July, 16, 2020

Dear President Trump,

Well sir, where do I begin?  Let me start by saying that I was not one of those who was quick to climb onboard the ‘Trump Train’ in 2016, but when it became obvious that you would be our nominee I did become an enthusiastic supporter and have remained one to this day.  But I must admit that where once I had never even considered the possibility that I would not vote for you again, with rumors now flying around about what might now be planned regarding amnesty for these DACA people, it’s now that I’m not so sure.  Because I feel that while there very little to be gained by granting these folks amnesty, there is very much to be lost.  

While I still believe this election is essentially yours to lose, it was the immigration issue that essentially got you to where you are today, and now is not the time to consider altering direction, especially with so much now hanging in the balance.  You must know that the ‘RINOs’ in Congress, like the Democrats, are not your friends, and their position on this issue is the complete opposite of those who voted for you.  We wanted someone who would stand up for the middle class, and we saw in you someone willing to do just that.  But this talk DACA amnesty could be a real deal breaker.  And frankly, I’m disappointed it’s even being considered.

I firmly believe that this amnesty talk is the ONLY potential weak spot in what is otherwise a record that most incumbents would kill for and would be a turn away from the promises that you have made on the issue of immigration.  America has been BEGGING for an immigration enforcer for decades.  So far, I would have to admit that up to this point I have been pretty satisfied with your handling of this issue.  But I do hope you don’t needlessly throw it all away on amnesty, because your effort to appease those who are in favor of amnesty could come at a very high cost and could very well end up costing you the election.

And despite the many successes that you have had, I’m afraid that you could very well lose this election if you insist upon moving forward with this DACA amnesty.  And while many of us could never bring ourselves to vote for Biden, I’m afraid that there are many of us who might simply choose to sit this out this election.  And that may be all that it takes for Biden to win what we all already know is going to be a very close election.  So why risk it?  What’s the up side?  You’ve said many times that America must come first, allowing those in this country illegally to remain here is not putting America first. You made us a promise, and we expect that promise to be kept.

These need to be removed from the country through deportation or encouraged to leave courtesy of self-deportation because of a lack of employment opportunities.  Otherwise, our’ rule of law’ simply becomes a joke.  People should not be allowed to come to this country simply because they want to.  No other country on the planet operates in such a reckless manner.  We should be able to dictate who it is that is allowed to come here and we should have the right to demand that they learn our language, obey our laws and contribute to our society.  And if they refuse to do any of these, then they must be told they are no longer welcome here.

And putting ‘America First’ must be much more than merely campaign rhetoric, it must be the basis for everything that you do.  American jobs MUST go to the American people first and foremost, there can be no other option.  And if you wish to take part in the American dream than you must be willing to prove your worth.  And above all else one must willing to call oneself an American, and not simply refer to oneself as not just another hyphenated American.  Otherwise, one will not be permitted entry no matter what one’s ‘merit’.  Coming to this country should not be considered a right, it must always be considered a privilege.  

Amnesty, open borders, and endless waves of immigrants flooding into the country must all be brought to a swift and final end.  This DACA amnesty is only supported by those people who would never vote for you under any circumstances.  And, Mr. President, if you are genuinely serious about winning this November then those of us who would under normal circumstances be voting for you, must be shown that you are serious about this issue that now has so many of us concerned.  We need to know that you have our back just as we have continually shown to have yours.  America is for Americans, not for those looking for a free ride through life.

And, Mr. President, you were not elected to do what those in your family would like you to do, or to do what those who have made a career out of being in government want you to do.  You were elected to do what you promised to those of us who voted for you.  And once you’ve strayed too far from that your chances of being re-elected could very likely go up in smoke.  Getting re-elected is really so simple, simply DO what you promised us that you would DO.  Those in this country illegally must be encouraged to return to their home, or returned by force.  If they wish to come back they can follow the process for doing so.  This isn’t rocket science.  

It has become a very rare event today to have someone in office, regardless of elected office, who seems willing to advocate for things simply because they are the right things to do for the country and its citizens, and not merely to gain votes.  In the case of DACA this is the wrong course.  It’s time for DACA people to go back to their home country with the illegal immigrant parents who brought them here.  There can be no amnesty and certainly no pathway to citizenship.  If we insist upon repeating the mistakes from the past it will do nothing to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants seeking entry into our country.

Finally, in closing I would only like to say that I was hoping I would not again be placed in the position of having to vote for the lesser of two evils or having to hold my nose while doing so.  But I’m afraid that I may once again be put in the position of voting for the Republican more out of necessity than of simple desire.   In 2016 I felt that I was actually voting for someone who shared my concerns about my country.  Four years later I find myself being a little less certain about that.  The country simply cannot afford a Democrat president, but neither can it afford someone unwilling to put our country first on every single front!


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