It was over this past weekend that we were all treated to what had to be the ultimate example of the pot calling the kettle black. You see it was on Sunday, during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” that those tuning in got to hear a member of ‘BO’s administration, Susan Rice, actually call out the Trump administration as being a “clown show.”  Can you believe it?  I thought it more than just a little ironic that this lying bitch would actually have the nerve to badmouth the administration that has been forced to clean up one mess after another that was left behind by the most inept bunch of “clowns” to come along since the days of Jimmy Carter.

And so, it was the queen of ‘fake news,’ host Andrea Mitchell, who asked, “On this Fourth of July weekend, the story of the Russian intelligence, the intelligence that Russia organized bounties to target American soldiers and coalition officers in Afghanistan, the president has now referred to this as a hoax. What message does that send to Vladimir Putin?”  To which Rice responded, “The message to Vladimir Putin is you can kill American servicemen with absolute impunity. The president of the United States has demonstrated an absolutely callous disregard for the safety and security of American forces in the war zone, and there’s no explanation for this.”

And it was Rice who then went on to say, “Look, I was national security adviser. I can tell the American people with certainty that we don’t ever or very, very rarely have 100% certainty, and that’s not what we’re aiming for. We are in this business of protecting the American people, and the servicemen and women have to do so often with imperfect information. What we just heard out of my successor, Mr. O’Brien and the press secretary, is a clown show. That’s not how intelligence works, and that’s not how the national security adviser and the top cabinet-level officials who were there to support the president are supposed to behave.”  What a pathetic liar!

Rice ended up by saying, “They are supposed to be on top of information like this. They are supposed to run it to the ground. It shouldn’t be months or years before we figure out whether something of this significance is actually something we take seriously. In fact, the intelligence community did take it seriously. We know that because it was written in the president’s daily briefing, the most important and exclusive product of the intelligence community. The president didn’t read it, and what’s extraordinary is that the people around him didn’t bring it to his attention, allegedly.”  Why is it that we should waste time listening to this proven liar?

Contrary to the idiotic accusation coming from Rice, is how this real ‘clown’ wrote herself an email on the final day of her being in office, in a feeble attempt to cover her rather sizable ass after the administration, of which she was a part, and at the direction of ‘BO’, attempted to subvert and undermine the next duly elected administration with bogus intel, schemes, and wanton destruction of innocent lives in the succeeding administration.  The big difference between her administration and the succeeding one is that her administration was exceedingly corrupt and patently dishonest!  Rice should simply slither back under the rock from which she came.

I am curious though, what exactly did Rice do, first as ‘U.N. Ambassador’ and then as ‘Security Advisor’ and what were her qualifications for either position?  Were they the same as ‘BO’s to be president, the fact he’s black?  And did she actually help to solve problems with Iran (who took American sailors hostage), or North Korea (missile tests), or Libya (Benghazi), or ISIS?  I saw nothing but clowns for eight straight years, and yet she calls President Trump a clown, and for what?  Fixing their F-ups?  Making life better for blacks, Hispanics, and the rest of us?  If she’s ‘smart’ and President Trump is a ‘clown’ then I’ll take President Trump the ‘clown’ every damn time.

And let’s face it, this “clown,” Rice, has zero credibility regardless of the topic being discussed.  Forget about Benghazi and all the other lies she’s told to us.  It was she, who just a couple of weeks ago, said that Russia was behind the rioting in the United States.  It’s incredible that someone who is so blatantly dishonest continues to be provided a platform from which to spew her lies.  But if nothing else I can see why she may get to be ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s running mate.  Both are star players from an administration steeped in corruption and both would want nothing more than a return to the type of policies that result in nothing more than the destruction of America.

Far from being ANY sort of a “clown show,” the Trump administration has been more of a magic show, if we’re being honest.  And while President Trump doesn’t have a magic wand, he does have great economic sense as well as commonsense.  I guess a question for Rice would be, why was it that ‘BO” could never bring himself to do what President Trump has done?  It’s not rocket science.  Well, the answer is pretty simple.  Because ‘BO’ hates America and the freedoms that, even black, Americans enjoy, and President Trump loves America.  ‘BO’ did all that he could to destroy America, while President Trump has been doing everything he can to “Make America Great Again!” 

And for someone who was so obviously such a proud member of the most corrupt administration in decades, to now be describing the Trump administration as being a “clown show” makes pretty clear just how un-self-aware these leftwing loons truly are.  To Democrats, lying, cheating and stealing all comprise the normal way of conducting politics.  Their goal was, is and always will be the tearing down of America, it’s just that simple.  So those like Rice will say whatever it is that they feel they must in their effort to somehow paint Donald Trump as being the problem when it’s they themselves who represent the greatest threat this country now faces.   

Finally, those of us who support President Trump know he would never abandon a sitting Ambassador, an embassy and the men assigned to protect them.  He simply wouldn’t.  And the level of dishonesty we are forced to contend with regarding those like Rice is nauseating.  Mr. Trump is doing what a real President should do.  He is trying to defend our borders and doing his best to make sure we ALL, regardless of race, are keep safe and is working hard to get our economy, derailed by the ‘Chinese virus’, back on track.  Look, Rice certainly knows what a “clown show” is, after all, not only was she once a part of one, but she was also one of its head clowns!

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