What is it about pathetic Hollyweird types who once they ‘retire’, never, EVER, really go away?  And not only that, but they seem to have convinced themselves that there are those outside of their little circle of leftwing lunacy who are actually interested in hearing what their opinion might be on any of the truly important issues we face today.  Not that they really know anything about those particular issues, because it’s more often than not that any of these people were even smart enough to make it through high school.  Yet they view themselves as being experts, when they’re not.  

Which brings me to Jon Leibowitz.  It was during a recent appearance on CBS’s Late Show with host Steve Colbert, that those who had tuned in were in for a real treat.  You see, it was then that they got to hear Leibowitz make his rather idiotic argument that while ex-vice president ‘Creepy, Crooked, Senile Joe’ Biden was “not my guy” during the Democrat presidential primary, he now believes that ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ is exactly the right kind of leader at exactly the right time that the United States, which he claims in “terrible anguish,” is so desperately in need of.

And it’s a partial transcript of that bizarre exchange that follows:

COLBERT: Let’s talk about changing the future. We are in an election year. Who are you liking? Biden or Trump? Is it a coin toss at this point?

STEWART: It’s a toss-up, I’m going back and forth.

COLBERT: A recent poll, a New York Times poll said 14 percent of voters aren’t sure yet. I don’t know, tell me more.

STEWART: For me, I remember thinking when [Trump] came down the [escalator] and said all Mexicans are rapists, I said, “okay he’s done,” and then, “grab em’ by the pussy,” I said, “okay he’s done.” His morality has been litigated, and I didn’t expect him to be moral, but what caught me off caught was the utter incompetence. I think I’ve been somewhat surprised. You were sort of sold this idea that he was a disruptor and that the chaos was strategic and now you know that his pants are on fire. He really is just mainly concerned with credit and praise.


I think Biden’s slogan should be, “It’s enough already.”

COLBERT: Biden has literally tweeted that, just that word, “enough.”


STEWART: Biden was not my guy. He wasn’t even in the top four. I was just more of a Sanders/Warren guy… I’m not crazy about the Uncle Joe character… the “Hey, how ya doin’, I took down Corn Pop.” I don’t like that sthick… But I feel like that’s not the core of who that guy really is… We are a country in terrible anguish right now. We are in pain.

But look, it was during this exchange with the also unfunny Colbert, that Leibowitz again chose to lie and of course Colbert, a fellow sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome, allowed the lie to go unchallenged.  Donald Trump has never said all Mexicans are rapists.  What he has been is very specific regarding his criticisms of illegals from Mexico and from Central America.  What Donald Trump has said, on numerous occasions, is that there are a lot of bad dudes, including gang members and human traffickers coming across the border.  And that is a fact, a solid gold fact. 

I’m pretty sure that most folks have noticed how those on the liberal left rarely if ever choose to engage in honest conversations and/or discussions about those pesky little things known as facts.  They simply run on emotion and the smug knowledge that if they repeat the lies often enough, and the ‘fake news’ is there to reinforce them, they will come to be accepted as true.  President Trump did say that MS13 gang members were “animals.”  Since their calling card is slicing up people and making them suffer a slow, horrible, miserable death, perhaps “animals” is too good a term.

This simple inability to tell the truth is why it remains my fervent hope that the Democrats won’t receive any votes from folks considered to be sane.  Of course, they will have all the brainwashed indoctrinated college kids who don’t have a problem with the inconsistencies and lies, they’ve been fed them all their lives, and they’re now fully baked Orwellian drones.  I guess we’ll find out in November if there are more of them than us.  And Democrats will get the vast majority of the black vote because blacks are too stupid to see how it is that they’ve so easilybeen played.

Look, I know I’m likely dreaming here but I would very much like to think that NO ONE in his, or her, right mind would be able to see that ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden is the RIGHT guy for the job of president in this time, or any other!  And for Leibowitz to even make such a statement should leave absolutely no doubt that, for those on the left, this election is most definitely NOT about what’s actually best for the country.  But then, if we’re being honest there has not been an election in the last 40 years that, for the Democrats, has been about anything other than destroying this country.

The far left knows because of his age and health issues old ‘Basement Biden’ is little more than a dead man walking.  So that means whomever it is that is ‘selected’ to be his running mate will, in effect, be the next president if the worst possible scenario becomes a reality. The far left wants that running mate to be a woman of color and that’s it, no other ‘qualification’ is either necessary or apparently desired.  And certainly there seems to be no need for any sort of experience.  But then that’s really nothing new when it comes to Democrats.  Qualifications are simply unnecessary.

That we have a comedian, and I use the term loosely, giving us his thoughts on who it is that we should vote for to be our next president, has got to be one of the funniest things ever. So we have this Hollyweirdo looking us dead in the eye and telling us that one of the most corrupt Washington insiders, one who essentially sold out his country to China and gave away our jobs, not to mention his penchant for fondling young children and is of a questionable mental state, is exactly the guy that America needs to vote for?  Seriously?  This is the guy who will be able to ‘unite’ ALL Americans?

I think to most intelligent people, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, as bad as his politics are, and his history as a serial sniffer, will agree that the most logical scenario is one that has ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ playing the role of ‘Trojan Horse,’ with his sole purpose now being to allow another, more to the left and perhaps even more corrupt, to enter the White House under the guise of being his vice president.  ‘Creepy Joe’ will remain as figurehead until such time as the Democrats see fit to push forward whoever is his vice president. There will be unanimity in declaring Biden unfit at that time.

Without there being some sort of an ulterior motive for doing so, why is it that any reasonably intelligent American citizen would ever vote for an obviously demented candidate to occupy a most powerful office in the world?  Even before he started showing obvious signs of Dementia, he was incompetent, and morally and criminally corrupt!  No one in America, who is in any way connected to reality, thinks ‘Creepy Joe’ is qualified! We all are completely aware that the Democrats want to replace him as soon as possible if enough Americans are stupid enough to elect this fool!

As I have said many times before, Donald Trump was not my first choice among those running for president back in 2016. While I was never a NeverTrumper, I did have my doubts about the guy.  But when faced with the alternative of a President Hitlery, I was compelled to vote for him.  But now four years later I have come to the realization that he was, and remains still, the best person for the job.  Frankly I like his willingness to do more than just take crap from the Democrats and the media.  And I love the accomplishments and the promises kept.  He is what America needs!

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