Look, there is no one on the planet more deserving of being ignored than that odd assortment of mentally challenged Hollyweirdoes, all of whom seem only too happy to join in the continuing effort to destroy the very nation that made it possible for them to acquire rather impressive amounts of wealth.  Which has always struck me as odd, because if this bunch of educated boobs, who’s profession requires little intelligence, were to live in most other countries they would likely be forced to make a living by selling pencils on a street corner.  These people possess no measurable or useful skill. 

And every once and a while one of these pathetic blowhards make it worth my time to point out their most recent example of blatant hypocrisy.  And such is the case with long time Hollyweird has-been, Danny Glubber who recently left virtually no doubt just how truly ignorant he is and, dare I say, just how much of a racist he is when he recently claimed that the police in America represent the “last line of defense for white supremacy.”  Once again Glubber proves what a waste of skin he truly is.  The man obviously has all the brains of an ice cube and will say anything to gain attention.

It was during a recent interview with ‘Variety’, and while speaking about the death of George Floyd and the riots that supposedly sprang from it, that Glubber said, “But the violence that we see — whether it’s the toxic places where they (black people) live; the inadequacy of health care for them; whether it’s the lack of affordable housing; the absence of jobs at living wages; all those things – that’s basically going unseen. We see the actual violence because the police is what it is. It’s the last line of defense for white supremacy.”  Again with the “white supremacy” nonsense?

And it was from there that this flaming moron went on to say, “That’s what the police represents. They don’t protect African Americans.”  And he said, “You can make an argument that the institutional violence has its roots in so many different ways.”   And he then went on to add, “The violence that we see now that is acted out on the physical body of George Floyd has been the kind of violence that is engrained within the American idea of its culture, in its own subtlety, since the first Africans were brought here. So it’s 400 years of violence. It’s not just now!”  “400 years,” REALLY?

And I’m pretty sure, knowing this guy as we all do, it would not come as a surprise to anyone to find out that Glubber is one of those racist loons who has long been one of Hollyweird’s most vocal supporters of that racist, and also very violent, group that calls itself Black Lives Matter (BLM), as well as every other lunatic left-wing, anti-America cause.  He was also a big supporter of Bernie Sanders’s failed presidential campaign and was even a bigger supporter of the dictator Hugo Chávez in Venezuela.  All of which tells you everything you really need to know about this racist kook. 

Last year, Glubber even testified before Congress on the issue of reparations for descendants of Africans enslaved here in the United States, going so far as to describe it as a “moral, democratic, and economic imperative.”  He said, “Despite much progress over the last centuries, this hearing is yet another important step in the long and heroic struggle of African-Americans to cure the damages inflicted by enslavement, post-emancipation, and forced racial exclusionary policies.”  Old Glubber has done quite well for himself as a black man here in “racist” America.

How about a little civility for a change?  How about acting like an adult, not a spoiled little bigot?.  Once we become lawless, the anarchy begins. The police are the first line of civility to help enforce the law. Without them, people could just walk into your home and say, “hey this looks like a nice place, I think I want to live here.”  What stops that from happening?  The police!  Since this whole BLM movement has reared its ugly head, crime is up.  Robberies, shootings, muggings.  A coincidence?  How about the police stop showing up in Glubber’s high dollar neighborhood?

And can we all agree that on the subject of slavery and reparations America long ago paid a very high price for what those like Glubber continue to call out as being the “original sin.”  There were over 600,000 white men who died in the effort to bring slavery to an end.  And then add to that the Trillions of dollars that have been literally wasted on Black Americans in the form of all manner of ‘social’ programs created by the ‘Great Society.’  And sadly blacks have become more enslaved by their Democrat imposed victimhood status than ever before.  But it matters not to Glubber.

Race-baiters like Glubber want something for nothing and think they can play the reparations card and get away with it.  Look, no one forces anyone to commit a crime.  So don’t hand me that “last line of defense” bullshit about white supremacy. I owe blacks nothing.  In fact, how much better off would this country be had blacks never been brought here in the first place?  Think about it, there would not have been a Civil War, trillions of dollars would not have been wasted, and the untold amount of damage that blacks have wreaked upon our cities would have never taken place.   

Hey Glubber, here’s a crazy idea!  How about blacks simply start by obeying the law and quit blaming all of their problems on whites.  This reparations nonsense is nothing more than a case of blackmail and it’s never going to stop. As I mentioned early, the debt for slavery was long ago paid off in spades!  And if the Democrats are able to pass it through Congress, then we should NEVER have to hear about slavery again.  But you know we will.  Because if blacks, and not just those like Glubber, weren’t talking about slavery what else would they have to talk about?  Absolutely nothing.

Once again these twisted, deluded lunatics use talking points and buzzwords like “white supremacy.”  Of course, “white supremacy” in a country where we have thousands of BIacks in positions of political power all across the board, from Police Chiefs to Mayors to Senators to Congresswomen to a two time president, not to mention all manner of black millionaires and even billionaires.  And what is it that any of these rich and powerful black Americans, including Glubber, have done to help those in the black community?  Nothing but to keep them enslaved to the Democrats!

Glubber is the epitome of a Hollywood limousine liberal hypocrite.  This guy is worth about $40 million dollars, money earned in a country that he hates. He proudly defends such overt oppressors as Maduro and Castro, and thinks blacks should get reparations.  Perhaps it’s about time that he put up or shut up. Maybe he should take his, $40 million, go to that socialist paradise called Venezuela, and enjoy all that freedom, economic prosperity and healthcare that that country has to offer and never come back to America.  But he’s not going to do that, we couldn’t be that lucky. 

Finally, why is it somehow acceptable to say that some lives matter, and other lives don’t?  And who is it that’s most responsible for endling black lives and in the greatest numbers?  Is it the police, those that Glubber calls the “last line of defense for white supremacy?”  NO!  In truth, it’s the Democrats, the same party that does absolutely nothing to reduce or bring to end what is a pandemic of black on black violence and is the party who is responsible for the butchering of hundreds of thousands of black babies every single year!  And what is it that we hear from Glubber about that?


  1. If he wants reparations tell Glubber to go to Africa where it all began…

    America is the place that ended slavery 🇺🇸


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