My first reaction upon hearing Hitlery, during a recent interview with the ‘Hollyweird Reporter’, say that she remains unsure whether President Trump would actually leave office if he were to be defeated by ‘Creepy Joe,’ was to laugh and shake my head.  After all, here is the very same woman who has yet to accept her defeat of nearly FOUR YEARS AGO.  But then I got to thinking, wondering if there might be something far more sinister afoot here than just this old battleax who has lost a bit more of her very few marbles.  One thing for sure though, it’s not a single day that goes by that I don’t thank God that this greedy, corrupt bitch is not my president!

Anyway, it was in responding to a question posed by the ‘Hollyweird Reporter’ about whether or not she thought the president would leave office “without a fight” after losing, that Hitlery said, “I don’t know the answer to that yet.”  Hitlery said it depends on “how big the loss is” and asserted that it is one of the primary reasons the Republicans are rejecting the far-left’s ‘demands’ for nationwide vote-by-mail.  Actually that’s nothing more than another whopper told by Hitlery intended for her many of her brain-dead followers.  Hitlery knows very well the real reason why the Republicans are against this vote-by-mail scheme of the Democrats’.  

Hitery went on to say, “That’s why they’re doing everything they can to prevent people from voting — you know, they want to stop mail-in voting, they want to shrink the number of places where people can actually vote in person — because they know if we have a big turnout, they lose.”  And she said, “And so we’re gonna have lots of fights over actual voting procedures between now and November.”  She added, “And if they can do anything that makes it look questionable, they will.”  She said, “And that’s why everybody needs to come out and vote and have as big a turnout as possible so that there can’t be any excuse given.”

I’m sure most folks are well aware of how the Democrats have seized on the fears surrounding the ‘Chinese virus,’ and in following their mantra of “never letting a crisis go to waste, attempting to use it to push their agenda of instituting vote-by-mail.  But critics of the scheme point out how it increases the possibility of massive voter fraud, which is exactly why Democrats, like Hitlery, are so strongly in favor of it.  But despite the widespread pleas from the left, recent data fails to show ANY compelling public health justification for vote-by-mail.  But that hasn’t stopped the Democrats, and the media, from ramping up the hysteria as much as possible.

So instead of being insane might Hitlery, instead, be just one of the many players now on the left doing all they can to essentially get the country ready for voter-fraud on a MASSIVE scale, making it easier to later convince people that the fraudulent outcome, is, in fact, the ‘correct’ outcome.  And therefore, when the president questions it, they’ll scream about how he won’t leave the White House, and about how they had warned us.  You know, my mom used to tell me that cheaters never prosper, and I sure hope she’s right because the Democrats seem pretty determined to put it to the test.  And yet, they’ve cheated before and made it work for them.

And then we have all these polls that are slanted toward ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, maybe just a bit too slanted like perhaps the Democrats are trying just a bit too hard.  Might this be yet another example of how the Democrats, again with the help of their friends in the media, are laying groundwork for the steal.  This too would provide for the Democrats yet another ‘I told you so’ moment allowing them to fall back on being able to say, “See, the polls showed Trump falling behind since last year.”  I have no doubt that this is their plan, and if the succeed, they will proceed to make our country totally unrecognizable.  That we cannot allow to happen.

Democrats have a rather spectacularly long history of always accusing the Republican Party of doing exactly what they themselves do, or would do.  Hitlery has no notable accomplishments over the course of her entire political career.  President Trump, on the other hand, accomplishes more before lunch, than any Chief Executive in recent memory.  She was the worst candidate ever to be foisted upon the American electorate, and she still can’t accept the blame for her defeat.  After all, she’s the smartest woman in the world as well as the most qualified person to have ever run for president.  It should be she, damnit, who now sits in the Oval office!

But Hitlery is far from being the only one taking part here.  Many other very prominent Democrat figures have recently been parroting the very same line about how President Trump won’t leave if he loses the election.  Some are even saying that the military needs to start preparing to remove him. This points to one thing, the Democrats are planning for massive and coordinated election fraud on a scale this country has never seen.  The Democrats know that President Trump will naturally challenge all the irregularities in court, leading to a delay of the certification of the election.  So they already preparing their narrative for when that happens!


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