” at them when they walked through the crowd hoping to provoke the exact same reaction they claimed to have gotten.  But it upon reviewing thousands of hours of videotape there was never any proof produced that what Lewis, and the others, claimed what had taken place, actually happened.  Lewis was an unapologetic liar! 

And why is it, exactly, that every time some Democrat passes away it’s everything that is then written about him, or her, seems to be all about their supposed great accomplishments while it’s all of their obviously unsavory misdeeds and corruption that are either ignored or glossed over like you were putting wax on a new sports car?  Imagine all the wonderful things our ‘fake news’ will say about Hitlery and ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton and gloss over the years of corruption surrounding her/him/them?  Imagine how it will be that Moochelle and ‘BO’ will be treated?  And then try to imagine how it is that Donald Trump will likely be treated by the same people.

John Lewis was an arrogant Black supremacist who denied Trump’s ‘legitimacy’ as president. He never got over the racial grievance chip he constantly carried on his shoulder, and in terms of passing legislation, he was a say-much/do-nothing kind of leader. An intellectual lightweight who thought he was an icon only because Americans are too stupid or fearful of questioning anyone who even remotely had anything to say during the so-called ‘Civil Rights’ era.  I hope the ground spits him out.  I see no need to be cordial about this prick since the Leftists will be far less gracious when it is Trump’s time. The Left set the tone, and I will follow their lead.

When you demand to be judged on the color of your skin instead of the content of your character, you will never be any more than a second-class citizen. The American Left will, of course, celebrate a guy like Lewis, who was one of the most racist career politicians in the history of Congress. Lewis was a classic malcontent who happened to be black, and he was someone who did more to make blacks dependent of the government than did just about anyone else in the history of Congress, and all under the cover of being a civil rights ‘icon.’  The Left would make a martyr out of Lewis just as they continue to demonstrate how they despise the real heroes in our history.

This man could have died with a great legacy if he hadn’t been such a racist!  He totally destroyed his ‘icon’ persona by displaying some of the most blatant attitudes of bigotry towards a president who has done more for black people than did ‘BO’, or any other president since Lincoln! The last three years of his life was wasted by being just a bitter and hate-filled old man!  It showed on his face every time the cameras were on!  What he marched for was supposed to be for the betterment of society, and the remaining years of his life were spent doing just the opposite! That is now the legacy of John Lewis!  A tool for the racist Democrat Party! Pretty sad!


  1. I googled “good riddance John lewis” and all I got was CNN bull**** about how great the old racist bastard was. I went to duckduckgo and you came up first. THANK YOU!!! You are a true Patriot with a capitol P. I have been telling people for years that the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American People was civil rights. I believe the Civil War was caused by Lincoln caving to the terrorist Abolitionists. It was unConstitutional to attack the South and the wrong side won. Keep up the good work. Stay safe from the marxists, BLM and Antifa. They will be held responsible eventually. Pray that Donald wins. Paul.


      • Kimber: See my note below. No where did I say I believe in slavery. There was never enough votes to legally change slavery in the US. It would have changed eventually. The Abolitionists help start the most costly war in American History which killed 600,000 Americans. It did not solve the race problem either. I believe we are on the verge of yet another war. As Lincoln said “A house divided cannot stand”. We are divided. PS: Have you been to war? You seem to hand out “DEATH” pretty easily. Are you willing to carry out the sentence yourself?


  2. “Blacks are ‘superpredators,’ no conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way but first we have to bring them to heel.”

    John Lewis is now dead. One less to have to bring to heel.


    • Blacks are not superpredators. What a crazy stupid thing to say. These comments are from HELL. I agree that John Lewis was not a lover of whites, but these comments on this page are completely disgusting. I do not support racism or any BS from people who feel they are of a superior race. You will FACE GOD at judgment and He may not be the color you approve of!


      • Who said anything about a superior race? The real racists are the ones who twist a hangnail into the fault of anyone but themselves. The late but not great crazy Cummings, stagnant Waters, pukey Pelosi, nutty Nadler, schmucky Schumer, etc are all examples of bigots as are most kneegrow political damnocrap hacks.


      • Superpredator was first said by Joe Biden. Also, I never said slavery was OK. but the way we got rid of it was not Constitutional and it has saddled us with the never ending problem of civil rights which is also , in many ways, illegal. Just consider, whites did not invent slavery. Black slavery was not even the final leg of slavery. It still exists in many parts of the world depending on how you define the term as one human being “owning” or “controlling”m another. Over the history of mankind, I believe at least half of the human race have been enslaved. Not one white person in the USA believes in or was responsible for slavery. Lewis, by his language and his contempt for the American way of government and toward people who did not agree with him showed many of us he was an hateful and racist person. He hated whites, Blacks who disagreed with him and our Republic. I am glad he is gone.


      • You are correct. There is a formula I have found in determining whether people are bigots or not. The same formula applies in determining whether people are stupid and malicious, or of decent character. This applies to all races and occupations and I have used it since 2007 on trips to the USA. It is very accurate. All one has to know is whether the person in question is a Republican or a dimocrap. Dimocraps are generally liars, bigots, and criminals. Decent people are generally Republicans except RINOS who are really sheeple dimocraps.


  3. I saw his funeral. I thought he must have been amazing since he marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. I was curious to look him up and WOW!! The man was as hateful and racist as I have EVER seen. I had plenty of friends in the military and in healthcare of all races. Loved them to death, but this guy had his pets and everyone else was trash in his mind–we may as all have worn sheets and hoods. DAMN. I have to agree that he spread a tremendous amount of hate. MLK Jr would be ashamed if he were alive today. MLK was about love and coming together!


  4. Jesus, you’re deluded. How can you say

    >There is now one less voice in the world focused on the spewing of hate

    And yet say things like

    >Another racist old bastard has gone off to meet his maker and it’s difficult to see how this country will not now become a better place for his having passed

    >was a rather fitting death

    Are you even listening to the words coming out of your mouth?

    Not the hottest of takes, the climate denial probably takes the cake on that one, but it’s still pretty vile.


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