It has been said before when describing an upcoming election about how that election is said to be significant, pivotal or, dare I say, even crucial, but never before have those words been truer than when used to describe the election that is now a mere 123 days away.  Because to say the future of America, as was originally founded, is now hanging in the balance is truer than any of us would like to believe.   And love him or hate him the only thing now standing in the way of the Democrats being able to wreak all manner of havoc is the re-electing of Donald Trump.  But even that will likely prove to be only a stop gap measure if we’re unable find a suitable successor.  

Let’s face it, ‘The Left,’ which seems now in complete control of the Democrat Party, has made very clear, over the course of the last several months, what it intends on working to bring about in this country.  And if President Trump is defeated I, for one, simply don’t see how it is that we are able to recover from that politically simply because the Democrats have now made it very clear that they have virtually no interest in solving any of the problems they have identified with policing.  They simply want the issue, and that tells me they want to keep fomenting this sort of unrest.  So is this the action of a responsible political party?  No, it is not.

But things don’t end there, not by any means.  Democrats also plan to grant statehood to Washington, DC, which would amount to a de facto addition of two Democrat senators given the district’s obvious partisan composition. They will elect two senators from this tiny state, smaller than most American cities that would result in what would be a permanent majority for Democrats in the Senate.  And make no mistake, their intent here is to complete their desired socialist revolution.  I think it’s important to keep in mind here that the Democrat Party of 2020 is not the party of 1976, 1992 or even of 2008.  It is far more radical even, dare I say, extreme.

If, by chance, the American people prove current polls to be correct, and do grant to the Democrats complete control of our government, it will be nothing short of a disaster.  If we were to take the time and look back at every instance where just such an event took place, it was each time that the American people lost a rather sizable chunk of their freedoms and of their liberty.  And make no mistake, with the current rabid state of the party, it would be this time around that the Democrats would most assuredly revoke what few freedoms we may still have left and reduce America to another third world shithole in which no American would ever choose to live.

Once in power Democrats would act as would any tyrant, taking measures that would make impossible any effort to EVER remove them from power.  They would create a Democrat-held Senate, knock away the filibuster to get rid of minority protections in the Senate, and proceed to pass whatever it is that they want.  It’s going to be Green New Deal, amnesty for illegal immigrants, you name it.  And they would tell themselves, the country, and the world that this is the second American Revolution, that this is a socialist revolution meant to correct the flaws in the original model. That’s what they can taste already. That’s what they feel is already taking place.

Never before in our history has our country been more in need of her freedom loving patriots to come to her rescue.  The dark forces have been at work for over three years and it is this coming November that we must marshal the forces of light and force them back into the darkness where that rightfully belong.  We must ignore the numerous schemes perpetrated by the Democrats in their attempt to create the impression that because of this ‘Chinese virus’ it is now somehow far too dangerous to leave one’s home to cast a vote.  It’s NOT casting your vote that would likely prove to be far more dangerous, perhaps even deadly, than coming down with this virus.  

We the supporters of President Trump are able to recognize the ongoing unrest for exactly what it is.  And we are no nowhere near foolish enough to think that Democrat control would undoubtedly lead to anything other than an increase of political intimidation and persecution of those who dare to disagree with their leftist vision for America.  And while there will come a time when the violence may stop and the riots may stop, make no mistake the fear will most definitely continue should the Democrats actually win.  So therefore it must now be the mission of every freedom loving American to make sure that that does not happen!  It is vital that they lose.

While it is not my desire to sound overly dramatic about things, I do feel that the success or failure of our republic very much depends on the outcome of this election. I didn’t think that you could get more consequential than 2016, but I do think this is a test of whether we can keep this republic. You know, Nancy Pelosi likes quoting Benjamin Franklin, ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’  Meanwhile it is she who is a major player when it comes to those doing everything they can to destroy it.  But in an effort to see the glass as half full I am confident that our future is not predetermined, but only if we can muster the necessary courage to defeat the forces of darkness.

Now with that said, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon or even a rocket scientist to understand that we are in a situation where the country is going to sink if Democrats do actually win.  After all, they’ve now made their intentions pretty clear.  And any attempt to prevent the Democrats from achieving that which they seek has been made all the more difficult because of a sense of being unable to communicate with one another through the media and/or through our social media.  Thanks to the likes of Google, and others, quashing traffic, we are engaged in a war where almost all of the weapons are on the other side and all we have are principals and reason.

But that does not mean that we should shy away from doing whatever it is that we can in order to prevent ‘The Left,’ aka the Democrat Party, from successfully embarking on their declared mission to destroy our country.  We must not fall for any of what is essentially nothing more than propaganda coming from the ‘fake news’ media and, too, we need to simply ignore all of the BS now coming from Democrat politicians.  Because the objective shared by those in both the media and the party is a very simple one, to bring about the demise of our country.  We need to understand there is nothing they will not do or say to convince us not to vote for this president.  

And also, as I have said before, it will be our future generations who will, no doubt, look back on November 3, 2020 as the day upon which the republic was either saved or as the day that its not so slow decent into darkness began.  So we must make sure that those looking back at us will be able to do so with pride, knowing that we had the courage to fend off those who sought only to destroy our country and in so doing eliminate any possibility for future generations to know the joy of living in true freedom.   To do otherwise will be to condemn future generations of Americans to know nothing of what it’s like to live in freedom only under Democrat tyranny.

So, when the dust finally settles after the next election what is it that we will have? Will we have “preserved for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth,” or we will have sentenced them to take the first step into a “thousand years of darkness?”  Those are the choices we have.  I must admit, had anyone ever told me that in my lifetime I would come to see my country on the verge of becoming a socialist nightmare, I would have asked what it was they were smoking.  And yet, here we are, about to possibly throw away the greatest gift ever bestowed upon man, the ability to live in freedom because I fear many of us have been talked into doing so.

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