There is no more loathsome a political creature that exists anywhere, nor one lower on the political evolutionary scale, lower even that the disgustingly vile Democrat, than the creature known as the RINO (Republican In Name Only).  And it has been those who seem to proudly wear the moniker of RINO, who have demonstrated a continued willingness to stand with the Democrats in staunch opposition to President Trump, working to obstruct his every effort to make good on his promise to “Make America Great Again” and to convince voters he’s no longer worthy of their support.

And it was one of these same RINOs, John Kasich, who earlier this week, on Monday, during an interview at ‘fake news’ HQ, while appearing on CNN’s “Newsroom,” made the rather idiotic claim that he believes President Trump has damaged the Republican Party brand to the point of a “meltdown.”  I would, of course, choose to disagree with his assessment of things for the very simple reason that it has been RINOs such as himself who have done the most to damage the Republican ‘brand’, and I would argue that it has been President Trump who has done much to undo a lot of that damage.   

It was host Kate Bolduan who said, “The Republican Party is—many times you and I have talked on this topic of the party struggling to deal with Donald Trump since the beginning of this presidency, the division that he stirs up. On the virus the president now denying the facts that he’s trying to sell that it’s 99% harmless and it’s life and death. I mean, we talk about responsibility quite a bit, but what is the responsibility of elected Republicans when we talk about leadership in this country when you have a Republican leader in Donald Trump doing what he’s doing?”  “Doing what he’s doing”?

Kasich said, “Because they have coddled him and they have made it easy for him to say these kind things because they operate out of a sense of fear, that if they criticize him, he’s going to go after them and somehow he’s going to cost them their election. If, in fact, Republicans as a group had come out early on, particularly starting with Charlottesville and said that this language is unacceptable, I believe he would have changed, or the party would have separated from him.”  The fact that Kasich would appear on CNN for no other reason than to slam the president, speaks volumes.    

Anyway Kasich then went on to say, “But, you know, somebody was telling me at the Mt. Rushmore, one of the senators out there clapping his hands and laughing and on the one hand saying I don’t agree with Trump and kind of supporting him. I see that some of them are beginning to move away from Trump. I guarantee you, Kate, at some point in the future some of these people are going to say— once they understand that their election is imperiled by Donald Trump, they will say I’ve never supported Donald Trump.”  There’s a reason this moron will never be president!

He continued, “So, you know, they have really encouraged it. It’s like when you have kids, right? If you don’t correct your kids, they do things far worse than if you had stopped them in the beginning. The Republican Party has been absent, largely absent, terrible.”  In a sense, he’s right.  The Republican Party has been largely absent when it comes to assisting the president in moving forward with his agenda.  An agenda, if we are to believe what these very same ‘Republicans’ have said in the past, would otherwise be an agenda that they should be very much in favor of, but now are not! 

And he added, “They are damaging the brand, too, so if you’re a Republican now and you’re in a moderate district, you’ll likely lose because you’re Republican. If you’re in a solid Republican district, you’re living in fear of a primary. That’s why so many of them are leaving because they don’t want to deal with this any longer. It’s a party meltdown right now.”  As I said, the ones doing the most damage to the ‘brand’ are in fact the RINOs.  Like the ones who are, as we speak, working to replace Columbus Day with Juneteenth.  Is that not doing severe damage to the Republican ‘brand’?

Kasich is someone who is cut from the very same cloth as those like Romney, Cornyn, Alexander, Murkowski, Collins, and any number of others.  They don’t care about the country, they only care about themselves.  They treat the conservative base like something that must be tolerated.  But they are as devious as they are dishonest.  They simply don’t care about those issues that are important to those upon who they depend for their reelection.  President Trump did not destroy their ‘brand,’ but he did expose them for exactly what and who they are.  And it’s why they hate him!

Kasich was never really a conservative, not even back during his days in the House, although he tells quite a different story.  In truth, the Republican ‘brand’ was long ago gutted and sabotaged by people like him.  And for Kasich to now accuse President Trump of doing damage that he himself and those like him have done really tells us all we need to know about these pathetic RINOs.  And might he now be trying to convince us to, instead of supporting the president, perhaps support ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden?  Right, like that’s going to happen.  There ain’t no way I’m ever doing that!!!

And it’s those like Kasich, all of these gutless RINOS, who have no one to blame but themselves for how Donald Trump came to be president.  Cowards like them are why people got on board with a billionaire with no political experience.  Because that billionaire talked like a human being and seemed to give a crap about the average American and not just about those things sought by mega-rich donors.  And now they want to ‘whine’ about how it’s President Trump who has supposedly done damage to their ‘brand?’  They have no brand!  At least not one we would ever vote for.

Kasich, is a disgrace, and an embarrassment on so many different levels.  It has been RINOs like him who have continually accommodated, facilitated, and capitulated to those on the Left until we have come to find ourselves with our backs now firmly against the wall.  And yet these RINOs insist upon wanting to blame President Trump for what they themselves are responsible for having brought about.  It is because of their actions, or rather their lack of any meaningful action, that has brought us to where we are.  The president cannot win the battle alone, yet he continues to try.

And it’s when you look at Kasich, and those like him, that you see the reasons we’re balancing on the precipice of losing our country.  He, and people like him, is what made a President Trump necessary.  Let’s be clear, if the speeches that President Trump have given, most recently his Mount Rushmore speech, and the policies he has pursued are damaging the Republican brand, then why support any Republicans at all?  I’m a patriotic American and a conservative first and if that’s not what the Republican Party still stands for, then perhaps it’s time for the party to go the way of the do-do.  

And perhaps of CNN was interested in more than simply bringing on a ‘Republican’ to attack the president they would choose to interview someone more current and relevant, such as Florida Governor Desantis.  But it is not the interest of those in the business of creating ‘fake new’ to bring someone on who will present anything other than the desired image of the president that they are seeking to create.  And Kasich, and those like him, are only too happy to accommodate in any way that they can.  Which only serves to do even more damage to the ‘brand’ that Kasich supports.

And you know what’s really strange is how most of what President Trump is working to implement, as part of his agenda are the very things that most RINOs have, at one time or another, claimed to support.  And yet when provided with the opportunity to do just that they stand in firm opposition to them because it’s now President Trump who is trying to make them become a reality.  It’s pretty clear they only “supported” that agenda because it got them donations and votes.   Someone really should tell these RINOs that we’re on to them, but I doubt that would really change anything.   

We most certainly don’t want Kasich’s brand of Republicanism.  It’s that that has gotten us to where we are today.  We want fighters who will work to resist the left and all it stands for.  And we want those who are unafraid to identify those on the left for what they are!  Those like Kasich and Romney seem timid and afraid to challenge the Democrats in any meaningful way.  President Trump is not your typical Republican, he fights, and while his tweets may make us roll our eyes at times, we know where he stands regarding our country.  Therefore we MUST support him!

Finally, while I was not initially a fan of Donald Trump, I do feel that he has done a remarkably good job as president.  And I have absolutely no regrets for having voted for him, something I haven’t been able to say since I voted for Ronald Reagan.  And I find it disgusting that we continue to have those like Kasich working so hard to undermine the president heading into an election that will determine so much going forward.  And in so doing Kasich makes very clear which side he is on and that his only interest is not what’s best for the country, but helping those who want to destroy it.


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