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Once upon a time I actually thought of myself as being a pretty darn good judge of character.  But if time has shown me anything it’s in that regard my ability has been somewhat haphazard at best.  You see, I once voted for Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney and really, at the time, had no problem with doing so, given the alternative.  Now fast-forward seven or eight years and I find myself wondering what it must have been that I was thinking to have actually done such a thing.  And now I find out that another guy I used to think was a pretty smart guy, John Bolton, now appears to be yet another who was able to quite easily pull the wool over my eyes.  How embarrassing!

Apparently Bolton, who appears to be nothing more than your average disgruntled employee, is about to release a book that would seem to be nothing more than an attempt on his part to exact a little political revenge in the hopes of torpedoing the president’s chances at re-election.   Excerpts from the book, leaked earlier this week to major American media outlets, were said to expose what was described as being Bolton’s widespread criticism of the president.  Don’t get me wrong, I remain a steadfast fan of the president, but his skill in dealing with what would appear to be numerous Washington backstabbers continues to cause him much unnecessary grief.

And as expected, it was both The Washington Post and the New York Times that wasted precious little time in posting summaries of the book’s contents after the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit on Tuesday to block the publication of the book. The 592-page book entitled, “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir,” was initially scheduled for release next Tuesday, June 23.  It was also The Wall Street Journal that released an excerpt of the book, this one regarding conversations the president supposedly had with Chinese President Xi Jinping.   It’s a shame that Bolton waited until now to reveal his true self.  And to think I once trusted this guy.

Details were leaked from the book about how Bolton didn’t necessarily agree with President Trump’s leadership style amid his conversations with various world leaders.  It also featured conversations with other members of the Trump administration.  No doubt Bolton will work to ramp up his public media profile in the upcoming days to promote the new book.  It’s sad that the respect I once had for Bolton has now been made to completely evaporate.  He’s made himself out to be less of an American patriot and more of a ‘Deep State’ hack, another of those out to get the president simply because it’s the president who seeks to put the concerns of America, first.

In his book, Bolton has apparently accused the president of asking China for help with his election.  Bolton is a disgruntled ass who is bitter only because he couldn’t get President Trump to attack countries that Bolton apparently thought were worthy of being attacked.  And we’re also to believe that President Trump, who has been at economic war with China since day one, actually asked if they would be kind enough to help him with the upcoming election.  Now I freely admit that I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’m finding such a claim to be more than a little difficult to swallow.   Bolton, I think, simply got a little carried away with himself.

As far as I’m concerned, Bolton can sell his stinking book to the entire Bush clan, Romney, Cindy and Meghan McCain and to every RINO and totalitarian Democrat in the country!  Personally, I’m ashamed of ever having actually given Bolton the benefit of the doubt.  And what a pathetic way for Bolton to end his career, but then it’s his choice! However it is rather sad that he would choose to make his exit from the gutter, but I can only guess that it was more important to him to smear the president to the greatest extent possible as he makes his way to the exit.  Might he be hoping for a position in a Biden administration, not that that is likely to happen.

Also, rumor has it that apparently Bolton has always had the reputation of being rather rough on his underlings as well as being a bit of a butt-shark.  Now he can add his reputation of being a backstabber to his resume.  While Bolton is one of those long suspected of being a member of ‘The Swamp,’ after all he’s certainly been around long enough, with this new book of his, he’s now removed any and all doubt that he is most definitely a true creature of ‘The Swamp.’  Another of those who, because of their over-inflated sense of importance along with rather sizable ego, feel they are far more capable than our president to determine what it is that’s best for America.

To say that I’m deeply disappointed by the actions of Mr. Bolton would, in fact, be an understatement.  I don’t know what’s in the book, and frankly I couldn’t care less.  But I most certainly must question the timing of it.  He surely doesn’t need the money, therefore, I can only conclude that he is trying to undermine President Trump, which only serves to expose Bolton as an establishment, ruling elite, deep state, traitor to the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If he had any class, the memoir would be released after the election, if it had ever been written at all.  And that this is how he chooses to be remembered is truly pretty sick.

If anything, Bolton simply provides us with additional proof of how there are today so very few in government who are worthy of being trusted.  Most of those involved in the running of our country seem only to be out for themselves, which should concern all of us who do still love this country.  And it’s people like Bolton who, because of their ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, tend to encourage getting the country involved in skirmishes which, while they can always come up with a rational sounding justification, we would be far better off if we avoided.  And when their advice is not taken they attempt to imply the country is now in some sort of danger.

While I would only hope that the book will be a financial disaster for its publisher, Simon and Schuster, if it’s only those on the left who decide to purchase it, it will still likely make them plenty of money.  But I can honestly say that I have no intention of buying the book despite the fact that I’m quite sure it will be available on ‘Amazon’ at what will be cut rate prices if for no other reason that to attempt to get it into as many hands as possible.  And while I’m quite sure that it will be the subject of conversation for weeks to come in the world of ‘fake news,’ I would like to think most intelligent folks will view it for what it is, the raving of a disgruntled employee.

Finally, the task President Trump chose is incredibly difficult. To get an administration moving in the right direction and staying on the desired path you need a core of dedicated people who you can trust.  And choosing those who have their own personal agenda can result in many unnecessary speed bumps being put in place. Relying on ‘Establishment’ types got the president off to a wobbly start, that’s for sure, but it was an olive branch in my estimation.  Winning re-election is what gets peoples’ attention the most in DC, so I’m looking forward to Act 2.  And it is nothing less than imperative that the president win.  A President Biden would be a disaster!

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