I’m sure we’re all pretty familiar with those who comprise that stellar cast of characters there at ‘Fox News’ who are never the least bit shy about demonstrating their dislike, or dare I say hatred, of the president.  It’s gotten to the point where watching Fox differs very little from watching CNN or MSDNC.  I mean, I could list them all here but, really, what would be the point?  It’s far easier, and takes up far less space, to simply list those who are least objective in how they report on the president, those like, Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, Watters, Pirro and Gutfeld.

So anyway, this past Thursday it was apparently Cavuto’s turn to make clear his disdain for President Trump during a speech the president was then giving on deregulation.  It was then that Cavuto decided that he needed to cut away in order to do a little real-time fact-checking regarding the president’s claim that ex-president ‘BO’ had actually enacted “job-destroying regulations.”  Cavuto said, “I do want to clarify a couple of things he said, that no president in history has cut regulations as much as he has. That is true.”  Cavuto then felt compelled to take it a bit further.

Because it was from there that he then went on to say, “I think he might have mischaracterized the regulations that were added under Barack Obama — they were largely financial related. You might recall we had this little thing called the financial meltdown. and much of those regulations were geared to preventing banks from ever investing in things like risky mortgage securities, pooling them, selling them off.”  He added, “The unemployment rate did, under Barack Obama, go down from a high of 10% to around 4.7%.”  But he said nothing about how ‘BO’ accomplished that.

But Cavuto did go on to say, “President Trump, of course, sent that even lower, eventually getting us down to a 3.5% unemployment rate.  But I didn’t want to leave you with the impression that during those eight years when Obama first came into office, and we were bleeding about a million jobs a month that that was standard fare and that characterized the whole eight years.”  He added, “It was not a disaster under Barack Obama.”  So apparently what we have in Cavuto is another of those who feel the need to act as some sort of defender of the poor, maligned ‘BO’!

And Cavuto then wrapped up his little trip into some sort of an alternate universe, by saying, “Not only did the Dow essentially triple during his tenure, but whether you want to call the increase regulations and other things that police financial companies, as a bane to our existence, those companies did very well. Americans did very, very well. So I just want to put that in some context here.”   Yes, by all means, Cavuto MUST make the time to put the comments made by President Trump, that relate to his economically inept predecessor, into the ‘PROPER’ context. 

Cavuto’s did his best to paint ‘BO’ as being something other than what he was, a creator of thousands of regulations the specific purpose of which were to stymie any and all economic growth.  Thankfully, it was many of ’BO’s job killing regulations that were cancelled by President Trump before they were ever implemented, which most definitely would never have happened had Hitlery won the presidency and Donald Trump lost. Over his two terms, ‘BO’ unleashed a copious amount of regulations, ballooning the Federal Register by what was literally thousands of pages.    

And I could be wrong about this, but I seem to remember that Cavuto was one of those, along with Wallace and, back then, Smith, who sat there on the Fox News panel on election night in 2016 claiming, ad nauseam, how it was that Donald Trump had “no path to victory” and how this was all just a waste of time because Hitlery had it in the bag.  And then they were all in shock when they finally realized that there was simply no way that the old girl was going to pull it out and that she was going to have her sizable ass handed to her by ‘The Donald!’  Take about priceless.

And in his effort to put things into the ‘proper context,’ Cavuto glossed over a few things.  The economy did not grow because of ‘BO’s policies, but in spite of them.  His was the weakest economic ‘recovery’ since World War II. Also, ‘BO’ closed off oil exploration in Alaska and its estimated 27 Billion barrels of oil.  He also withdrew all of the Chukchi Sea and the majority of the Beaufort Sea from future oil and gas leasing.  In so doing, ‘BO’ shut down the Alaska oil pipeline, as without the minimum flow of oil from new discoveries, the 800 mile pipeline had to be shut down.  

President Trump opened up ANWR on Alaska’s North Slope for oil exploration.  With President Trump being reelected, new oil discoveries will keep the pipeline up and running which will save thousands of jobs and decrease dependence on foreign oil.  However, if it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden who gets elected, which I can only assume is Cavuto’s preference, what we’re likely to end up with is some bastardized version of the ‘Green New Deal’ where we’re all paying 10 dollars a gallon for gas and 1000 dollars a month to heat and cool our homes.  Gee, what a deal!!

When President Trump took office, ‘BO’s supposed unemployment rate was around 4.9% which was nothing if not a complete work of fiction.  What is significant, though, was that GDP had fallen to -5%.  Let me say that again, GDP had fallen to MINUS 5%. President Trump inherited an economy that was falling like a rock towards recession.  President Trump also raised the national Labor Participation Rate by over 2.5% and lowered the unemployment rate by 1.5% to 3.5% which is a staggering success considering that how much badly the economy was falling when he took office!

And like I said, the unemployment rate under ‘BO” was extremely deceptive, since there was a record high number of people who had given up looking for work and who were therefore not even counted in the unemployment figure.  Under ‘BO’ virtually every bad stat regarding the economy was at or near record levels I don’t understand why Cavuto is so anti-Trump.  He was always good against ‘BO’.  I understand he wants to be seen as objective but that doesn’t mean he has to be so anti-Trump considering all the good things President Trump has done for the economy.

Look, lots of us lived through ‘BO’s anemic economy.  Was it the Great Depression?  No.  But how many people were essentially forced onto food stamps due to the lack of quality work at a respectable wage?  ‘BO’s idea about the economy was to get as many people as possible on some sort of government assistance and to keep them there in order to garner votes for the Democrats.  ‘BO’ also tried the same stunt with pressing for the legalization of marijuana and all the dope and weed shops that would open up.  Make more addicts, get more votes.  Just putting things in ‘context.’

And sure, the market may have done pretty well under ‘BO’, but it did so by off-shoring tens of thousands of U.S. jobs and devastating hundreds of American communities so that Wall Street’s globalists could, quite literally, make billions. The wage gap continued to widen while ‘BO’ was president, and none of those who caused the 2008 financial collapse went to jail, but why would ‘BO’ do that since he was the biggest recipient of Wall Street’s campaign donations.  He was just paying them back for services rendered or monies contributed to the cause.   Just a bit more ‘context.’

So wouldn’t it be nice if we actually had in this country a news media that saw as its primary role the challenging of our leaders regardless of political affiliation?  A media that didn’t simply spew the talking points of either party, but actually held our politicians to account and provided the American people with accurate and useful information.  Can you possibly imagine how different our country would be, and for the better, in 2020 if we had a responsible news media?  But sadly we no longer have bona fide ‘journalists,’ instead we have activists pretending to be ‘journalists.’

And frankly I don’t understand why those on the left have such a problem with Fox News.  They most certainly are no longer the same network that they were just a few years ago.  These days their claim of being “fair and balanced” is more of an oxymoron than an actual statement of fact.  Their supposed news ‘anchors’ and most of their ‘commentators’ increasingly end up putting a liberal slant on the stories they present.  As I mentioned, there are exceptions who are seemingly tolerated because they bring in high ratings.  But the network is certainly not getting any better.

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