So riddle me this, when is a “hate crime” not REALLY a “hate crime?”  The only reason I ask is because once again we have an instance where we’re supposed to believe that some evil racist, likely assumed to be a supporter of the president, slipped what we’re told was a noose into the race car of black NASCAR driver, ‘Bubba’ Wallace.  So how many of these false alarms must we be made to endure before finally being willing to see them for what they are, hoaxes.  And it should come as no surprise that ‘Bubba’ is NASCAR’s ONLY black driver, and seems none too good at his chosen profession so was likely looking for another way to gain a little attention.

So anyway, it was apparently late this past Sunday that NASCAR released a statement ‘claiming’ that a noose had been found in the garage stall of the driver ‘Bubba’ Wallace’s No. 43 race car at the Talladega Superspeedway before the start of the now-postponed GEICO 500.  The more this shit happens, the more it ends in exactly the same way.  These clowns are simply going to need to become a bit more creative if they want to have anyone other than those on the left to believe their idiotic claims.  Because it’s just been too many times that we’ve heard these folks crying wolf only to find out that there was never really a wolf in the first place.

And having once been a fan of Richard Petty, in my much younger days, it pains me to no end to have this boob being the one to now sit behind the wheel of the legendary No. 43.  To be honest, it makes me wanna puke.  You will likely remember ‘Bubba’ as being the guy who was recently outspoken regarding race issues as well as the display of the now-banned Confederate flag at NASCAR events.  But then what else is a black fella to do when he lacks the necessary skills to compete other than to complain that his inability to actually win a race MUST have something to do with the fact that he’s black.  Sorry, but it has everything to do with the fact that he’s a shitty driver.

In all honesty, it’s ‘Bubba’ who strikes me as being little more than a Colon Kaepernick wannabe.  You know, another one of those who can’t be bothered with placing his hand over his heart during the national anthem and who enjoys wearing idiotic shirts with juvenile little quips written on them as a way of gaining a little attention for himself, since his ‘skills’ as a driver are more than just a little lacking.  Granted I haven’t paid much attention to NASCAR in recent years, and maybe that’s why I’ve never heard of this guy until this started being reported on.  NASCAR is far from what it was during the days of the ‘Winston Cup.’  Now it’s the ‘Woke Cup!’

Or perhaps, instead, ‘Bubba’ should be viewed as being more like ‘Juicy’ Smollett, who was ‘attacked’ in the city of Chicago on what was the coldest night of the year. Because I do have to wonder how it is that someone could have avoided all of the cameras that must cover every square inch of the entire garage area, plant this supposed noose in ‘Bubba’s car and then make their escape totally undetected.  I mean, just how stupid does ‘Bubba’ think us racist white folks really are.  So is this now the type of behavior that we can now expect from those who possess virtually no aptitude for their chosen profession?  Why not just find something you CAN do?

Now it might just be a weird coincidence but it was about the same time that Kaepernick was proving himself to be no more than a mediocre quarterback that he started taking a knee.  He likely knew his days were numbered so he needed to come up with a new way for keeping attention on himself.  And too, it was ‘Juicy’ who apparently thought that by smearing Trump supporters he might be able to make a bit more money per episode of whatever stupid television program he was in.  And then came ‘Bubba,’ a below average stock car driver who thinks that by blaming racism for his own inadequacies he might find another way to gain some time in the spotlight.

This kind of stuff has long been a favorite trick of those on the left.  Commit some outrageous and totally heinous racist act and then, with help from your many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, blame it on the opposition.  Over the course of the last several years we have all seen the many acts of this type, committed by the left, reported on as fact only to find later that we had been hoodwinked again.  Perhaps ‘Bubba’ will pull an OJ when a video, which I’m quite sure exists, reveals that it was he who actually planted this noose, driving around in a white SUV with a friend while threatening to do himself in.  Maybe he’ll even offer a reward to find the real culprit.

But you know, regardless of which one of these losers ‘Bubba’ seems to be emulating, that anyone actually chooses to take this dolt seriously makes pretty clear just how far NASCAR has fallen from what it once was and why I no longer watch it.  Besides rooting for just the drivers it was back in the old days that there was a certain degree of brand loyalty as well. Part of the reason I was such a Petty fan was because he drove Mopar, first Plymouth and then Dodge.  My best friend was a David Pearson fan, primary because he drove a Mercury.  These days all the cars look exactly alike and most, if not all, of the drivers are just a bunch of jerks, or morons like ‘Bubba!’

NASCAR seems to have decided to go with the ‘woke’ crowd and to turn its back on those who made it what it has been for years.  NASCAR has always been conservative, celebrating family, God and country.  Now the narrative is that President Trump is somehow a racist as are all those who support him, especially whites.  It’s a shame that the Democrats are again working to divide us by using the race card.  ‘BO’ did it for eight years. President Trump has done much for the black community.  Every responsible American, regardless of color, was appalled at what we all saw happen to Mr. Floyd, but that didn’t matter.  It still became an excuse to destroy, riot and loot.

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