I have no doubt that the closer we get to the election the more we’re going to be hearing from a flood of gutless little weasels like John Kasich. But with Kasich you know it’s personal with President Trump, because he gives himself away.  I mean, when is it that you ever hear him make any mention of all the screwed up and blatantly unlawful behavior of those in Democratic Party?  Or, how about bringing up their support for all manner criminal acts and behavior. Nope, nary a word.  Only a constant barrage of attacks directed at the guy who brought the economy back from the dead after eight years of ‘BO’ and who has done more for the black community in four years than the first black president did in eight.

And yet it’s Kasich who, on this past Friday, in making yet another appearance at ‘fake news’ HQ, on CNN’s “OutFront,” hosted by one of the resident bimbos, Erin Burnett, made the bold claim that voters are no longer interested in President Trump’s “show.”  And it was when asked about President Trump’s lowering poll numbers, Kasich said, “I kind of think she’s jumped the shark. That’s ‘Happy Days’ when Fonz jumped the shark, and that was about the end of the show. I’ve been saying that I think he has jumped the shark. People wanted him to mix it up. They said, let’s take a chance on this guy. This is about our families. It’s about our kids going back to school. It’s about mom and dad. It’s about grandma, grandpa.”

And he then went on to say, “The guy won’t wear a mask. We’re behind the curve on all this. He’s dismissing it.”  And he then added, “When you do that, you are now messing around with people’s lives, and people don’t like that.” He added, “So, you can see the Republicans beginning to retreat, and we see independents retreating in mass. It’s a very hard thing to fix. It’s never over until it’s over. As Yogi said, it ain’t over till it’s over. But at this point, losing all these people, including increasing numbers of the religious faithful is very, very difficult. It’s a very tough thing to dig out of.”  It’s almost as if he thinks if he can just say this kind of stuff enough then there will be come to be enough people who will actually believe it.

And then it was the bimbo, Ms. Burnett, with more than a little hint of excitement in her voice, who said, “The president’s canceled his New Hampshire rally. He’s cited storms from Tropical Storm Fay. The weather forecast shows the storm will be past where the rally is by the time it was scheduled to start tomorrow. It comes as Kellyanne Conway downplayed crowd expectations. They recently canceled a rally in Alabama. In Tulsa, they were stuck with photos of a pretty empty stadium. Does this all say anything to you?”  Well of course it says something to him, it’s why he’s on this stupid little program in the first place!  These people must really think that the few people who still tune in are complete morons.

Anyway, Kasich said, “Yeah, he’s losing momentum. The thing about Tulsa that was interesting. You saw people looking at their watches, and people were yawning and reaching across. And I would say four years ago, people were kind of transfixed by this show. But the show’s kind of — the show’s winding down. They canceled because they weren’t going to get the crowd. New Hampshire is such an interesting place. I’ve spent a lot of time up there. I did 115 town hall meetings. People are very independent, and they’re not looking on this favorably if had terms of what he’s done with corona and what he’s done with the virus, uh, not the virus, the protests. That’s another thing he’s missed. Both virus and the protests, strike two.”

So once again here come the RINOs, you have to wonder who they’re getting their instructions from.  Is it Schumer or perhaps straight from the DNC?  They’re like hyenas. They come running in when they believe there’s weakness. But there is no weakness. They believe the polls skewed to strongly favor leftists. They’re rats, cockroaches, traitors to their word, having claimed they were conservatives.  And it’s Kasich who is one of the worst. That makes him double every evil thing you can conjure up in your mind.  Actually, Kasich’s show is the one that was cancelled. He’s irrelevant and got virtually no support in your efforts. No one trusts him and he has little or no influence over anyone.  He’s joke, but he keeps on trying.  Sad.

RINO’s like Kasich here have been removed from the stage and operate in the shadow of the president and the Republican Party.  McCain was a fraud on just about every level and died pretty much in disgrace as far as most conservatives were concerned, but Democrats still talk about him with some level of pride.  Losers like Flake were essentially forced to ‘retire’ and Willard Romney long ago began his slow descent into complete irrelevance.  I sincerely hope that President Trump is able to pull off another win in November and that we will all get to witness yet another evening of crying and weeping, gnashing of teeth from those in the leftwing communist party, Democrats accompanied by Johnny boy here.

Yes the whole country is tired of President Trump fighting for the very soul of our nation, and can’t wait to vote for ‘Creepy Joe’, and welcome the age of rampant Socialism/Communism/being subjugated by BLM, being shamed and destroyed for being white, tearing down everything of our past, our history, destroying our founding fathers, changing the name of anything that remotely, might have at one time, in the past 240 years, even hinted of slavery or racism. They can’t wait to eliminate systemic racism once and for all. They can’t wait to destroy our economy with the ‘Green New Deal.’  They can’t wait to eliminate oil and replace it with millions of windmills.  Yes, America can’t wait to destroy itself. Bring on ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden!

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