In what I’m assuming reflects a less than overwhelming confidence in the chances of their candidate, Democrats now seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time in what appears to be a continuing effort to intimidate those who either intend to vote for President Trump or those at least considering the possibility of doing so.  And their favorite brand of intimidation, as has been the case in leading up to every election for decades are, of course, accusations of racism.  And I feel confident in saying that as the election draws nearer the rhetoric and intimidation directed at those who are determined to prevent our country from falling into the hands of the likes of Schumer and Pelosi will only intensify.  You can take that to the bank!

And we saw yet another example of that just this past Sunday on MSDNC’s “AM Joy,” hosted by that racist wackjob Joy Reid, when ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters took another opportunity to accuse both President Trump and his supporters of believing that we have a right to “ensure that blacks and people of color and others do not rise to any level of influence and power.”  Now I’m not sure what it is that she might base this idiotic notion on, but it’s a crock and she knows it’s a crock.  But this is where the Democrat Party now is in 2020.  A more disgusting and vile group of individuals than the Democrat Party you will never find.  And it’s sad that blacks continue to fall for this gibberish because in the end they are the only ones being made to suffer.   

It was Reid who said, “Roger Stone found guilty by a jury on seven federal criminal counts, no jail time. Kalief Browder, accused of stealing a backpack couldn’t post bail, spent three years at Rikers Island awaiting trial, ultimately committed suicide after release. We have two justice systems in our country. This is the reason that the Black Lives Matter movement has taken hold, that there are two systems of justice for the rich, the poor, the white, the Black. What do you make of those who are still to this day criticizing Black Lives Matter, such as Senator Kelly Loeffler? What do you make of that, that they are still doing that?”  Again with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ drivel, when anyone with a brain knows this organization is not about black lives.

‘Mad Maxine’ responded, “I think you said it earlier today when you talked about this need for Trump and those who support him to want to, you know, have absolute power and to believe that it is their right and their responsibility to ensure that blacks and people of color and others do not rise to any level of influence and power, significant that would cause them not to be in total charge of the country.”  She said, “So that young man is typical of so many young black men and women who have been sent to jail, who have been convicted, who have served long sentences.”  ‘Mad Maxine’ added, “This justice system is broken.”  But her reasoning behind calling our “justice system” broken actually has very little to do with what would fix it.

Anyway, ‘Mad Maxine’ then went on to say, “It has never really been in our favor, and it has basically been responsible for ensuring that we could never ever get beyond this suppression and this oppression that has been forced upon us for so many years. So those who criticize Black Lives Matter, they can continue to do that, but I want to tell you the time has come now where we are joined by so many others who really were not there for us in the past. You saw it in all of the protests where you had whites and blacks and Asians and old and young, all saying something is wrong with this country. Something is wrong with our criminal justice system. Something is wrong with our policing. It is racism.”  No, it’s not racism, it’s politicians like ‘Mad Maxine.’

Democrats love to talk about how there are two systems of justice, but rarely do they ever mention how it is that it tends to work to their advantage.  For instance, if Hitlery were a Republican would she still be walking around a free woman?   Or how about how it was that the majority of those who played a role in the administration of ‘BO’ would now be in prison if they didn’t happen to be Democrats?   And yet it’s these very same people who have no problem when individuals whose only crime is that they supported Donald Trump for president are railroaded off to prison for what would essentially be the rest of their life.  These people are sickeningly hypocritical.  They see themselves as being above the laws that the rest of us are forced to obey.

And ‘Mad Maxine’s idiotic attempt to drag race into the conversation is a distraction, and bringing up the president’s commuting of Mr. Stone’s sentence is intended as a smear and to intimidate those who intend to vote for President Trump by trying to label us as racists for doing so.  Now I will agree that our criminal justice system is in need of attention, but it’s from a slightly different perspective than what’s coming from ‘Mad Maxine.’  My issue stems from watching hordes of rampaging thugs being permitted to destroy public and private property, loot stores and then essentially be immune to any and all forms of prosecution.  Or when we find out that police officers have been instructed not to interfere with what is obviously illegal activity.  

‘Mad Maxine’ ignores completely the fact that President Trump has done far more for blacks than ‘BO’, the first black president demonstrated any interest in doing.  It was President Trump, and not ‘BO’, who created the highest employment rate ever for all categories.  And isn’t that empowerment?  In addition, he decreed higher amounts of money to black schools and colleges than any president before him.  And that’s seen as oppression and racism?  ‘Mad Maxine’ knows not what she’s talking about.  In contrast to President Trump’s effort to bring up everybody through jobs, Maxine went around to give speeches telling anyone who would listen to go out and harass those who support the president and his team members!  How is that for good governance?

And why is that those blacks, such as ‘Mad Maxine’ herself, who have accumulated more money that they will likely ever be able to spend, are so reluctant to spend at least some of their vast fortunes helping out those blacks who are less fortunate than themselves.  Why is it that that the responsibility falls to those like me?  ‘Mad Maxine’ owes her wealth to those who vote for her, so it would only stand to reason that she share that wealth with them.  Wouldn’t you think that those in the Black community who have amassed great wealth would have moral obligation to share that wealth?  Giving to black foundations doesn’t put money in poor black’s pockets.  Why is it that rich blacks are never willing to put their money where their mouth is?

And just to reiterate, as if it’s even necessary which it is not, we who support President Trump, just like the man himself, want ALL Americans, including blacks, to share in the American dream, not to be kept from it.  We want black America to be fully employed because fully employed is fully empowered and free from having the government dictate how it is that one must live their lives, attaching all manner of strings to the well-being of Americans, no matter what color.  It’s the Democrats who seek to keep black Americans from achieving any level of prosperity.  And black Democrat politicians play a very critical role in making sure that black Americans remain perpetually enslaved to the party, and how disgustingly dishonest is that?

Finally, on a slightly different topic, for as long as I can remember the act of implying, in any way, that minority folks are somehow lazy or have no desire to work was labeled as being racist.  And yet it’s those same folks who reinforce such a notion when they continue to vote for those who will never force them to work, instead simply handing out ‘free’ stuff, at my expense, in order to ensure these minority folks continue to vote for Democrats in very large numbers.  Now it would seem to me that if these folks were truly interested in altering the perception that so many people still have of them, they would tend to vote for those who, while they do require some level of work to be done, also make it possible for more jobs to be created.  

But that is something that we are very unlikely to ever see happen, especially when we have so many within the minority communities, essentially on the Democrat Party payroll, doing all that they can to convince folks to vote again their own self-interest.  You cannot tell me that a substantial percentage of those in the minority community  would rather work, than not, and yet, for whatever reason continue to buy into the rhetoric that does little more than to keep them enslaved to a political party that has virtually no interest whatsoever in making it possible for them to improve their lot in life and to better provide for their family.  The goal here is always to accuse Republicans of being racist, when it fact it’s the Democrats who are the racists!

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